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Wednesday, January 07, 2009

After being almost three weeks overdue i was getting excited and ready to 'wee on a stick', i had even told myself that i would tell my sister what i was suspecting (dh already knew) when that time of month arrived. Disappointed, i've been working my tail off but not being as careful about what i was putting in my mouth... and it showed when i hopped on the scales today. While i know that water weight is typical while going through this, i let the numbers on the scale mess up my day today, and ate pity chocolate (somehow carrots just don't do the trick). Here's the deal, i am not going to let my appetite win this battle... this morning wasn't the best foodwise - and has anyone else noticed that it's hard to exercise when they are wallowing in 'Poor Me' land? Enough, i am not taking residence there... i refuse to change my address! i live in Sparkland where people are losing weight and taking their lives back, and i am going to be one of them!!!
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    When you fall down, just get back up! Keep on getting up. You will never be beaten if you do that. We all fall down many times, its the getting up that counts...not the falling down!
    You CAN do it! And that is with regards to everything in your life! You CAN do it! Love Joyce emoticon
    3514 days ago
    Relax, Let GO and Let GOD!
    4511 days ago
    Okay, okay... so first of all... YOU DIDN'T TELL ME YOU ARE TRYING TO HAVE A BABY!!!!! YOU know all about Mr. Hunk... but I'm in the dark here???? WOW... I'm so excited and I've never met you! HA!!!!!! So... overdue but got the TOM at last... I am sure that is disappointing... but as I tell my son... PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE!!!! That's the FUN PART!!! You know when you are stressed or really busy, TOM comes late normally.... so try to relax a bit more... It will happen and when it does... it will be JUST RIGHT!

    I'm excited for you!

    I don't envy you the morning sickness, carrying, labor or getting up in the middle of the night once the baby is here... but I'm excited for you!!!

    Hugs and NO STRESS... Plus you know... a bit of chocolate is good for you.... AND makes you amorous!! emoticon
    4512 days ago
  • KATRINA581
    Good for you-that's the spirit! This would be a good time to walk, weather permitting or getting on the treadmill with some sounds. Nature really clears my mind and so does music. When it's more serious, I speak to my higher power, to clear my head and give me direction! Now I'm talkin'. You have to find what is good for you and there will always be set backs. I was really hungry today, so I've been talking a lot to myself......my compromise was a tangerine, glass of cranberry juice, small packet of Sunkist fruit chews and them a 1 oz string cheese.....check my food tracking....that did the trick, it could have been much worse. Time, knowledge, exercise, tracking help you to make better choices when you are weak, and just plain hungry! Best wishes on all that you have planned in the future.

    4512 days ago
    Chickipoo - where are you. Here grab my hand and get out of Poor Me Land. (I'm starting to type in rhymes). Sorry to hear you got TOM, but again, all in His plan, on His timeline. That will give you a little more time to get the temple ready girl! You want to be at your best when all of that good stuff happens.

    Let's face it, who can avoid chocolate (pity or otherwise) when they are suffering with hormones and water weight gain and ugh, just dealing with it. Follow up the pity chocolate with a little "move"ment while you're changing residence from that ghetto. Get behind her Satan is what I say, so it doesn't continue.

    Sometimes I wish we could pick up the phone and just say help - talk me out of this, but I don't know that I really would. I think that's the advantage of the blogging. When I write, I'm writing to get it out of me and not really thinking about who might be reading. Then the words settle and mix up and I read my confessions(?). And THEN, one of my sparkbuds comes along and writes the nicest things and I know I'm not alone. It then makes me conscious of my actions and sometimes I feel like I'm taking back control.

    Get control girl - it's only one day and you are a WINNER! You've taken one step, now time to take the other. Put that scale away for a week (says the scalaholic) and take back your life!

    See you on the threads girl.
    4513 days ago
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