Thursday, January 29, 2009

This week is a week for analyzing where things stand. The good, the bad, and the ugly.

The good: Tuesday I picked up my car. My first Italian car. Yay! I'm a free woman again! No more rushing through the grocery store with Andrea after he gets off work. And no more racing around on Saturday morning to go to the Questura (one day hopefully I will actually GET my permesso and can be done with them for awhile). This is overwhelmingly exciting to me.

The bad and the ugly: Well, two weeks of a 1200 calorie diet that's worked before, combined with exercise and lots of fresh air and I'm up 1 kg. Not sure what to do at this point, but I can only keep trying. I have the elliptical, the Wii, and the ab roller. I walk almost everywhere that's possible to walk to from here, we spend weekends exploring the towns around here, and I still managed to gain weight. After blood work, scans, etc., there should be no reason for this. For now, I persevere.

My mother-in-law (who is sure I can't properly boil water), sweet as she is, sends meals home with Andrea almost every day. I put chicken, broccoli and rice on the table, she sends meatballs with tomato sauce, potatoes and a bowl of peas cooked with oil and onions. This is putting the pounds on Andrea now as well. I can't eat much of what she sends because it has such a high oil content usually, but they are all of his favorite foods. When he lived at home she made them once a week or so. Argh! Well meaning as she is, not sure how to ask her to send less things. They see him every day and we are at their house at least once on the weekends and it's been almost a year since he moved out. I do love his parents dearly and don't want to hurt anyone's feelings or make them feel not wanted/needed so I'm still trying to decide how to handle this (if handle it at all).

I'm enrolling in Italian lessons next week. I have to decide which school to use. The language schools are a little bit expensive, but the trade schools, although free, may or may not be a good time investment. Checking into things now. With a better grip on Italian, I can hopefully start to make some friends here. :-)

Oh well. These are my rantings for the month. :) Now that they are out of my system I feel better and everyone's feelings are intact. Yay!

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    How exciting! Freedom at last! Congrats on your new car. May you enjoy many trouble free miles.
    I feel for you with your MIL. If you're a person who would rather avoid conflict, then it's extremely difficult. I think Penserd is probably right about having to make a stand. Not easy!
    Keep persevering with your exercise etc. But have you thought that maybe your body has gone into "starvation mode" beause of your low calorie count and high activity rate. Perhaps you need to increase your calories. There are some articles on Spark about this. Sorry but I don't know where to look. Perhaps FAQs?

    Good luck,

    Ps. How was the Fiera del legno?
    4511 days ago
    Thanks for your comments to my blog post. My MIL (mother in law) is a sweet lady, but very strong. I am going to ask my husband to talk to her. I have lived her for a year, but they have never visited in spite of countless invitations (supposedly to give me my privacy). But every time I go to the US she is here with her cleaning lady cleaning the same floors I mopped the day before, changing the linens and taking them home to wash (not always coming back). She means well, but.... ahhh!! As you probably know, it's the opposite from most American MILs. I give her massive amounts of time and space with her son, but maybe I should say something before it's too late. Thanks for the advice and encouragement!


    4519 days ago
    Regarding the weight, it could actually be that you are gaining weight muscle. Especially considering how little you eat (1200 Kcal is really low if you exercise).
    Try to monitor your body fat and water % to have a correct understanding of your weight.

    Now, regarding the family thing...I am Italian and I feel (strongly) to advise you to put a stop at this now, before it is too late. It starts with food, then you'll find them in your house placing furniture in your bedroom!
    Speak to your boyfriend and make sure he is on your side. Live your life freely.
    No need to send food and no need to see each other every day or week!

    If talking doesn't work...move away... I am in for drastic measures...in fact, I moved to Austria! hehehehe

    Good luck!
    4519 days ago
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