Twice in One Month?

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Yes for some reason I'm here again in the same month! I know this is still no sort of frequency to accomplish anything here, but its better than being completely nonexistent.

I am trying to understand myself better, trying to figure out why I stop and start so much, why I can't seem to complete things. I know there has to be a way to change and a way to motivate myself to accomplish the goals that I have. I know a big problem that I have is always looking at the entire goal, whatever it may be, and thinking how overwhelming it is. When I look at almost anything that way I scare myself and become reluctant to even get started. I even do this with minor things sometimes, like a sink full of dishes. I have found one method that works sometimes is I tell myself just to get started. With the full sink for example, I tell myself "just wash one dish" and I find that once I get started I get into the groove and get it done. I think this approach would work for doing a daily workout, but have yet to test the theory.

Unfortunately I'm back to my habits with drinking Dr. Pepper, but I'm trying to cut back on my intake. I know that having cans in the house all the time is a bad idea, but I have been trying not to just drink it whenever I feel like it. When it comes to DP I describe myself as a 'chain smoker' and that really is the perfect way to describe it. Anyone who knows a smoker or who has smoked should understand what a chain smoker is, they just light up one after another, and that's pretty much how I usually drink Dr. Pepper. I know how unhealthy this is, not to mention it takes its toll on our budget as well, and I'm trying to scale it down. It feels like it is as hard as quitting smoking, not that I know exactly what that's like, but I at least know a fraction of what that must feel like.

My husband has shown some interest in wanting to work out together lately. I don't know how serious he is about it, but I really would love that. Having a workout partner would go a long way in motivating me to get it done. Only time will tell whether or not we can make this work, but I really think that we could help push each other.

Oh I wanted to mention that I've been making Onigiri on a regular basis lately. I've even learned how to put in a filling and they're really tasty! I love to use Orange Roughy, I don't know if they have that kind of fish in Japan so it very well might not be a traditional filling, but it tastes really good. I mix the cooked fish with some soy sauce, a little mayo, and I added a little parsley which I think goes okay with that kind of fish, and then I add a little of the mixture in th center of each rice ball. I've gotten pretty good at making the triangle shape, which seems to me to be the best for eating. That shape give a good filling to rice ratio, whereas the round or capsule shape always seems like too much rice and harder to eat as well. Just my opinion, but it works out because the triangles are the easiest for me to make. I still haven't made a proper Bento, but I still need to learn more about what goes in them and how to make some of those things.

Well as uneventful as this post was I think that's all I've got. Will I go for three this month perhaps? Who knows.
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    Hey you!
    Onigiri is great. I've had my own addiction lately WHICH I will be blogging about becauase, believe it or not, I am still on Spark (sporadically) also. About the Dr. Pepper... I understand how hard it is to give up something you -really- like. You know what I do? try to set it as a reward for working out. Yea, that's not the BEST system in the world, but all of that physical exercise helps your cardiovascular health, and helps your body be better able to digest the sugar rush from the soda (as well as burning calories and building muscle, duh). I do this when I'm in the mood for really rich take out (like Mexican or Chinese or Indian...), I will MAKE myself work out beforehand so I can enjoy it guilt-free. I also find that I eat less this way, because I'm feeling good about myself and more in tune with my body's sense of hunger and thirst... and I feel stronger, and the rush of endorphins really just makes me want to treat myself well rather than seeking that feeling from the food I'm eating.

    Wow, ok, really f*king long comment. Sorry. How have you been in 2009? I's been a while, and I miss you ! Please write more, I'll read it :)
    3408 days ago
    MMMMMMMM ONIGIRI!!!! Yaki-onigiri should be your next exploit -- even more delicious and fun to eat. I brought my Mr. Bento lunchbox to work today because we're out of sandwich size ziploc bags... it's not super cute, but I'm still kindof excited to be using it. :)

    The, only one dish, only five minutes rule WORKS. Unfortunately it CAN work for the Dr. Peppers apparently, too, or other things you're trying to avoid. :) So try to remember that before then. Maybe someday you can build more discipline to really have only one Dr. Pepper when you can fit it in as a treat in calories. And hopefully by then you will be able to say, YEAH! Let's work out!!! :D

    But for now -- test the theory. Don't let yourself get started with the bad stuff and try just a little of the good stuff and see if you can snowball the good stuff.
    3411 days ago
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