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Making Lemonade Out of Lemons

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Yesterday morning, my alarm went off at the usual 4:40 am, the usual time when I'm scheduled to get up and do my cardio. Now, on Sunday night, I had to go to a re-scheduled Holiday Party (it was my bosses, so I couldn't beg off, even though it was pretty much the last thing I wanted to do on a wintry Sunday night). I had not had the best of days on Sunday in terms of my eating, I just didn't seem to know what I wanted so I kept grazing, never a good idea, even less so when the day's activities were pretty much limited to laundry and housework (yucky and yuckier). So going to this party where I knew there would be limited good food choices and at least one glass of wine waiting for me posed great danger. But I will say that I kept it completely under control. I had a taste of this and a taste of that, piled veggies and grapes on my plate, and acquitted myself quite well. I did have that glass of wine, but enjoyed every sip and therefore, no guilt there.

Oh yeah, back to yesterday morning (I can never just tell the story, I ALWAYS have to give the background, something my closest family and friends constantly remind me of!). Well, by the time I got home, did the things I had to do and got myself to bed, it was much later than usual, so when that alarm went off, neither the spirit NOR the flesh were willing, in fact, both were pretty weak. I hit the snooze button once, as I usually do, thinking maybe I'll wake up a bit and be able to do this, then, when it went off again, I thought, maybe with a couple more minutes I can...then when it went off the third time I just shut the alarm off and put on the "normal" alarm for 5:30.

I spent all day yesterday thinking "boy, I wish I'd gotten up" because when you've grown accustomed to that early morning exercise, you really do feel it when you don't do it.. I even held out hope that I'd be able to squeeze something in after getting home and putting dinner in the oven. But alas, DS's homework loomed, and I must admit, by the time all my household puttering was done, all I wanted to do was wait the 10 minutes till dinner was coooked and sit down and eat it..so that's what I did.

I went to bed at 9:00 last night (even took a tylenol pm to make sure I stayed asleep all night), and when my alarm went off this morning, I was quite ready for it and had myself a pretty darn good workout.

So, where's that lemonade I titled this little blog with??? Well, first, on Sunday night, when I kept my eating in check at that party when I could have (and the old, pre-Spark Tina would have) said "what the heck, I've already blown the day..." and then just gone on my way to eat the many tempting things at that party in much greater quantities. That's lemonade. Also, the fact that I got right back on schedule this morning, after missing yesterday morning's exercise, is another place that the old pre-Spark Tina would have likely fallen off. Finally, the fact that I recognized yesterday the effect of NOT exercising on how I felt, might be the most delicious tasting lemonade of all, because it made me realize how wonderful I feel right now, in the midst of this life-changing journey I've undertaken. And one more thing, the fact that I REFUSE to allow myself to feel guilt over the things that didn't get done, or over the things that I did that weren't the best things to do, that's lemonade because beating up on oneself doesn't really do anyone any good. It is so much healthier to take that energy and devote it to getting back on track.

So, I've had a lot of lemonade in these past couple of days, and all of it came from doing things that are NOT on my program. It just strengthens what I am trying to do, every day in every way... ahhh, lemonade, my favorite drink!!!
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  • no profile photo CD1426087
    What a great story of lemonade. I really enjoyed reading your blog, and the positive attitude that shines through. Thanks for sharing.

    Nurse Christine
    4343 days ago
    It is so easy to have off days, but if the good days are more than the bad? That is awesome. Your so right though about beating yourself up, better to put that energy back into exercise. Way to go!!!!
    4344 days ago
    Good morning Tina,
    I'm really glad I stumbled onto your blog ( I was just surfing around the site and one thing led to another to another and there you were). Since I love lemonade, I decided to read it LOL
    I just picked myself up and brushed myself off and started all over again last week after ignoring my sparkspeople stuff for almost a year! Well I'm having lemonade this morning, because I did come back instead of telling myself that I'm a lost cause. My husband and I were even laughing together last night as I attempted to do some exercises on my stability ball. (I swear nobody can look graceful on those things!) I hope I do as well as you are!
    Thank you for inspiring,
    Mary Lou
    4344 days ago
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