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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

So, I started over last week... don't we all at the beginning of a new year... that seems to be when the big push is... I went to Wal-Mart the other night and there entire isle near the work out section was full of displays of new workout videos!.... anyway....

A lady that I work with challenged me (and herself) with getting back with "it" and going through bootcamp with SP.... I can't do the work out videos at home because with dial-up internet it takes way more time than I have for the video to load.... but I wanted challenged, and therefore I went with the challenge to just start over....

So after some thought on what would motivate me, I decided that it was finally time to include my very close family and friends in this adventure. So I sent out an e-mail to them.... asking for their help....

emoticon My e-mail.....
As many of you know (but some may not), my weight has always been a very personal struggle for me. I've been the 'heavy one' for what seems my entire life…. I haven't been 'overweight' my whole life, as a matter of fact my senior prom dress was a size 6… but yet I was still one of the biggest girls in my school… what I wouldn't give to be a size 6 now! HA!… but when all the rest of the girls are 0's, 1's and 2's, a 6 is still bigger!…

Anyhow, I've tried many times to 'slim' down… I lose some and then gain it back.
I'm trying something different this time, but I'm asking you, my family and friends, for help!

Last summer on Rachel Ray's show, I saw this idea but I never figured I'd ask anyone for help… like I said, it's a personal struggle… I guess I've always figured that as long as I didn't admit it to other people, I wasn't fat…. Well, I'm admitting it!!!

The lady on the RR show, had a goal… I don't remember her goal, but she wanted to lose 'x' amount of weight… her husband had said, 'if you lose this much weight, I'll get you this…. So she came up with the idea that every pound she lost should be rewarded! She asked her family, friends, co-workers and even her boss to sponsor those pounds. She came up with the rewards, and they helped too… at 50 pounds her boss bought her a new suit for work… not all of the rewards were material things, but most were…

So you see where this is going… I'm asking you, my family and friends to sponsor my pounds lost…. I can't come up with the 50 things, so I'm asking for help on that too… even if you don't sponsor a pound…

My goal… lose 50 pounds by Christmas 2009… that is just about 1 1/2 pounds per week… doesn't sound tough, but it will be for me… trust me…. I've tried many times before!

If you sponsor a pound for me, I promise to keep you up-to-date on my progress… you'll know in advance if I'm getting close to 'your pound' and then you'll know when I get there!

Of coarse, I can always use extra support, so feel free to e-mail or call and ask how it's going too! Maybe the more people who are encouraging me and checking up on me, the better I'll do. I know that Weight Watchers was motivational to me… I didn't want to have to step on that scale if it was going up…. But it just became too expensive for me to continue on that road…. I did lose 15 pounds there though!

Please understand that this is a very personal thing for me. It's been very humbling getting to this point. and very difficult… I'm simply asking for help! The ultimate reward of coarse will be getting healthier and having a 'smokin' hot bod' (ha ha) but obviously I need more help than myself, so please consider helping!

Attached is a list of 'rewards'…. It's an Excel spreadsheet… if you can't open it, just say 'I'll sponsor 'this reward' at 'this pound' and I'll fill it in…. Since it will be a first come, first serve sign up (and I know you are all just chomping at the bit to sign up), I may have to do some shuffling, but I'll get you in there! Feel free to sign up for more than one too! Feel free to also exchange rewards or replace rewards… I just want to know what I'm working for!

If anyone would like to start a journey of their own, please send me your list and I'll gladly sponsor your pounds too!

Thanks in advance guys! You may never know what this means to me!!!
Love you all; Shannon

Oh yeah… this might help in coming up with rewards….
Of coarse, I LOVE to eat… that's what got me here!
I collect teddy bears… my favorite color is blue… I love to travel (even just day trips!), my hobbies and other likes are reading (especially US historical romance), scrapbooking, bubble baths, knitting, cake decorating, most crafts (I don't crochet!)… genealogy
I like the Broncos (even if they aren't winning) and the Avs…. Not real big on the Nugget because I'm not a basketball fan…
I love to go boating and camping, four wheeling too…
I like spending time with my family, but sometimes I need that alone time too!
Hope that helps! emoticon

Low and behold.... within a day, I had my first 30 pounds sponsored and bigger prizes from 30-50 pounds spurodically.... My family and friends are being so very supportative.... I never expected the kind words that I received back from my family, lite alone my friends. I never knew they felt the way they did. I'd never reached out, so I definately hadn't got that back from them!

So, now, I'm on my way.... Last week was the first 'official' weigh-in... and we are using the HS digital certified wrestling scales, so no cheating there.... Today was the 2nd weigh-in.... I'm down 3.2 pounds and am so excited that I can't contain myself... why.... because I didn't make any drastic changes last week.... I know that drastic changes are going to have to happen to make my goal, but for the first week, I simply tried to add more steps in my day and drink more water. I tried to make sure I was eating something within 1 hour of getting up each morning and by tracking my calories on SP, I tried to stay within my ranges. I told myself that if this was going to happen, the changes I made were going to have to be ones that I could LIVE with, not just changes to lose the weight and then go back to old habits!

So, I'm on my way... my goal -- 50 pounds in one year.... by next Christmas to be exact... that's about 1.5 pounds a week.... I doubled that this week, but I'm not letting up because I know there will be weeks that I don't do quite as well! HA!

Just had to share because I'm feeling so great about things!!!! emoticon
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    Way to go. It is so nice you have people support you through this hard journey. keep the good work up.
    3746 days ago
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