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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Well...something happened on the way to the finish line that I was envisioning last Septenber!! I was going great guns...then the BIG MOVE October I sold my house...then I had to pare down 33 years of stuff!! It was very difficult...I was blessed to have so much sister, my kids when they could find enough minutes iu their super busy lives...but..the big but!!! I didn't go to the pool to work out cause I had to take help when I could get being me would never say...can we wait till I can get to the I would have to take responsibility for my exercise...of course I couldn't just feed them salad and chicken...made
hen I would have had to taken responsibility for my food..

I moved into my lovely new condo on Dec. is great ...still looks a bit like a motel cause it is not all decorated or has curtains up yet...but I have to walk a lot further here than I did at home to get to my car...this is where it gets interesting....followed my dtr out of the other day...she asked me why I was huffing and puffing...told her I was too fat...wisely she said nothing else....UNTIL we were together two days ago...She said, " you know what you you know how gray you were the other day?" No and No I as not to bore you I won't go into every detail except to say that she is a nurse...asked me why I didn't treat trying to loose weight the same as the other things I had been successful with in my life...that struck a real cord in my was like my head snapped....

Now I have a new make me I will never be 120lb but anything under 200 would just be amazing...I am planning my food...tracking my food...cutting out all but one diet pepsi as day...(watch for their stock to do down) ....I am going to be successful at this...won't be visiable for a month or so but then there should be a difference...will continue to update once a month!
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    Wow, it sounds like we were kind of in the same boat. I was off for a while, but now feel super motivated again. It sounds like you are back on track and don't ya just love family kicking you in to gear? My Mom is a nurse and is always telling me about the health risks of being overweight (sometimes I wish she didn't know so much).

    Congrats on the new Condo. The last time we talked you were scouting it out and getting ready to make an offer. I am sure you will get it decorated in no time.

    You have started a new chapter in your life, and sometimes we need to just take a break and get things back in sync again. You are going to do great on your weight loss!
    3381 days ago
    Donanne, I am glad you have moved and are settling in. I love that your dtr is helping you to find sense in how to go about how we treat our bodies. It is amazing how we always put our health in the backseat because of the inconvenience it might cause others. yet, i have found that I am worth putting my health above other's inconveniences. I realized that my hubby needs to do the same things I do and I shouldn't worry about what I cook as long as he enjoys eating it. He doesn't even notice when I use whole grain noodles instead of white. I have changed out so many things without him noticing that I have realized that all those inconveniences I thought I was causing were just excuses for myself.

    I know that this is my story not yours but it may be helpful to you. I have finally come to realize that WE truly are worth more than rubies and God wants the best for us. He wants us to be healthy so that we can do more of his good will here on earth.

    May God bless you as you work to make your house a home and as you work to make your body healthy and full of his Spirit.

    3383 days ago
    I am happy you are getting settled in your new place. If you aren't going to be around chatting as much, I will miss you! But I want you to do whatever you need to do to focus on yourself. I looking forward to see how you are doing in one month!
    3384 days ago
    You know that I'm going to hold you to that one! lol Good thing your daughter cares about you SO much! You are an amazing person... one we want to see around for a LONG LONG time!

    3384 days ago
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