I cant believe he said that!!!!

Monday, February 16, 2009

DH is not being supportive at all of what I'm trying to do for myself! Pushing myself to exercise when I'd rather curl up with a good book, cooking healthier meals, drinking more water & less coffee. He told me I should just accept the fact that I'm "built like my mother" and learn to live with it! Don't get me wrong! He loves the healthier meals, but only because I cook enough for him to raid the refridgerator after I've gone to bed at night (he doesn't think about that food as left overs I have planned for another meal) Before I made so many prepared foods that there wasn't anything left over.

I admit, I AM built like my mother! But that doesn't mean that it has to stay that way. I love my mother dearly, and I've spoken to her about the changes I'm making. I have her support 100%. She tells me to do it NOW! She was so happy when I broke the 200 mark, and told me to make sure I never let myself get back that high. She now deals with High Blood Pressure, Under active thyroid and Diabetes. She knows that lifestyle is more to blame for it than heredity.

DH on the other hand, eats anything he wants and doesn't have to worry about gaining weight. At his heaviest, his pants had a 34" waist (and that only lasted about 4 months and he was right back into the 32's he has worn most of his adult life. So he figures that everyone should just eat what they want and they will be the size they are meant to be!

So I'll tell myself (over and over again)


I'll show him!
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    You are STRONG!!!
    You are DETERMINED!!!
    You are SUCCESSFUL!!!

    3412 days ago
    Super - way to go! Keep up the good work.
    3412 days ago
    Way to go girl!! Don't let him sabotage your hard work!! He will appreciate the changes when you are healthier and happier!! And if he doesn't you will and so will your mom!! Keep up the hard work!!
    3412 days ago
    3413 days ago
    I posted a link on your home page that I feel would be a good read for you.
    3413 days ago

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  • BIGGIRL2082010
    I love that Tweety bird poster - yep, USE that attitude! :)

    And definitely freeze the leftovers - better to reheat them when you're ready to eat them than to just have them disappear and throw your planning into disarray! :)

    Sounds like your husband has a really good metabolic rate, so he's able to offset any calories eaten just by existing! :) You'll get there too, if you keep up with the exercise and especially put on a bit of muscle to help constantly keep burning the fuel.

    Sounds like you're still in the early stages of the healthy-eating program - I suspect that as you get more familiar with the portions you need for a meal, you'll be able to plan the left-overs in a way that actually LEAVES you with left-overs. :) Your husband sounds like he's into multiple, smaller meals ...that's a very healthy way to eat for everyone, so maybe you should try doing that, too - small, healthy meals, more often - join him, if you can't beat him! :)

    You'll figure this out - even if it means telling him "Hands OFF" on a particular batch of food you've set aside. :) And keep plenty of fresh veggies and fruit to give him options for a healthy snack when he's feeling nibblish ...


    3413 days ago
    Vardeep you are doing wonderful. Keep up the good job. Your DH may not like change, and seeing you work hard to improve your lifestyle may be an adjustment to him as well. It is never to late to make positive changes in ones life. As for the food in the fridge that you put away for another meal. My older brother when we lived at home always raided the fridge for that late evening snack. SO what mom started to do was, make a small plate of left overs for him and put it in the fridge at eye level. Then she would stick the leftovers she had for the next meal in the very back bottom shelf of the fridge. It worked all the time.
    3413 days ago
    Okay, you probably have to do what I do ... FREEZE those foods that you "plan" on using in a different meal! My DH is constantly looking for stuff to eat in the middle of the night - and the other night "found" salsa and chips --- HELLO! It was for a MEAL,not his personal consumption! Grrrrrr. So, I took the rest of the salsa, poured it into a mason jar, didn't label it and put it in the FREEZER. HA. Got HIM!
    It's GREAT that your mothers got your back! And, it's not too late for her to learn some healthier habits - I have a feeling you are going to rub off on her!
    AND, your DH may be "skinny" but his organs may think otherwise. Remember, its not always what we see on the outside that matters the most!
    3413 days ago
    Sorry you aren't getting the support you need at home and it is great that despite that you are still determined! Great going!
    3413 days ago
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