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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

We all have brought both good and bad eating habits from our youth. Like many other things, it is what is impressed on us growing up that determines much of how we handle things in our adult life. I am learning to eat fruits & vegetables that I never heard of growing up. I'm not saying I like them all, but I am learning to give them a try (or 2 or 3).

Yesterday I was ranting about DH eating everything. But as I thought about it, I have seen the same eating habits in his siblings. None of them talk to much about their childhood but I know that it left them all with the fear of the food not being there if they don't eat it now. In the past I have cooked up a large package of chicken breasts (5 lbs) In the morning I had planned on making meals and freezing them so that I wouldn't have to make sure I was home in time to cook the rest of the week, Only to wake up and find 1 chicken breast left in the dish. When I asked DH about the one, his response was "I saved it for you, in case you wanted some". I have woken up in the morning to find he'd gone through an entire loaf of bread on pb&j sandwiches during the night. It really doesn't matter what the food is, as long as he doesn't have to work to hard to get it ready to eat. Fruits & veggies don't last any longer.

So what do I do about it? After 14 years together you'd think he would realize that there is always food in the house, but since that doesn't seem to help. I'll do as suggested by some of you yesterday. When I'm done cooking, the food that I have planned to use on another meal will be frozen or hidden (he doesn't look to hard) before he gets home from work. I know many of my problems stem from my childhood and I've had to face many of my demons to work through my eating problems. I can't force him to face his demons so I'll just keep doing what is best for me, knowing that at least I can control the amount of junk he has available for his binging. He is very lucky to have a metabolism that allows him to eat this way without gaining weight, his sisters aren't that lucky and have spent their whole lives severely overweight.

I did catch him last night taking my last Quaker Carmel corn cake that I needed to make all my goals yesterday. What did I do? I took it out of his hands, told him that is mine and handed him a large piece of fudge that my son & his dad had made for a valentines treat.

I am still learning not only how to deal with my eating problems, but his too! All I can say this an interesting journey!

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  • KKISER96
    My husband tends to do things like that too, and boy do I get mad. Especially leftovers for dinner. I usually try to put them in 2 seperate containers-1 for me and the kids and another for him. Otherwise he will eat it all. I have also hid things far back in the fridge too, where I know he won't look. He is much like your DH, and doesn't look very hard. Sometimes something will be right in front of his face, and he'll ask me where it is. I'll open the door, and say it's right here! LOL! How is your husband's weight? Maybe you can convince him to do this with you. Hopefully things will get better for you soon though!
    3381 days ago
    I understand your dilemma. I think that you are going to have to freeze the stuff immediately and make sure that if you leave stuff out for him to find that it is healthy and put your part somewhere where he can't find it!!
    3381 days ago
    I agree, if you freezing the extra food immediately may solve the problem. Keeping healthy snacks in the back of the cupboard, on the top shelf behind the vinegar may help too.

    Good luck
    3381 days ago
    3381 days ago
    Wow, it IS hard!
    I know that my journey has taken me into a whole new world of soy milk, whole grain breads, brown rice and all kinds of beans. I prepare and plan EVERYthing. The other day DH was in the fritos and salsa for his "snack". that was meant for a DINNER, not one person's snacking pleasure!
    Try NOTES on the things too! Sometimes that works for me. Actually, the chips I DO hide - try behind the laundry detergent. I know my DH doesn't even know what to do with that stuff and won't look there! LOL
    In the end the only person you can control is you. In the meantime, you are doing GREAT for YOU!
    3381 days ago
    wow, maybe you could lovingly suggest he see a counselor. He def has some issues he needs to address. I'm still chuckling over imagining the astonished look on his face as you snatched your corn cake out of his hand with his mouth open to take a bite. LOL.

    I was the opposite, I struggled with bulemia and anorexia. I didn't like throwing up, not eating was preferred, but if my mom forced me, I'd go make myself throw up. Luckily I got in control of that, but it's really messed my metabolism up!!

    3381 days ago
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