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Monday, January 12, 2009

I am encountering a MAJOR problem here. Many people HATE to exercise, but don't have a hard time transitioning to healthier foods.

I on the other hand, LOVE exercise. I love the burn. I love the sweat. But staying on track with my food? Well...I keep starting at square one.

To make matters worse, I'm realizing now that I am just so darned BEAT after the day, and I haven't even started up with classes again yet! This 'weight loss' everyone is noticing came from 2 weeks of me being off for the holidays with nothing to do but meticulously plan meals, enter them on my food tracker, and exercise. I drank tons of water too.

Now, while I'm managing to pull myself out of bed early in the morning to work out, I am NOT doing so great with tracking my food, which has lead to me sneaking a 'no-no food' here and there, and it's becoming a bit more often than not, especially with my most self destructive thought process of them all:

"Well, I'll burn it off later! I'm exercising now!"

Geez. Louise. Sister. Mary. Francis. Applepie and custard crap. Because cursing is another thing I'm working on..and..can you even curse on SP? ANYWAY, I know how this ends. I eat more, and gain more, even with working out (or I maintain which sucks just as many eggs) I get discouraged and I say "Hey, I'm cute anyway. So what?"

NO NO NO NO NO. That ain't happening. You know why? Because I am so DONE with being unhealthy. I am so DONE with wondering if I hit someone in the face with my butt while trying to squeeze through. I am so DONE with feeling like I'm going to have diabetes and cancer like my grandparents (who really could've prevented at least ONE of those diseases). I am so DONE with only being able to shop at Lane Bryant (whom I love, but I mean come on, it's a total rip off, those clothes....except the pants. They are BANGIN') and I am so DONE with wishing I were smaller so I could wear more modest clothing without looking like I'm donning a mu-mu. I am just so DONE with...with being DONE...with being fat. I am NOT going to go down like that.
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    LOL this is funny but definitely the truth. I can totally relate. I have no problem with the food *sometimes* but the exercise is the killer lol. I have to talk to myself for a half hour before i get up and put in my WATP dvd. thats something i am still working on lol.Insha'allah things will get better. maybe you should try eating some of the more healthier foods that you have always been eating then minimize the amount you eat so it doesnt seem like such a dramatic change. thats what I am doing, since eating way different foods caused me to have a body meltdown..*so not fun*. emoticon
    4050 days ago
    Salam Alaikum
    LMAO - girl you are too funny! I can't believe I didn't find you sooner. I completely understand you with the food. Today i didn't bring my lunch and no snacks so I knew I was going to be screwed if I didn't do anything. So I went to Sam's Club (wholesaler) I bought a bag of apples and 3lbs of grape. I ate probably 4-5 cups of grapes and two apples. I'm a big snacker at work. It's weird cause it's ONLY at work. If I was home all day - I could go without eating all day and not notice. SO WEIRD! -

    Just buy a bunch of fruit and leave them all over the place. That way when your snacking it's all fruits! Better to over eat fruits than some other junk... that's what I figure... besides, they are pretty filling too. emoticon
    4051 days ago

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    Your the best and you will do it be it nillah! I am the same with da food! Put lots of fruit around for quick snacks and tic off say 3 per day. Like the water think have i had my fruit yet? ( advice for myself )
    4051 days ago
    Good for you! You CAN do it!! I know logging in the food is so time consuming, especially if you need to enter a new food, but it's so worth it! Once you see where all your calories are going it's an eye opener.

    I hardly ever shop at Lane Bryant because it's too expensive!! I LOVE Fashion Bug's plus size section. Whenever I go they always seem to have a sale. I don't feel so bad spending money on clothes I know I won't be wearing forever if I can get them on sale.

    Oh, about the swearing...SP doesn't allow it. One of my fellow Spark friends had a swear word in her blog and she couldn't post it until she got rid of the swear word.
    4052 days ago
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