The Carlsbad Marathon

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

This marathon journey started in the summer. There was a group of baseball parents who decided we were tired of sitting around the field we needed to do something. So I came up with the idea, lets train for a half marathon. At first there was about 25 of us, but we quickly dropped to about 16!

We trained together 1 or 2 day's a week at the beginning, and then started to build up and we were out walking or running 3-4 times a week. We decided that it would be fun to travel around the city and walk/run in other places too. We went to Coronado and mapped out a 12 mile walk - that was so much fun! It was freezing (for CA) in the morning, but by the time we finished it was a great day for running/walking! We all went out to celebrate the longest route and had a big breakfast - we needed the carbs!

Our other trip was to PB, we met at Dana Pt. and did a route around the ocean and bay! The walkers started earlier, so we would end about the same time. The weather was summer like! We've been having awesome weather here in San Diego, and what a great way to take advantage of this! My legs were so tired at this point of training I thought I would never make it around to the finish, but then we came by a party with all of these young people out enjoying the beach in there bikini's! It gave me the motivation I needed!

I really trained for this marathon! I have the walkers to thank, because I would go out in the morning for my 20 mile run, and then I'd have someone call or email me asking if I could join them for a 9 mile walk in the afternoon! Not wanting to miss out on anything, away I went! I was logging up to 60 miles a week in combined running and walking!

The Saturday before the race, we all had a pasta party at my house, to celebrate all of the hard work each and everyone had put into this run. It was so funny to see all these people with there water bottles instead of their "red" cups! We all felt great and knew we were going to cross the finish line with our own PR's!

Race day came and boy was it an early one! The marathon started at 6 am and it is about a 45 minute drive from my house to the race. I also like to get there about an hour early to just be there! Don't want to start out late and already trying to make up time! I was on the road at 4 am! Yes, very early to say the least, but I was use to it, Paul and Craig liked to train early morning, one time they asked if 2:45 am was too early for me! YES, tooooo early.

It was weird weather, when I was outside waiting for my ride it was misting on me, but it felt warm, not like the freezing mornings we had been running in. It was a calm morning, which again was weird! usually, I can't control myself and I have the nervous talking going on, but not this morning! We hung out in the car - thanks to Paul's VIP friend!!!

It was 10 minutes before the gun went off, and we got out of the car and made our way to the start line, there was only 1,200 marathon runners, so we were just out there, only took a minute to cross the line, unlike the Rock N Roll Marathon where even in Corral 2 it takes 6 minutes! The gun went off and we were running. Paul and I decided we would stick together, but if either of us wanted to go faster then it was with our blessing!

We ran and chit chatted, and it felt like it was just a normal training run. Paul kept saying we're going to fast lets slow it a bit, we were trying to stay with the 4 hour marathon pace person, but we got way ahead of them. we did slow a bit but by the next mile we were too fast again. We didn't worry too much about it, we just tried not to go out to fast in the beginning.

We got to the half marathon mark, and we were feeling great. No aches or pains, and we were still chatting like no big deal. It was cool out, so I didn't much feel like water or drinks but at the half I decided I'd better take some in. Did it and still feeling good.

I remember getting to mile 20 and thinking ok, I'm going to hit the wall, but I didn't! Paul's knee was giving him fits so he decided to run a little faster. I kept up with him until about mile 23, and then I said you go, I'm slowing down - I felt great, but could only keep up about an 11 minute mile, pushing myself wasn't working like I wanted it to. I caught up to Paul at mile 25 and we kept passing each other and then catching up. We did this until the finish line, and we ran in together! It wasn't the best time 4:34:33, but it was the best I've ever felt in a marathon! I really thought I could end on that high, give up the goal, but now after giving it a week, I'm back baby! I want that prize of running the Boston Marathon!!!! I know it's a long shot, but a girls gotta try.
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    Sue..belated big time congratulations on a great marathon. I am so glad that you are back at it..I am still hoping we can run one together someday! Still waiting for the lottery for Nike and NY to open up..maybe it will be our lucky day!
    4548 days ago
    SO POSITIVE!!! great job!! Congrats.
    4558 days ago
    Another marathon ... wow!! Congrats Sue! Sounds like you really enjoyed it. Don't give up the goal. Go for it!
    4559 days ago
    congrats on a great race. sounds like the whole experience was a blast.
    4559 days ago
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