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Friday, January 30, 2009

busy day today. shopping with my mom, then watched r.'s nephew. then r.'s friend is coming out in a little bit.
last night went okay. i had an eggroll and garlic broccoli. 5 or so pieces of popcorn, 4 peanut m&ms and two drinks of sprite. (r. doesnt share well, but thats probably a good thing at this point right)

this morning i got up at 5.30 with the intention of working out. i began laundry and was trying to pick up for the company tonite, and after i picked up, it was 6:15 and i said to heck with it and went and layed back down. however, 20 minutes later i got back up and got ready to go to my mom's... so, no exercise for me today. which, is probably a good thing.
im still not feeling great and the last time i didnt workout was the beginning of january. im trying to not freak out that i didnt work out, but a part of me wants to scream at myself for being lazy this morning.

i made good choices today. i was starving while shopping and wanted a donut. didnt get one. those damn donuts and i fight every single week. but this week i won. actually, i cant remember the last time i caved in to donuts. oh. yeah, it was in the summer.
anyways, i got granola bars, a 100 calorie soup, and light yogurt to take babysitting with me. and bananas.
when i came home, like usual, i fought with the hunger. i stopped myself before it was too bad though. when i get hungry like i was today, i just cant shake that feeling and keep eating. but, im doing good for 6:30 and an off day: 1100 calories.

r.'s sister today asked me if i had lost more weight. i said yes. she's like wow... you've lost a lot. im like yeah well, you know, thats the point. she said yeah but that i look significantly different since christmas time.
yay for that.

and, yay for me having to take the size 20 belt and make another loophole. these jeans have officially become baggy. they are bunched at the waist, and every time i move fast or reach up, they come down. which is good but also a pain in the behind since i have no money for clothing. i know they will be fine for a little while more, but i hate that feeling that my stomach is hanging out when i reach for stuff.

tomorrow i am making zucchini soup that is 70 calories a cup. it makes 8 cups so i am going to freeze most of it. i am also making those apple pie turnovers or whatever it was for 100 calories.
and on sunday i am making banana date nut mini muffins for 50 calories a piece.
kinda worried. not a huge fan of zucchini, and im not sure if i like dates. my plan though is to cut both up into small pieces. even if i dont love them, i shouldnt be able to taste much. which i think is an excellent plan if i do say so myself.

who woulda thought, a year ago, id be eating zucchini and dates?
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Yay for having r.'s sister notice your great and wonderful achievements!

    With all that food talk you are doing on here, though, its making me HUNGRY!!! hehe, I don't blame you though, no worries ;-) At least I am craving healthy food, right?

    I hope that you get a chance to get ahold of some smaller pants! YOU DESERVE IT! After all that work you have done/are doing, you deserve to see a smaller number on the tag. And of course, the luxury of your pants staying on, lol.
    3367 days ago
    Girl you are just kickin those pounds to the curb! I dont know if you have freecycle (You may've been the one who told me about it) but you could put on there that you need jeans in ? size if anybody has any they no longer need. The statesboro freecycle has been having alot of large size clothes lately. (Unfortunately they have been in the sizes I just came out of, but hey thats a good thing. Heehee). Dates dont taste much diffrent than raisins, especially if you cut them up small. I love zuchini bread,the zuchini doesnt really flavor the bread so much as it makes it moist. If the zuchini soup turns out good please put the recipe on here. emoticon
    3369 days ago
    Wow!! Thank you for sharing these personal victories!! Stories like this make me want to try harder to say no to myself when I stare down my own demons (much like your donuts!). And thank you so much for your kind words and continued support on my blog!!!
    Keep up the terrific progress!!
    3369 days ago
  • KIWI122
    That is a great portion control idea, to cut up the dates into little pieces. I am glad you had a good day!! emoticon
    3370 days ago
  • JBMT08
    Hey Lady,
    You would be surprised how sweet zucchini is when it is baked in breads and things. I have been meaning to make a zucchini bread (please do NOT mistake me for "betty crocker" b/c I am NOT LOL!!). I had it once, and it was SO good!

    Arent you excited that people are noticing?? I AM EXCITED FOR YOU!!!

    3370 days ago
    I can sympathize with the "baggy jeans getting ready to fall if I move fast" problem. I simply didn't have the cash to buy another pair (especially since I'm hoping to lose another size or two before I'm done) so I headed to the local Goodwill. It's the first time I've ever shopped for clothes there and I was actually pleasantly surprised. I found one pair of jeans that fit well and were practically new for $6! Woohoo...jeans I can move in without fear! Just a thought...
    3370 days ago
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