What a snowy, crazy night

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

We had a big snow storm in pa over the weekend. Here we got around 14 inches! Saturday night my daughter had her college orientation and they did not bother to postpone it. I did not want her driving so I and dh decided to take her on the one hour and 20 min drive. It took about 3 hours to get there but by the time we got to indiana, pa we came upon an accident with a few bystanders. Having medical background I saw a plow truck turned on it's side in the ditch and a large pickup truck partially over the concrete median that separates the highway. The pickup somehow had hit the plow truck in the now freezing rain and flew upward and got his front wheels over the median! The driver a young guy had his door open but definitely was injured. I asked the plow truck operator "when they called for an ambulance"? He said "it just happened "and "I'm not sure if one was called" I yelled to dh in the car call 911. We luckily have an onstar system and while dh took care of that I ran over to assess the situation with the driver. Dh was yelling at me "Where are you going" "I replied being a nurse, I'm sure I'm the only one that is medically qualified to look at the guy!" I think sometimes dh forgets what I do, but I just ran over to the guy. Now being the median was about 5 ft tall, and being only 5ft 5 and not the thinnest and best of shape my daughter boosted me up which was a hilarious feat as others looked on. The guy whose name was "michael"was alert, but had a very nasty head wound when his head cracked the glass. I yelled to my daughter to "grab the paper towels I kept in the car and my gloves in my nurses bag "(I do home nursing as well as being a critical care nurse). She ended up not finding the paper towels but i found sone bandages left over in my bag that I placed over the wound with a clean hand towel she got out of her college stuff she was taking with her. It was bleeding pretty good and a little bandage just was not going to do it. The ambulance took about 20 min in the freezing rain, and all the poor guy kept saying was, "Thank you" and "could you call my wife" I had my daughter call her on her cell phone and by the time they talked, the ambulance and police had arrived and the medics told her to go to indiana hospital where they would meet her there once they transported him. We then proceeded to go up to the university which was about 10 min away, got her checked in to her dorm room and moved all her stuff in actually very quick timing.
My dh then says "Now for the trip home" I said to my dh "There is no way we are driving home in this mess! It is dark, icy and we saw what could happen back there, so get us a motel". Well, all the hotels near the university was booked, I guess wewere not the only ones that thought staying over in indiana was not a bad idea. We did find one motel called scotts motel(later to be known by us as bates motel). The guy told my dh on the phone he only had one room left. We got there in about 5 minutes and it had a 20 rooms but I only saw one car in front of the desk office and one at the far end of the motel. The room was clean at least, but we had no heat, the bed was on a downslant with lumps everywhere and the door's lock was broken. Dh and I both looked at each other. The guy basically said this is all I have so take it or leave it. We felt we had no choice so we took the room because we were cold and tired and pretty wet. I ended up finding a clean pair of scrubs that I threw on after I took a shower. We then moved the desk and chair in front of the door, but neither of us was really going to sleep that night.
I realized we did not eat since early afternoon and I was starving. Dh ran over to a restaurant across the highway that was still open and got us some rosemary chicken and brown rice which hit the spot. We came back in early am and I was so grateful to be home.
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    Wow! What an adventure/experience and situation!

    How fortuitous for the fellow that was injured that you were right there on hand!

    What a dreadful place to have to spend the night! It reminded me of a place we had to stay one night that I have since affectionately dubbed as the 'Cockroach Inn'. Ewwwww....can't describe my true feelings about that place. I couldn't help but wonder if they rented the rooms by the hour!

    You made me chuckle about being 'helped' into the truck! LOL Been there...done that! On lookers are always amused.

    Thanks for sharing this drama in your life. It was most interesting!

    Healthy Natural Supplements & Foods
    3721 days ago
    WOW!! No room at the INN!!! I am happy you all made it home safe and sound...One night like that can sure make us appreciate "HOME SWEET HOME" . But thank GOD you were there for that poor head injured fellow! LaceEjo11 emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3721 days ago
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