How I know it's a lifestyle change (not as positive as you'd think!)

Saturday, January 31, 2009

How I know that since the journey towards a healthier life that started in Nov. 07 is without a doubt a lifestyle change and not a 'diet' or passing fad in my life:
Seriously... seriously??!? SER-I-OUS-LY??!?! I'm doing everything right and nothing is changing!! AAAHHHH!!! I had a whole plan of attack for January to bust through this plateau including ramping up the cardio(did it...all... didn't miss a single workout!), working strength training back into the routine (I'd neglected it for quite a while... but I brought it back... consistantly!), and trying to balance out my nutrition (I've always been good at staying in calorie range and I ALWAYS measure portions, but I get too many carbs and not enough fats so I've been working on ramping up the healthy fats and lean proteins to balance that out and I've been trying to eat more whole foods like fresh fruits and veggies and less processed stuff... the nutrition area still needs tweeking... I'm not perfect there, but I'm constantly improving and have ALWAYS stayed in calorie range... ALWAYS.). I've made gains in all areas that I worked to improve and still don't see a difference. Not in my clothes (I never really measure myself and look for change there... I just go by how my clothes fit), not on the scale. I know the last 5 lbs. are the hardest... but SERIOUSLY!!??!
I know that because I've brought strength back and all I could be gaining muscle and muscle weighs more than fat... blah blah blah. I know logically that I'm making all the right decisions and doing all the right things... it's just frustrating b/c I really thought I had this weight loss thing figured out. It's a numbers game. Create the correct deficit in calories and you get weight loss. Period. Well, I'm here to tell you: THIS GAME CHEATS!! When I started playing this game I said I'd lose until my body settled out at it's right weight, but as I got closer to it, my goal became more and more important. It's not even about how I look anymore (I'm actually happy with that... and confident... for once.. YAY ME!)... it's about achieving the last goal I set out for myself b/c I KNOW I'm capable of it! A 4 month plateau?? The game has made it personal now!
You wanna know the worst part and the best part at the same time? Instead of giving this weight loss game the perverbial middle finger and eating a grease-filled dinner followed by a huge slice of chocolate cake and a candy bar, then taking a week off of exercise all togther by replacing my workout times with naps, I'm going to keep doing what I'm doing b/c I'm hooked on this. I officially don't know how to live the unhealthy life I used to live. So that's how I know this is a lifestyle change. Even with no encouragement numerically, I'm still going to keep working at it.
So, that brings me to my February plan, I've got a great looking workout calendar with lots of variety including tyring some HIIT training and Jillian Michaels 30 day shred. I'm very excited about my new calendar. Lots of new goals to cross off!
Keeping with the positive theme, even if the scale doesn't show progress, I'm becoming a leaner meaner athlete for sure (that's right... I call myself an athlete now... never used to, but I am one!)! I can now officially do 10 for-real pushups (thanks to the 100 pushup challenge I'm in the midst of) and I ran my longest run ever today... 10 miles!! I can tell physically, my body is stronger than ever, and i'm proud of that. So... now that I've got my frustrations out it'll be business as usual... and when I do conquer these last 5 lbs (and i will... eventually...) it'll be even sweeter!!
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    just the fact that you are staying with it even though you've been on this plateau is amazing. Plateaus usually do me in!! Way to keep on keepin' on.
    3759 days ago
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