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Hell; are you going there?

Monday, February 09, 2009

How many of you think that you will go to hell? The world has themselves convinced that this is a place they are not going to. No man wants to believe he is going there. I know that there are some of you based on what Gods word tells me some of you will go to that place. Some of you are headed there you don’t think you are because you have not Christ you have no hope your without God. But you don’t think you will go there, you think that somehow your going to reason, your going to figure out because of something that you have done or are doing or hope to do in the future that somehow you plan on missing that place. 3 people every second are passing into eternity just like the tick of the clock can you hear it? Tick tick tick

That’s how fast souls are going out of this world either to a eternal hell or a eternal heaven. God’s word says most of us are on the broad way to destruction. Christ is the only way to the Father. Those who are buddahist are passing into damnation those who died practicing muslim are going, those practicing catholics who worship Mary they are not worshippers of Christ one of those ticks has your name on it. Think about it another and another, another, another They are passing off into eternity right now. When you take your next breath more souls are passing off. If we could bring up the dammed from hell right now what would they say to us?

“I never thought to go here, I never thought hell would take me, I thought I had it figured out, It took me in a moment, It took me when I didn’t expect it”.

Another and another, another they’re passing off into eternity they did not expect hell to take them when it did. If you are without Christ your sins are mounting up and the moment is coming when God will no longer endure you to stay here. It is glorious in its dreadfulness in its fearfulness because it reveals to us a part of God that often times we don’t like to admit that is real and exists but it is necessary. We love to talk about Gods love, goodness, mercy, compassion Gods tender mercies and it is good. It is good to give thanks to the Lord for those things.

But when you think about the severity of hell; you begin to realize its no slap on the wrist. Hell is fiercesome it is dreadful we read our bibles and we can pass over those text so easy so freely weeping and gnashing of teeth. Matthew 18 it speaks about the hell of fire. Hell is a place of fire and you open that door and there is a raging inferno fire inside that furnace and Christ described hell as a fiery furnace imagine being pushed through that little hole and the door shut and it will NEVER OPEN! It should strike within our minds that hell is a place of pain unimaginable. The man in Luke 16 he cried out in his torment if only he could have a drop of water for his tongue but not even that would be given to him. The thing that is so fearful about hell is not that it is a fiery furnace not just that Isaiah would say “Who can dwell with the EVERLASTING BURNING” That is the horror of horrors about hell is that it never ends. It is pain that is excruciating it is anguish our generation knows very little about pain we have so many medications so much to dull the pain but here there will be nothing to dull it.

God will not relieve your pain no matter how you cry or weep. You will weep forever if you land in hell you will weep more than all the weeping that has ever been done through all the ages of all the earth. You will fill up the measure of the weeping of every individual who has passed through life. Because you will weep and you will weep and there is the idea of the gnashing of teeth whether it’s in the unbearable excruciating pain, there are places in the scriptures that attach the gnashing of teeth to anger. The anger at others, at yourself, at God still.

Hell is not what some make it out to be like purgatory, Hell does not make better the doctrine of Hell is about eternal destruction it doesn’t make better it destroys everything that has any assemblance of good. The image of God that is upon you man will be eternally defaced and defiled and you become more and more contemptible as the eternal ages passes by.


He will hate you with a perfect hatred and he will have you that is the fierce someness of hell.

The text says those in hell are going to be tormented where? In the presence of the holy angels and the lamb. One of the most fearful things about hell is not the total absence of God the absence of all of his blessings yes but can you imagine forevermore with not any joy no more comfort but God is going to be there. One of the fearful things about God is it a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God he is a consuming fire. You come to a text like:


Already that doesn’t mean that God goes around with a smile upon you it means what it says HIS WRATH is upon you. If you can get this idea into your minds into your souls into your thought process that there are those of us who sit here at relative ease. God hates you Gods wrath, Gods indignation, Gods anger is directed to you. This is no game, if your not certain, Christ stands ready to pardon this is a day of mercy, a day of grace today the voice of Christ beckons you. "Come unto me you who labor and are heavy laden I will give you rest. Come today is Come, come please come" and then it will be "depart, depart, depart, depart" and the door will shut and then its all over. No hope, no hope, whatever sin you have to leave behind God says its better to go blind than to go with 2 eyes into that eternal fire.

Don’t let anybody be responsible for damming your soul there is too much at stake. There will be no party in hell you will look and you will gnash your teeth at them if you both land in hell and you will say DAM YOU!!!!! IM HERE BECAUSE OF YOU!! YOU LED ME IN THAT SIN!! It is not a game your soul is at stake….OH GOD HELP YOU.

Please dont die without knowing Jesus dont wait till tomorrow get saved today before its too late.

Jesus first


(sermon by pastor Conway)
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    2073 days ago

    What a powerful message. Thank you for writing something that is so important. I never thought that much about hell. My whole life of going to church not one time did the catholic priest, or methodist minister ever have a sermon on it. It brings tears to my eyes when I think of such a place, and to know that some people WILL go there. emoticon
    4181 days ago
    4191 days ago
  • no profile photo CD1951302
    And far too many people think they can bypass Jesus, and "earn" their way into heaven by being "pretty good."

    This is important for people to realize -- Jesus is THE way!
    4193 days ago
  • MELLY423
    Wow! So true, so true...yet so many refuse Jesus. Like Marilyn Monroe...Billy Graham went to her and reasoned with her (or tried to) about Jesus. She said, "I don't need your Jesus." A week later, she was dead. Oh, how sorrowful. If only we could talk to her now...she'd have a different story to tell, a different response to make, don't you think?

    The clock is still ticking . . . emoticon
    4194 days ago
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