Week 4: Getting It Together

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Wow. I am so glad this week is all done with! It's been an extremely challenging week of firsts, which will hopefully get easier with time. See, this was my first week full-time student teaching. Overall, I've been great about eating healthy during the school day. I didn't miss a breakfast and only brought healthy, lighter meals so I could eat a good dinner at night. I also refused to buy fast food, but had to give up when I had to stay late on Thursday night. Thursday was my worst day, fat content wise, as I had to go the mall food court route. Yuck. I cant resist Auntie Annie's even though I know it wont fill me up or satisfy my cravings.

This weekend has been especially hard as well, eating wise. I went home for my mom's birthday and to visit my Nana (who is in the hospital). Of course, I ate a ton of junky and fattening food. But, I made big strides. Normally, I order out at a really good taco place and I get this huge bowl of nachos and meat. Before I ordered, I looked up the nutritional facts and picked the chicken tacos instead and satisfied my cravings by ordering a small order of nachos with cheese. And today, for my mom's birthday lunch, I wanted a cheeseburger and ordered a half pounder, but ate less than half of it. For dessert, I had a brownie but avoided the ice cream or carmel filling. Normally, I would eat all of that plate and more, but I did my best to be conscious of what I was eating and to satisfy my cravings.

However, working out was another story. I am realizing that working out after student teaching is going to take a ton of will power. After getting up at 4am and going until 3pm (and often going back to school around 5), I am in no mood or condition to work out. I need to figure out how to maintain my fitness levels while still being able to pay attention to when I need to rest.

I hit a wall on Friday with Couch to 5K. I was going to finish week 4 on Friday and was all ready for the run. This week was run 3 minutes, walk 90 seconds, run 5 minutes, walk 2.5 minutes, run 3 minutes, walk 90 seconds, run five minutes. However, I couldn't do it. I did the first five minute run and just had to stop. I couldn't physically make myself do it anymore.

I honestly dont know what I am going to do with this exhaustion. Working out in the morning is not physically (or safely) possible (even though I am going to try to do a yoga flow for at least 20 minutes). Here in Illinois, it is too dark and cold to run outside and my roommate is still sleeping in the other room so doing a DVD is not considerate of her needs. I am hoping that eventually my body will adjust to the stress it is under while teaching and I will just be able to build up the energy to workout after school.

As for C25K, I am going to go back at it this week and try to end week 4 either tonight or tomorrow. If I cant get through the routine tomorrow, then I will just keep running half of week 4 until I can build myself up to finishing it. Week 5 is too hard for me to take Week 4 lightly. So, I am just going to let this week take its course and roll with the punches.

Either way, I did manage to loose a pound. Goodbye 170s... HELLO 160s! Haven't seen you in two or three years! My goal for week 5 is to continue adjusting to the rigours of student teaching while maintaining the loss. I do not expect to loose any weight, just maintain. This week, I am also starting BLC through the Done Girls. I am a sexy sagette so cant hardly weight... hehehe! Hopefully a team thing will motivate me and keep me going through it all!

A recap of this week:
*Pounds lost: 1
*Pounds lost so far: 13
*Current weight: 170

*Lessons Learned:
- Adjusting to life is just a motivator to keep moving at all times.
- Listen to your body and know when your breaking point is.
- Dont become discouraged when you hit that wall. It's a part of life and growing.
- Little life changes yield big life results!

*Goals for next week:
- Workout for at least 120 minutes (cardio)
- Complete week 5 of 100 push ups and week 4 of C25K without cheating it!
- Fruit at every breakfast!
- Yoga in the morning, even if it is just a couple of stretches.
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    Teaching IS exhausting, so don't beat yourself up. Most people don't realize the amount of energy that goes into teaching... a 12 hour office job is less tiring than 6 hours straight teaching. I've done both! Maybe you can adjust your schedule so that you run Sat, Mon & Wed, before the week wears you down. Maybe some B12 might help as well. Good luck!
    3724 days ago
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