I'm finally at a healthy weight!

Monday, January 19, 2009

I don't know exactly how much I weigh, but I know it's good, because my clothes finally fit again! I'm back in my 7's and 9's! emoticon I hung a pair of my old size 3/4 jeans on my wall as a reminder to keep up the healthy eating habits and to never to let my ED gain control of my life again. The ED still "talks" to me occasionally, but I refuse to listen! I've promised myself never to relapse again, and I'm getting so many complements on looking healthy, my self-esteem is just sky high! emoticon I had to spend 20 days in the hospital between Sept & Oct '08 to get here, but with all of the the doctor's and the nurse's encouragement, I learned to eat again! God Bless all of them. I will never forget, and always appreciate, how much they helped me.

Sad news. Cody passed away Oct 22, '08 from heart and respiratory failure. We knew he had cardiac myopathy and an inoperable mass partially blocking his airway, so we had him on medication for the last few months of his life, to give him a little more quality time with us. I'll never forget how during his last heart attack, he used the last of his strength to come to me before he finally collapsed. I could see how scared he was, but all I could do was cuddle with him, try to comfort him, tell how much I loved him, and how much I always will. Cody passed away in my arms. I can only take comfort, for myself, in the fact that Cody will never have an irregular heartbeat or trouble breathing again. Cody is peacefully at rest, and I have 15 years of loving memories that I would never trade for anything in this world. God Bless you, Cody. Rest in Peace my loving friend. You may be gone from this life, but you will never be forgotten. You are my forever angel. emoticon

Glad news. Last night I rode Junior for the first time in 20 months! Junior suffered a serious injury in May '07. He somehow managed to tear a suspensory at the navicular level in his right front. Everybody at my barn was talking behind my back, and to my face, telling me I should put him down, but I refused. Junior has too much "heart" for me to just give up on him like that. UC Davis requires that you make an appointment 72 hours in advance before they will see your horse in their clinic. I made the appt on the 7th day of his lameness. By the 10th day, he was on 3 legs, but I gently trailered him the 100 miles to get him there anyway. Junior spent 10 days in their hospital, while I camped in my horse trailer in the parking lot. The vets kept telling me to go home and get some rest, but I refused to leave Junior behind. His injury remained undiagnosed for 8 days, while they did everything they could for him, but he never lost his good humor, or his appetite! They finally did a CAT scan on the 9th day, even though they knew I couldn't afford it, but they considered him a "good teaching case", so they did it anyway. They found the injury, surgically repaired the tendon, and discharged him on the 11th morning, with lots of rehab instructions for me! Anyway, last night he was looking so good at the walk, I took a chance and hopped on him bareback, to see if I could feel anything. Junior happily walked out sound, just like he wanted to get back to work! emoticon I've never been so happy in my life! He's still a little "off" at the jog, but time, and good care got him this far, and I've never lost faith that he would come back, at least, "serviceably" sound for me. So, I'm getting his saddle out of storage, and we're gonna carefully start going for "real" walks! He's finally past just hand walking! Hooray for Junior, my "Bitty Boy"! (He's really 16h, I just call him "Bitty Boy" and "Bits" as a nickname. Even "Junior" is a nickname. His registered name is "Imagine The Best".)

So, as life goes on, I'm feeling like I'm in a really good place, and I'm very happy to be here! emoticon
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    First let me say how sorry I am to hear about Cody but I'm glad you could be with him when his time came and that he gave you so much love in the time you were together. Really glad to hear Bits is doing so well and hope that will continue.

    Sorry to hear you were in the hospital but so thankful you came through ok and were able to get the help you needed to get on the right road. Life isn't easy sometimes but you have weathered the storm and it's good to hear you are doing so well. Hang in there and know you can do this for the rest of your life. Life is good !!! emoticon emoticon

    3440 days ago
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