The Difference A Day Makes

Monday, January 19, 2009

It's amazing what a difference a day makes. Yesterday the ol' knee hurt so much I began to suspect it was more damaged than I originally thought. So, I hauled myself off to Emergency after dinner to get it checked out.

Well, THERE'S 3.5 hours of my life I'll not get back ...

It wasn't too busy when I went in, so I thought, "not bad." I engaged in marvelous rapport with the admissions nurse (this is always a good idea), and smiled genially at my co-waiting-to-be-seens. I maintained the smile even after the lad with the broken arm came in. I divined it to be a hockey injury based on his ruddy cheeks and the emanations wafting from his general direction. Wow. I'm more impressed than ever with my friend Mawge, who raised two boys through hockey. I mean, she hauled that festering stuff around daily! (Not the boys, their gear, she hastened to clarify.)

But I digress.

I knew I was in trouble when the nurse said, "when was your last tetanus shot?" I did some rapid calculations. Well, rapid enough for someone who does math by intuition. I said, "Oh, probably 35 years." She smiled knowingly, nodded, and typed a note on my file. I began to wish I'd worn nicer undies. Ladies, listen, when your Mama said, "always wear your best knickers," she truly had a reason. I'd cleverly worn pants that could easily roll up over the injured area, but, well, a TETANUS shot ... you know where they PUT those, don't you????

Anyway, long and short of it is, post-x-ray and exam by dour, overworked, hassled Doc, the verdict: no break, no crack (I got interrupted typing this and came back to "crack," and wondered "what was I thinking???? Sometimes I worry 'bout me), just badly bruised and tattered. The nurse plopped a saline cloth on it ... that's SALT ... OW! Then plopped with great tenderness another cloth with more disinfectant ... then arrived with The Syringe for The Tetanus Injection.

I said, "oh, you're the lucky one who gets to jab me Down There." She smiled gently, as one would to an raving patient, and said, "oh, we give them in the arm now."


So today I decided it was a good idea to take Micaiah to Beaver Lake, what with it being 13 degrees and all. (Sooooo sorry, family-who-live-Back-East.) He could not contain his joy. He barked all the way there (note to self: do NOT say the words "Beaver Lake" or "swimming" until you are within 30 seconds of parking), ran around the back of the car whimpering with anticipation, and, upon arrival, LEAPT out, Wubba firmly clenched between eager teeth, and BEELINED for the swimming hole. He reluctantly said Hello to a couple passersby, but only because they admired him.

There was still ice in the lake but it bothered him not a whit. Swim swim swim swim swim. Shake shake shake shake shake. Swim swim swim swim swim. Shake shake shake.... you get the idea.

He's passed out now.... and the walk helped limber up my knee so that I'm hardly limping at all. I've observed two distinct bruises on my left knee (all this other, on the right), which leads me to the conclusion that I bounced upon impact.

Wish I had it on film. I'd love to see it in slo-mo.

Oh, and I'm holding steady at 5 lbs lost .... this is gonna slow me down a bit ... oh well! At least I've not gained!

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