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Why I want to lose weight

Sunday, January 11, 2009

I thought I would keep a log of all the reasons why I want to lose weight

1. Fit in an airplane seat comforably and not have to use a belt extension
2. Fit in a rollercoaster seat
3. Get up after I have fallen when ice skating
4. Tie my shoe and breath
5. Get out of low ride vehicle
6. Get out of a raft at the waterpark
7. Climb the stairs to the raft ride at the waterpark. Climb stairs, period!
8. Have stamina when dancing
9. Do my toenails and breath
10. Wrap my arms around my knees and hug myself
11. Assume different sexual positions
12. Reach my butt
13. Put my socks on and breath
14. Sit cross-legged
15. Get up from the floor with ease
16. Wear the latest fashions
17. Stop being afraid
18. Do the hopping that is necessary for calypso dancing

I am tired of living with these limitations. I want to do something about it!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    These are great reasons! I think I'm going to make a list like this too!! :) What a great blog idea.

    4474 days ago
  • MAZUR157
    Today I went to a buffet. I didn't do too badly. But I am still SO full. Actually, now that it's over I am kind of bumming about going over on the calories. I guess in a way that's a good thing. Cuz, then next time I might choose a different path.

    Oh and I forgot. I caved on the offer of cookies and carrot cake. Yikes! Just going to the buffet wouldn't have been so bad. But, the cookies and cake was over 500 calories!!! That's a meal in my weight loss regimen these days. Eeeeeekkkkkk!
    4477 days ago
  • MAZUR157
    Sometimes I don't like what I see in the mirror. i saw myself in the mirror at zumba class. I cannot believe I look like that. Then I get some frustrated and wonder why I bother. It seems like so far to go.

    But, then that's why I wrote these reasons. I come here to remind me why I should keep going.
    4481 days ago
  • MAZUR157
    Tomorrow is weigh in day. I am kind of apprehensive. I haven't been successful in staying within my caloric intake for the last couple days. That puts me on edge.

    But, I have been very good in getting my exercises! So we shall seelll
    4482 days ago
  • MAZUR157
    Yesterday, I did a hour of zumba. It was my 5th class. However, I experienced more back pain after its completion. I have never dealt with back pain.

    And I also experienced knee pain. My left knee is bothering me. But, it felt like I twisted it at home when I was walking around the buffet. I think that the zumba class aggravated it.

    Anyway, hopefully, this will change as I lose weight and gain muscle.
    4487 days ago

    Comment edited on: 1/27/2009 6:54:38 PM
  • MAZUR157
    K - today I struggled. I went out with friends last night and when I got home I was weepy. I have been weepy all day today. It's really weird. I don't know why I feel this way. I just do. So, I was hoping that just writing about my feelings would make it a bit better.

    Yesterday, I went over my caloric intake count, but it was OK. I stuck to vegetables and away from fried foods. I went out to eat 3x yesterday and each time I thought out what I was willing to eat and did good. I went to Pizza Hut buffet and ate 1 piece of pizza, which is really 1 half slice. And plus a salad... For breakfast I stuck to 1 egg, .5 slice toast, home fries and 1 pancake. I am SO proud of me. In the past, I wouldn't have done so well. That is great! Then for the evening, it was raw veggies and dip, plus a piece of fried fish. How cool is that? It seems like I am learning to eat healthier.

    But, when I got home, I was overwhelmed with sadness. It felt like I wanted to talk to someone. I think I wanted to be intimate with someone, but I had no one. And that thought depressed me. And I think I just kept spiraling down. Today, it was more of the same. With the exception of wrestling the fireplace with David, breakfast at IHop with David and April and assembling the fireplace, today was pretty much more of the same.

    So, that's it. That's my story. I do feel better.
    4489 days ago

    Comment edited on: 1/25/2009 5:53:55 PM
  • MAZUR157
    I have completed 3 zumba classes. I can feel the difference. I am feeling good about myself. I have class tomorrow morning and I can hardly wait.

    My pants are a little less snug. I am super excited about that. I was frustrated that my clothes were tight. These were the size 20W that I was so proud of myself that I fit. Really, I should have went to another size. But I am going to fight that. I am going to fight the good fight. The fight that says NO, I will not surrender. I WILL work to get back into those clothes and fit into the clothes a little smaller than these.

    Yep, as much as I told myself I would not have more than 1 size in my closet, I still did it. But, that's OK. Cuz the plan is to have something to wear as I lose the weight. That way I don't have to buy something right away. I can augment my closet without too much of a dent to my budget.

    So, it's all good
    4491 days ago

    Comment edited on: 1/23/2009 1:31:16 PM
  • MAZUR157
    I went to zumba class on Monday evening. Man, it is hard to get the energy up for evening activities. But i did it! However, i was SO tired when I got home, I went to bed without supper. I wasn't even hungry. That is so not like me! It's all good

    I am looking forward to class tonight. Several of my girlfriends will be joining me today and it is a beginner's class. That should be interesting. However, it doesn't start until 7:30p. Yikes!!!! I suspect I will crash immediately upon my return home.

    OH! No business travel for me this week!
    4493 days ago

    Comment edited on: 1/21/2009 5:55:53 AM
  • MAZUR157
    I weighed in today. I lost 4lbs! wooHOO!

    Yesterday I signed up for unlimited Zumba clases for 5 weeks. wooHOO!

    I am super excited! I love those classes. However, it looks like I will be on business travel next week. ...we'll see if I'll be around enough days to take advantage of them. But, I have a contingency plan. I can hit the exercise room at the hotel.
    4496 days ago

    Comment edited on: 1/18/2009 9:22:37 AM
  • MAZUR157
    Today I didn't do so good. But, overall even though I did not stay within my caloric intake I didn't overeat at my meals. I stopped when I was full.

    Little by little I have created new habits. I am SO proud of me!
    4497 days ago

    Comment edited on: 1/17/2009 12:52:21 AM
  • MAZUR157
    Today, while exercising in the gym, I thought about my list of reasons why I want to lose weight. It was good to have something to focus on and remember. I am liking the fact that I created this list. It's a good thing
    4499 days ago
    First I love your list of inspiration. I also just viewed your page and wow what a difference even if you did add some poundage you look much younger. Exercise is hard for a lot of us but one thing I found out if I make it my goal for two weeks by the end of the two weeks I'm not as apprehensive about doing it. I commit myself to 2 weeks straight 5-6 days a week and the results on teh scale are always motivational too. You can do it just decide to start today.
    4501 days ago
  • MAZUR157
    I thought if I wrote down these reasons why I want to lose weight it would be motivating. Now, I am not so sure. They're just words.

    Perhaps I am feeling that cuz I didn't exercise yesterday? I struggle with motivation about exercise. I struggle with motivation on recording my caloric intake daily.

    Ho hum. I am going to keep writing. I am going keep trying to increase my motivation.
    4501 days ago
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