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A former Dunkin Donuts junkie takes a stroll down memory lane....

Monday, February 09, 2009

High on my list of old bad habits was the weekly, then bi-weekly, and eventual 4 - 5 day ritual of visiting Dunkin Donuts for any variation of coffee/muffin, coffee/ 2 old fashioned, coffee/muffin/2 old fashioned, plus other assorted flavor of donuts, etc. It all started with oldest daughter’s Saturday morning dance class. She was around 7 at the time. On the way home from class, we would swing into DD’s for a 1/2 dozen assorted donuts and coffees. It was a tradition the entire family happily looked forward to every week! And on some Saturdays, we would opt for a full dozen! By the time she was 9 and younger sister was also taking dance, we had added the breakfast sandwiches to our menu…more of a good thing, right?

Fortunately, too much of a “good” thing can get old, so we eased up on the donuts, but stayed faithful to the breakfast sandwiches and would throw in donuts occasionally when we wanted to satisfy that sugar fix. This was when my personal love of the Dunkin began to truly grow. As a kind of tribute to getting past Hump Day, I started going on Wednesdays for the #4 combo - my medium coffee and blueberry muffin. I think back then, I rationalized the habit as being part of my work ritual because Wednesday was the day I dropped off and picked up new work from my then place of employment. So this little DD pit stop on the way home was my way of fueling up for the remainder of the workweek.

Over time I kept adding a day here, a day there to fuel up not just my body, but I think my emotions as well, until I was stopping in at least 4 – 5 days a week. By now I had started drinking Coolattas, Lattes, and Dunkaccinos so my DD experience was becoming quite a well-rounded experience. And as a family we had not abandoned our weekend DD fixes. Dance classes were continuing and the drives home were always more complete with a quick stop for coffees and donuts/breakfast sandwiches/muffins.

I don’t know when I admitted to myself that this obsession was not healthy, but after a while, I did make many attempts to kick the Dunkin Donuts habit and to change my overall eating as well. It’s all kind of a blur, the period between DD junkie and DD former junkie. But thankfully, at some point in time, the happily anticipated routine became a dull rut, which put an end to a sad and unhealthy decline into sugar self-destruction.

For the most part I’m staying true to my commitment of NOT looking back or feeling guilty about unhealthy eating habits I used to have. But when it comes to my fixation with Dunkin Donuts, looking back on this particular past serves as an important reminder to myself of how much progress I’ve made and how much healthier my life and my family's lives are now.

Incidentally, I have not banished DD’s from my life, but if you ask me when I last tasted a hazelnut coffee with a blueberry muffin, I have no idea, it’s been that long!

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    I was a fast food addict. I'd have McDonald's for breakfast, Fazzoli's for lunch, and Burger King for dinner. Not only was I eating a disgusting amount of fat, but my pocket book was looking rather anorexic! Not the ideal combination. It's difficult to break a habit, and it's funny how some habits sneak up on us when we're not paying attention! And now that I snapped out of it, and I've realized I don't want to do that to myself or the pocketbook, I'm happier and healthier for it!! But like you, I still grab a #6 with cheese on occasion! Everything in moderation...
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3386 days ago
    My fixation was the vanilla iced coffee from McDonald's. I swear they put crack in it!!! LOL. I was addicted. If I didn't get one every morning, I had a horrible day!! I haven't had one since November. And I have to drive past McD every morning to get to work. Sigh, and than there was the mocha latte with whipped cream.......... oh drat, I just drooled on my keyboard. LMBO!!!!!

    I used to work at Dunkin Donuts when I was getting ready to go to college. I got to help make the donuts. My downfall is the old fashioned. Our church has Dunkin Donuts for the cafe every Sunday. So, I was in heaven!!! Literally!!! The past month, I've been having my oatmeal before we leave, so I'm usually able to pass right by the donut table. But it's hard!!! I can hear them calling to me.........

    there goes that drool again!! LOL.

    Good job on breaking your habit though!!!
    3393 days ago
    It's amazing how quickly a habit can take over, strange how long it can take to wake up to it and make a change. Congrats on kicking the habit. We all have our demons to face!
    3393 days ago
    I should have bought DD stocks!! ;-)

    Where I worked people preferred the Jug of Jo, nd donuts. When I was in charge of breakfast, I included bagels for a healthier selection!! Even if other people did not want it, I would run to fetch from DD so, I could bring a bagel for myself while others got their donuts....hahaha

    Aren't you proud of yourself? Now its just a walk down the memory lane......

    You go girl! emoticon
    3393 days ago
    Yes, I had the coffee and donut curse too and gave it up. Hard to believe these long term habits can be stopped.
    3393 days ago
    A treat every now and then is okay, just don't make it a habit again.
    3393 days ago
    I have the same thing with chocolate milkshakes from Roy Rogers. We literally had them almost everyday for a whole summer while I lived with my sister. That was when I put on the extra 17 pounds without even realizing it. Now and then, I still like to get one--but when I really crave one, I get low fat ice cream and use skim milk to save about 600 calories! :)
    3393 days ago
  • SUZY6281
    I had the same fixation for Wendy's single with cheese and fries. I literally ate there everyday for lunch for several years. Same meal everytime. My hips are thanking me for it still to this day.

    Great job of kicking the habit!!

    3393 days ago
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