I thought I was fit!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Well today I found out that I have much more to go before I am as fit as I want to be.....

I went to a boot camp class today and it was pure TORTURE!!! But the weird thing is..... I actually enjoyed it! It has taken me along time to work up the courage to go. I wasn't sure if I could make it through the whole class. Little did I know how strong my mind / body was to keep pushing forward.......

The class started out with doing squats and lunges with the bar. I used a 9 pound bar (the lowest they go) just to make sure I had enough juice for the rest of the class. This part took the first 5-10 min. of class. It was called our "warm up"! I thought to myself, "This isn't so bad... I can handle this"!

Then he had us doing jumps, mountain climbers, and planks on the bosu ball. We did this for over 6 minutes. I was sweating like a pig and was already becoming red in the face. At this point I am thinking to myself, "ok, I don't think I am as fit as I thought"!

Then he took us into the gym for some more pure fun! He had us doing races with resistance bands. (2 resistance bands might I add!) Our partner would pull us back while we ran across the gym. Then we would switch. We did forward runs, backward runs, and side way runs. We did numerous sets of these and he made us do more because some of the people were not sweating enough. He told us that he wanted to work us until we fell over or puked! Well.... I almost did just that.... along with wanting to pass out! My thought.... "what the heck am I doing here!!!!!!"

Then it was back into the workout room for our "cool down" of push ups and ab work. Still sweating like crazy at this point..... "So glad to be done....... WHEW!!!!!"

So I should be hurting tomorrow but I am glad that I went. I got over my fear and actually can't wait to go next week. I think this is what I needed. I needed something to push me a little more. Yes I thought I was fit but obviously there is room for more.

We all should try to push our limits.... challenge ourselves just a little more.
Can you do it???
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    Good for You!!! Sometimes it takes a lot of courage to go to a class. Enjoy movement. That what our bodies crave. The hardest part is just getting started. You are on your way. Way to go!!!
    4377 days ago
    Yay! I'm proud of you for getting it done! That's awesome! I'm so excited that I'm noticing things when I'm jogging. Granted it's only day 2 of continuous days but my muscles are telling me they like it! The walking is great, but the jogging is something that I'm really wanting to do too. I'm right there with you, and I'm super proud of you! How cool that you did this! My goal? By the end of the summer be able to run consistently 5 miles. My hubby is wanting to get running again. We'll see what can be done...
    4378 days ago
    The boot camp is at my local YMCA. They offer it a couple times a week but on Fridays, an actual personal trainer (Joe) hosts the class. He is awesome and is really knowledgeable. I want to take a few training sessions with him but they are a bit spendy. Until I save up..... this will have to do!

    I hurt all weekend long.... So I really had a good leg and arm workout!
    4381 days ago
    Very good for you girl! Praise god you did it! What is thisboot camp thing, at a local gym or something?
    Woo Hoo good 4u! emoticon
    4383 days ago
    You are absolutely awesome! I can feel how positive you are! WooHoo!
    4384 days ago
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