Saturday, January 17, 2009

Well, today I discovered just how strong my dog is. I mean, the guy is a behemoth, there's no doubt. Normally Golden Retrievers don't come that big, but this guy is special. Picture a Newfoundland dog. Now make it blond. That's my boy.

So today we went for our walkies/run to the park, around the park, and home. Sometimes, coming home, he likes to lead ME. He takes the leash in his great big slobbery mouth, and runs me down our street, the last 100 metres, the Home Stretch. It's like the horses going back to the barn after a ride; they speed up.

Well, he/we did. SUDDENLY, my feet got tangled in something--which I am going to say was the hem of my pants, which have, due to the low-carb thing, slid further down my hips (though it was probably the leash)--and KERPLOOOOOP ... SLIIIIIIDE ... RIPPPPPP .... BLEEEEEEEEED, there I was, lying face down on my street, spitting gravel out of my mouth, being dragged behind 103 lbs of Hello Snoopy. Eventually he realized that the load was a little more than usual. This was swiftly followed by the delighted realization, in his demented doggy brain, "Ooooooooh look, Mommy is on the STREET!" Wag wag wag wag wag wag "Hiiiiii MOMMY!" Wag wag wag wag wag.

"Caiah," I say sternly. "NOT good." This was followed by a mild expletive, as the pain set in, "CRAP! NOT GOOD!"

I'm kidding about spitting gravel out of my mouth, but not about the rest. I have one moderately bruised knee (left), one quite sore hand (left), one moderately sore hand (right), and one very very VERY sore, bleeding, dirt-filled knee (right).

I am wondering how many of my neighbours saw me take this fantastic ride down the gravel covered road. Delaine08, I know you are relating to this! Wounded pride aside, to add further insult to my copious injuries, I believe (she said, with as much dignity as she could muster) I have pulled my butt muscles.

All this to say, swimming or running or a workout of any kind was out of the question tonight. So what's a girl to do?

Buy M&Ms, of course!


After 10 M&Ms I discovered something amazing ... I don't actually care for them anymore. That's what low-carb'll do for you. Changes your tastes completely, in a good way.

As for my injuries, well, I washed out as much gravel as I could. Believe-you-me, it is firmly embedded in my knee. Then I slathered on a good antibiotic cream, topped with a non-stick bandage, and taped it into place. I am now soothing my owies with a good red wine, applied internally. It seems to be helping (though not strictly on the low-carb program).

Himself is vewwy sowwy. Been extra snuggly tonight. That's always good ... we can use all the snuggles we can get!

AND might I add for the record, while the $40 Costco jeans did not hold up under duress, the Adidas winter running gloves stood the test. Not a shred on 'em. Thank HEAVENS I was wearing them .... I am a huge Adidas fan ... their running gear is awesome, right Shine??? An' it's all about the gear.

And the dog.

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  • :-)SHINE
    Oh runnergirl, I ache all over for you. I guess neither one of us will be running today. Tell Caiah that we love him but really, he has to look after his mama better than that. Ginger would never do that to us! Usually when I go down while out with a walk with Ginger it's a tree root or something I failed to see but I can sure identify with the going down part - ouch! Hurry up and get better so we can do the sole sister thing together.

    4536 days ago
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