10 questions from a pre op

Monday, January 12, 2009 long after starting the wls process did you set adate for wls? order list the things you did to prepare for wls
therapist, ect

3.the average lbs lost the first 3 months?

4.were you able to sleep comfortable ? if so any tips(im worried about the drains) im wild in my sleep lol

5. can you shower imediatly after surgery?

6.what do you do to take care of surgery area? cleasing ,ect?

7.things to avoid?
food,chors ect? you get any cream,lotion to help with the excess skin?
if not is there anything you can reccomend?

9.any websites you can reccomend?

10.anything that would take you out of the running for wls

and anything that would auotmatically qualify you for it
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    1. I started the process with my primary doctor tracking my weight loss efforts for a year before I made the decision to have surgery. My insurance company required six months with no missed appointments or I would have had to start over. It took me a while to make my decision to have surgery. Once I started the surgical process, I met with the surgeon in February and after all the preliminary testing, was scheduled for surgery in August. Due to a last minute abnormal EKG, I didn't have surgery until September.

    2. Track with my PCP my weight loss efforts. Met with surgeon. Met with nutritionist. Had gall bladder ultrasound. Had sleep study. Had cardio stress test. Met with exercise specialist. Started water aerobics. Had psych evaluation. Approval for insurance. Bloodwork for pre-op and EKG. Then due to abnormal EKG, had a stress test.

    3. I'm four months out and have lost 101 lbs so that's an average of 6.3 pounds. I will say I've never lost more than five pounds in a week except for the first week or two. Generally I lose about 2-3 pounds a week, but you asked averages. I did have over 200 lbs to lose and you have to keep in mind that we all lose at different stages.

    4. My drain was removed before I came home from the hospital. The first week or so I slept sitting up in my recliner. I am a tummy sleeper and there was no way. It wasn't until I was about six weeks out that I could sleep on my tummy and then only for short bursts. I did learn to sleep on my back by the end of the second week so I could at least lie down.

    5. I was told the day I went home from the hospital I could shower. Actually, I could have showered there, but chose to wait. It does take a LOT out of you so be warned. Gently wash incisions without a washcloth and pat dry. I had no problems with this at all.

    6. I had nothing special I had to do. I had lap RNY with one incision about two inches long and five other very small incisions. I just washed them with body wash and patted dry.

    7. I was sent home on a pureed diet that was strictly protein. It got old but that was my surgeon's recommendation for the first four weeks. You won't feel like bending and you definitely cannot lift anything for a short time. I was told nothing over five pounds until released by the surgeon.

    8. I did not get any creams or lotions to help with the skin. I face the fact that when I'm done I will have lost at least 330 plus total pounds (I started at 530 and was 425 the day of surgery) and the skin will be hanging. I do exercise almost daily now and actually like it.

    9. I come here at Sparkpeople for the majority of my support. I was well established here before surgery, so why change? I do have an account at but I generally just read there. I don't post much and I don't do updates there. I like SP the best!

    10. This really depends upon your insurance company if you're dealing with insurance. I know that generally you need to be 100 lbs or more overweight, have a BMI over a certain number, and if you have co-morbidities (sleep apnea, arthritis, high blood pressure, diabetes, etc) it helps.

    Good luck to you!
    4300 days ago
  • DINA:-)
    This is just my own experience from lapband surgery- a lot of these answers would differ from person to person... long after starting the wls process did you set adate for wls? i started the process in jan08 and i had surgery aug08- i probably could have done it quicker, but i lagged a little bit. order list the things you did to prepare for wls
    lose 5% body weight (to shrink your liver), blood work, urine test, EKG, ultrasound, xrays, psych evaluation, meet with mutritionist, attend nutrition class, clearance for surgery

    3.the average lbs lost the first 3 months? probably 30-40 lbs... it's been 4.5 months since surgery and i've lost 53 lbs so far.

    4.were you able to sleep comfortable ? if so any tips(im worried about the drains) im wild in my sleep lol. i didn't have any drains. i'm a side sleeper and i couldn't sleep on my side for about 5-7 days.

    5. can you shower imediatly after surgery? yep- i came home that night and showered. my incisions were glued together and there were no bandages. they just said no baths for 2 weeks and be sure to pat dry the inciscions.

    6.what do you do to take care of surgery area? cleasing ,ect? nothing. just dry well after showering.

    7.things to avoid?
    i couldn't bend over for probably a week, maybe a little more. it's good to walk around as much as possible, but you get tired quickly- this lasted for about 5-7 days. first 2 days i was on a clear liquid diet (chicken broth, apple juice, and jello) then i moved onto full liquids (protein shakes and anything that fits through a straw). after 2 weeks i could add in mushy foods (like mashed potatoes and eggs, anything you can mush through a fork). after 1 week of that i did soft foods and then after 1 month i could eat normal foods. also, each time i get a fill i had to do full liquids for 24-48 hours. you get any cream,lotion to help with the excess skin? if not is there anything you can reccomend? sorry, dr didn't recomend anything for that- i remember he said that the younger you are the more elastic your skin is and also if you smoked that makes your skin less elastic. exericse helps too.

    9.any websites you can reccomend? it's good for both lapband and gastric bypass surgery info.

    10.anything that would take you out of the running for wls and anything that would auotmatically qualify you for it? i don't think anything automatically qualifies you for it. it's more like you have to be a good candidate and that is why there are all those requirements- drug use would disqualify you. you can also be denied if the psychologist thinks you aren't mentally stable enough or if you weren't cleared for surgery. they weighed me the day before surgery and said if i gained any weight back that i'd lost for the pre-op requirement then they would cancel it. you really shouldn't worry about these things though... good to be aware, but your dr will tell you so you won't be blindsighted by it.
    4300 days ago

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    I am 3 months out as of January 6th, but here's my 2 cents' worth:

    1. I first called the surgeon's office in June, and had my surgery October 6th. I was August when we set the date, and it was delayed due to travel I had previously schedule the end of September.

    2. Called for preliminary appointment, which included an appointment with the surgeon, the nurse, the nutritionist, and the psych eval.

    3. I lost 21 pounds the first week, and have lost 30 the remaining weeks, so on average after the first week it's been about 2.5 pounds per week.

    4. I slept in my recliner for the first week, but I had an abscess that made the pain worse. Without that, I would've been back in my bed after a few nights. The pain meds I took at bedtime kept me still while sleeping.

    5. I had my surgery on Monday, and was able to shower on Wednesday.

    6. I kept the staples covered with a bandaid just so they wouldn't catch on anything. Normal showering was fine for the incisions. My abscess incision was a different story, and a very rare occurrence I'm told.

    7. I was told not to lift more than 10 pounds until released from the doc. After that, it's pretty much back to normal. As for food, as you can probably guess from reading posts on here, every doctor has their process they instruct you on as far as food progression goes. They are all pretty different.

    8. The only thing to do to try to minimize the excess skin, is to begin exercising as soon as the doc tells you that you can, stay with it faithfully. Strength training tones the best, it seems and will be most effective in reducing the excess skin, if possible.

    9. I pretty much stick to this website, and the Sparklers team, however, Bariatric Eating is also a good site. There are a lot of videos on U-Tube too, most especially massagegoddess's videos.

    10. Here again, it seems to be a combination of surgeon and insurance company specific as to the qualifications or disqualifications for WLS. My surgeon really didn't have any specific requirements for me, although I know some of her patients had to work on getting other health issues under control before she'd do the surgery. My insurance requirement was to be over 100 pounds overweight. I have heard that some insurance companies really are tough to get approved through. If yours is like that, keep re-requesting, until they finally say yes.

    Best of luck to you. Yes, it is best to be as informed as you can be, but it's almost impossible to account for every possible scenario. Try to relax and enjoy the ride. Then as new questions come up, ask away!!! Keep us posted.

    Lots of hugs and prayers,

    4300 days ago
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