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Friday, January 23, 2009

I have to share some funny stories about my cats first I am sitting here trying to type and catch up on my posts right.... Squirt climbs up onto my lap, now I use a laptop and I am sitting on the couch with my computer on my lap. So she climbs up here and makes herself all comfy... have you ever tried to type with a cat sitting on one arm, feet on the other hand, and watchin' the coursor like it is a mouse... no pun intended.... ha ah ha she actully started going after it with her paws.

2) I went downstairs last night to tell my DS to go to bed. When I came around the corner to come up the stairs, I hear this little "meow". I look around behind me no cat, I look around the corner, no cat... hmmmmmm wonder where she is. So I start my ascent up the stairs again, and "meow" what the heck, where the heck is she trying to talk to me from. I look up and there is Baily in my ceiling. I have a drop ceiling in the basement. Oh My Lord, what the heck is she doing up there. I could not coax her out of there for anything. She was out this morning though when it was time to eat.

3) I have one more to share, I promise it is the last one. The other night DD#1 and I were sitting on the couch watching the taping of American Idol. All of a sudden DD says, mom I think she has a mouse or something. Well, Bailey takes off down the basement, so I go to the door and yep, she has a mouse alright, and of course she has to play with it... and it is still alive, so she lets it go and then catches it again, bats it around a little tosses it up in the air. So I go downstairs, I am not sure why, cause I am deathly afraid of mice, but there I am going down the steps, well at first Bailey takes the mouse in her mouth and gets that, don't you dare try to take this away from me look. And then she lets it go, and yep it runs right towards me, and yep I run up the stairs screaming... emoticon mind you it is probably 11:30pm, everyone else is sleeping, well not anymore, oops. So DD is laughing her butt off at me emoticon and I am freaking out about this mouse, telling Bailey to eat the thing already. So then I tell DD to come down and help me catch it. Now I don't know what I thought I was going to do, cause I can not in any way shape or form get anywhere near this little mouse. But I go back down the stairs to find Bailey kind of laying over the top of the bench on my Total home gym. And I can hear this mouse squeaking. OMG the mouse has found itself a little cubby to hide in and Bailey can't get her out. So I go into the storage room to try to find something to catch this mouse in. Too late, somehow Bailey gets the mouse out of the cubby and is again playing with it. Oh and apparently my DD received my "love" for mice too cause she was behind me like I was the sheild between her and the mouse. emoticon Well now Squirt has figured out that there is something interesting going on and comes downstairs to investigate. Well of course, Bailey is not real happy about this, and starts growling at Squirt. So I pick Squirt up and take her upstairs, and tell her to stay up here, well she listens about as well as my kids, so of course she heads back down the stairs, only to be growled at again. So I figure the cats can fight over that mouse if they want, I am going back upstairs. Well as I am sititng on the couch, up comes Squirt, with the mouse, and she decides to play with it here in the living room, HUH?? emoticon I think not!!! Mouse is still alive, and yep playing with it in my living room, so I chase her downstairs, go play with that darn thing away from me!!! Well they took turns with this mouse, and finally I went to bed and told them to kill the darn thing before I get up in the morning.

Still not sure if the mouse is alive, dead, laying somewhere in my basement, or if they ate it.

Anybody want to come to my house for a mouse hunt???
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  • MOMMA48
    Loved the post. I have 2 cats and, especially with the laptop--you got it. I have 1 cat that HAS to be on my lap at all times, so if I misspell a word now and then, you know why! She's on my "m" button again! Thanks!!
    3376 days ago
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