BRA SHOPPING-- OMG!!!! (and hooters!!)

Friday, January 02, 2009


i should be doing some introspective 08 into 09 entry here, but it's gonna wait-- i'm not starting 09 til sunday.........

but, i don't mind getting new jeans, sheesh, you just buy a size smaller, same with undies, and i can wear my baggy shirts, baggy coats- not a problem

but, needed new bras

i started this crammed into a 44DD, and sheesh, at that size, i just needed them in and covered-- straps that didn't kill me

spose we should talk about hooters here too- lord knows, somehow i thought those 44DD's were sexy......sheesh, with 307 lbs behind them, there's nothing sexy!! i've always remembered a guy- who i adored- once saying when i was young, maybe 15?- saying as long as a girl's tits were bigger than her belly, she wasn't, and that's been in my head all these years!!

so, a gf of mine, last year, had to have a double mastectomy-- really made me think about how i helped add to society's issues with chicks and their tits, why do i buy into the belief that tits are important? was i flashing them, trying to draw attention to them, wearing low-cut shirts-- you bet 'cha i have.......but how then am i, as a woman, and wanting to support women, how am i helping add to their lower self-esteem about tits if i'm buying into the belief that big tits = sexy, or are a sign of womanhood........and don't these poor women who have breast cancer, who need them removed-- aren't they going thru enough grief without ME adding to it?? so i've been on a serious self reflection about trying not to add to this!! and yes, it started when i was a 44DD!!

so, i know i'll lose my boobs, how could i not? and it didn't really bother me to drop my first bra size, no big deal-- i had to talk to myself a lil, cuz my initial thoughts were still connected with wanting them.......but i got over it

but now-- here we are, wearing bras that didn't fit at all

and can't order any, sheesh, no idea what size/type, etc

so i go to the store-- and i know i should be getting sized, getting good stuff, but when you need an entire new supply, and i know it won't be the last size, so i'm not ready to blow 200.00 for a couple months!! so, i was totally off on the size i measured myself as needing, so lucky i tried some on

but wow-- bras sure are different as you go to lower sizes

i was in a 44DD, those things just tried to hold them in, that was it, nothing cute, nothing sexy, etc

now- i think i'm on a 38C, but wow, these bras push up, push out, they're ridiculous! so i'm in the store, guess i missed the class on how to tell how a bra really fits

i walk out with 5 new bras, figure that'll get me through a couple months

and i'm a GOOD girl!! i throw all the old ones away, got new, throw away the old

OMG..........i want them back!!!

these new ones, i bent over- i popped out........lil hard to re-adjust immediately!! i feel like al i am now are tits-- i feel like they're more noticeable than they ever were at a 44DD!!! so i'm hating them, am i just built wrong, straps never stay up?? all i do is drag them up, again and again??

i'm seriously thinking of finding sports bras to wear always........

how much money am i gonna blow trying to find 1 bra that fits, and in comfortable, and stays where it's sposed to be??

and how scary is it each morning to get up and seriously think how i'm gonna survive each day in these new bras??

how come no one talks about this????

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  • CHERYL002
    Ohhh I am laughing so hard! I just went through the new bra thing last week. I'm a 44 C and couldn't find a thing. I finally bought 2 new pairs of shoes instead. I went home and got on Ebay and found 7 bras, just my size and spent a grand total of $38. Check it out till you get to your goal, then spend money on the better ones. I really like what I got too!
    3390 days ago
    haaahahahaaa! I've totally been there with this! Funny, funny, funny! Thanks for the great chuckle!!!!
    3410 days ago
    This is too hilarious - cuz I have so been there! You are an absolute gem to have so much fun with something that can be so aggravating. To keep from falling out and to make my shirts at least PG-rated, I tend to stick to minimizers. I just wish I would lose in the cup size when I lose weight. I have never lost my "blessings" regardless of my weight - just a smaller size around. Way to show off even more! I just need to find a good workout bra - 38DDD is not easy to find support for higher intensity workouts - I tend to stick to fast walking. At least I don't have to carry weights - they're built in...

    Thanks for making me laugh today! emoticon
    3415 days ago

    These are custom fit bras... fit to your body!
    They are great for posture, clothes fit better, and can be adjusted as you lose weight.
    Definitely not your average bra! Most have not seen them cuz they aren't sold in stores normally. Check out the site, and find a person in your area that sells them, get a free fitting, and go from there. You won't be sorry for checking it out!!!

    Yes!!! They are good for small, medium, large and the x-large bustline!! :))
    3416 days ago
    Oh too funny...I, on the other hand have the other end of the problem...nothing now that I've gained weight but a couple little bumbs...but you can tell something is there...good grief...try finding bras that fit when you're wide in the ribs and nothing poking out the front!!!

    3421 days ago
    This was great!!!!!!!
    3438 days ago
    *sigh* I hear you! I've never glorified mine but I was happy to at least have 'some' when I was heavy. Now I've shrunk down to what I always used to be before I gained the weight.........which led me to the bra dept just yesterday.
    Shopping for something that almost, almost isn't there is no fun either. I can't go without a bra at my age as sag just isn't pretty. But finding a bra so small and tiny isn't easy either. *sigh* I could just hear my husband sighing as he say me heading into the dept yesterday. I did manage to find one that fit! Yeah!!
    3440 days ago
    OMG, I about peed on myself reading your Bra Woes. We need more blogs like this one. HAHAHAHA. Are you always this funny?

    3440 days ago
  • MELLY423
    I am laughing with you, not at you! You are hilarious, though! I feel the same as you. I'm a 38D, but low and behold I went and bought bras at night after eating Mexican for dinner (you know how that blows you up real good) so I bought 40Ds. Well, within one week, they're too big around my body. That causes them to be too loose on the boobas and now I'm itchy, sweaty, blah, blah, blah. BUT...I too am losing so I'll suffer through these a little longer (they were $68 + each and I bought three!). I'll dry them in the dryer (even if they get bent out of shape) so they'll shrink a bit, suffer a little longer, and laugh about how stupid bras are in the first place. I can't wait to get home every evening and get NAKED except for my gown. :) How's that for sympathy?
    3450 days ago
    Ha ha - LMBO - this is hysterical! As someone who "developed" in 5th and 6th grade (I was a full C cup by High School), I can relate. But I was always busted (no pun intended) about my gazongas, so I have ALWAYS tried to hide them. Looking back now, what was I thinking? When I was in my 20's they were so nice and perky! Now (at a 38 DD), I need a wheelbarrow to carry them around when I take my bra off!

    I currently house my girls in a bra by Olga - not sure of the exact name, but the card hung on the hanger with the bra says it's "The Most Comfortable Bra." They aren't cheap, but they aren't outrageously expensive either. I mean, c'mon, we can't have the girls popping out all over the place now, can we?

    Keep us posted on your quest!

    3450 days ago
    Funny.....all these years go by and I missed the "how to fit yourself into a bra" class!
    I've recently found out how to do it and go about finding the CORRECT size.
    (for years I wore the wrong sizes cause I didn't know any better)
    So.....not knowing if I can post a link on here or not, I'm going to try it....
    here's a link explaining how to 'properly measure' for the right size

    and some other info.....same site

    Hope I've helped!

    Thanks for the laugh! I know I'm not alone in the quest for the perfect bra!!

    3452 days ago
  • MOONSTAR I feel your pain...I'm a 44dd right now and can't wait to get smaller. OMG.looking at them braless in the mirror really motivates't wait to look down and see my feet. emoticon
    3452 days ago
    emoticon Well, I for one never talk about it b/c fat or skinny, I was never blessed with hooters / boobs or t*ts! I am small chested and the smaller I get with the pounds, the more I shrink in the front. I have to use weights to keep what I have perking or people would mistake me for a man! emoticon

    Seriously, I have many friends who could commiserate with you and when I was younger, I used to say, Man, I'd love some. Now that I'm an old dog, who needs em? The big guy decided to pass out boo'n's instead of boobs when I was was born I guess!

    Lucky or not? Who can tell, we all need to have a little vent though and your's was a great read! emoticon
    3452 days ago
    Ha Ha Ha, loved this blog; I can so relate. I am a 44DDD, just accepted this recently, I reluctantly left my 44DD behind to my boyfriend's delight. For the record, yes I wear both a sports bra and and my heavy duty bra when I go for a walk or to the gym. I find this helps keep the girls in check. I wish I had done this when I played high-school basketball and volleyball, I'm sure I put on a great show. I completely agree, we as women should be more open about this. I have two teenage daughters, one of which also wears two bras to run in (she is so greatful for this info). I hate to admit that I have shared this little secret with other women in the gym, so simple but it makes a world of difference to help combat gravity! I make it a point to share the importance of getting fitted and the benefits of a GOOD sturdy bra. Don't let the pretty lace entice you, a good thick band and straps help prevent the sagging and constant pulling up. This can even make you look slimmer; these bras may be the same brand my grandmother used but they sure make my posture look a lot better. Thanks again and I hope this helps emoticon
    3452 days ago
    You *MUST* make sure you get a fitting by someone who really knows what they are doing. I was wearing a 44DDD, based on a "fitting" at Maidenform/Bali. You'd think they would know what they are doing, right?

    Well, I decided to treat myself to some nice bras, and went to a specialty shop. At the time, there had been no great weight loss/gain, and I was still thinking my bras 'fit'. I now wear a 44H (for the cup size), altered down to a 38" band. I cannot believe what a difference it makes!

    Good luck!
    3452 days ago
    Great Blog!

    PSUK10...If you are a larger girl and wear an A cup now, this can be to your benefit, because as you lose weight your body will decrease, but your bust may look bigger!

    I am a bra fitter, and find that girls say 'oh, I am an A,B cup etc, but don't mention their body size.

    So my size 10A (which is about the smallest size here in Ausralia, except for an occasional size 8) daughter, has much smaller boobs than someone with a size 16, 18 or up sized body who wear A or B cups. Cup sizing is very relevant to body size.

    I also meet a lot of girls who are 'losing weight' and won't buy a bra because they are waiting for them to go down a few sizes. This can take months and all the time they are not properly supported.

    If any of you girls live in Brisbane, Queensland, me and I'll come do a fitting for you privately, or get a few girls together and have a party!
    The lingerie I sell is gorgeous...check out my home page for the url.

    I wear a 42H cup...can't wait to lose 'em!
    3452 days ago

    Comment edited on: 1/6/2009 3:54:06 AM
    I stopped getting measured for bras. I didn't really get it done much over the years. My close friend convinced me that I needed to go and get fitted so off we went. Simple right?

    I was living in Quebec at the time. My DH is Quebecois so he was dragged along to translate in case the little french that G and I knew wasn't enough. So the woman takes us into a fitting room and measures me, then tells me my size. Relatively painless.

    She then vanishes and comes back with lots of bras. Yay, big fun. I look at the labels, confused, as none were the size that she said I was and heck, none were even the same size as each other!!!

    After I had tried on the 12th bra, told her yet again that it didn't fit, and she went off to grab more... my friend G and I ran out of the changing room, grabbed my DH and just said to him in hushed tones.. don't ask! just RUN! As the assistant was bending over picking up bras from lower shelves we all hotfooted it out of the store and that was that.

    I picked up some gorgeous bras recently from penningtons (one in peach, one in sherbert) and they fit okay but not wonderfully. When I drop a few sizes (i hope i hope i hope) then I will get fitted. My biggest fear right now is that I don't lose it off my chest and I repeat my last diet result. I was slim and curvy but far too top heavy. I really don't want that to happen again.
    3453 days ago
    Sorry about your bra woes, but your thoughts on the process is hilarious. emoticon A good bra fitting will help a lot. JC Penney lingerie department used to do fittings. Chicos has some amazing bras without wires in their Soma stores. They are comfy, and they support pretty good too. If there is a Chicos outlet near you you can get them for a good buy once you know what will fit. Good luck.
    3453 days ago
  • BETHANNE1824
    Go to Lane Bryant have them size you so you know your exact size and have them give you a suggestion tell them you want support lift and comfy straps I swear by their balconette bra its amazing! and I wear a huge size! plus their bras are affordable normally about $32 My mother in law and half the ladies at our church go there and this is many different ladies with different sizes and body types. Macy's will also size you but I found that their really good bras are way expensive upwards of $70-90 , also atleast every three months you should be resized since you are loosing weight and your body is changing so much hope this helps
    3453 days ago
    I am sooo sorry that I can't relate...No matter what, my breasts have been the same size since I sprouted. The only thing that ever changes is my back width. I am now the impossible 38B. (hard size to find because if your back is 38, I guess ppl feel like your cup size should be C or bigger) I used to be a 34B which was easy to find. But I wear sports bras often just because I have had to buy the dreaded 38C bras so there's lots of extra room in the cup and pulling the straps tight just about kills me. My belly is only slightly smaller than my breasts giving me a pregnant look (and I have NEVER been prenant). So it could be worse....
    3453 days ago
    After reading your blog, i did a little research and found that Youtube has some great videos about measuring for the right fitting bra. Hope this helps.

    3453 days ago
    Thanks,I needed a good daughter only buys sports bras and they are more comfortable to her. emoticon You sure made my day! emoticon emoticon Sally
    3453 days ago
    I can totally relate to this blog! What a pain it is to buy a bra..

    Everytime I step out to buy one.. I end up with tears. How come big boobied people can never wear lacy, underwire, demin, flowered, sexy, thin strapped bras??!!!

    No matter how much time and money I spend on my bra, I still fell my tits look huge in certain clothes. The worst thing is when you are at the gym, trying to knock off some weight, reduce your tittieeesss.. and running like hell for that. You have people take sneak peaks at your boobs once in a while! annoying :(

    3453 days ago
    I was 34c and now with the weight gain i am 38E and I hate it. I was measured at a department store but I hate it. Just like you I hate shopping for bras. I don't throw away my old ones as a local radio station has a collection of them in October and we donate them and the casino here gives $1 for breast cancer research, which is a good cause. They hang them on the overbridge near the casino and it creates a big laugh.
    I loved your blog and had a good chuckle.
    Hope you have a great 2009.
    3453 days ago
  • PSUK10
    i loved this blog. I thought it was great. I unfortunately have the exact opposite problem- the only positive from gaining weight is that i have increased my cup size from barely A to a B. I am not a skinny girl, i am just not blessed in that department- but i do find bra shopping QUITE enjoyable. Good for you for throwing away your old ones- I really need to do that!!
    3454 days ago
    Okay, so you've probably heard every story by now about this.. I'm still going to add my own. I was busting out of a 48DDD at my heaviest... I had 46s and even a few 44s. But as I started losing weight, it came off the top half of my torso first. So, I quickly needed a 42 --H! H! SERIOUSLY? Yeah, so now I'm in a 40J and those are getting a little loose around, but I can still go in on the band a little. Wait.. I lost my point:

    Here it is - You can find bras that you don't pop out of! Definitely! Look for full coverage! And remember that you might need just one or two to tide you over (depending on how quickly you're changing sizes up there). Get yourself professionally measured. Sometimes we don't believe the number that we're supposed to be, but those bras will actually FIT you! And that's what you want.

    And for everyone - If you're feeling saggy and dumpy, don't delay, it could be because you're wearing your old stretched out bras, or the wrong size.
    3454 days ago
    I enjoy your posts and this blog is LOL! I too remember hearing the boobs bigger than your belly thing and it has never left my head either. I'm so looking forward to littler boobs! Get your old bra style in a littler size. has LOTS of bras. THANKS FOR THE LAUGH!
    3454 days ago
  • TREESA57
    Great blog!!!! I am finally losing in the boobs dept (after 30plus pounds) and I also need a new bra. I read your blog and thought oh goodie. I dont want a push up pull out or a sexy bra. I want support so when I walk I dont jiggle and fall out. I guess I will go to a good store and get measured and pay a bit more. I have been told to do this because dept stores cater to the ave boob and not dd cups like me. Thanks for the heads up. Good luck on your new bras. I might start with a good sports bra and go from there. No vickies secret for me. I know her secret.. Its all padding!!!!
    3454 days ago

    Comment edited on: 1/4/2009 3:48:56 PM
    I agree, bra shopping is the pits. I am not that big (36b, maybe 38?) but I cannot find a bra that fits comfortable. It seems that most bras now are already filled. Who needs that much more stuffing? If I find a bra to fit my breasts then it doesn't fit comfortably around me. What's a girl to do?
    3454 days ago

    I hate it so much. I'm on the larger side....38DDD, I think anyway. It's always different. I hate the falling out feeling, so I always look for the full coverage support bras. Only problem, is I have to have them super tight to feel secure, so I have all kinds of markings on my shoulders and sides from those damn things! I currently wear one from Lane Bryant that's not too bad, you might want to try there.

    Good luck!
    3454 days ago
  • LEISA676
    Hi - I feel for you. I was HUGE (make that double HUGE) and had breast reduction. The single BEST thing I have ever done for myself. I found that I can shop at the Bali's / Hanes Outlet store. The staff has always been helpful and there is usually someone that knows how to fit bras!!! Experience really helps but you can't be shy and you have to try them on. I am still a 44DD and I find that I do a bounce test (jump and wiggle) then bend over and reach for the floor. Do they fall out? Put the bra back!! Don't settle. The thing about the outlet store is they have great sales and if you find a stlye you like go online and order more of exactly the samething. I keep hoping that I will have to buy smaller and smaller! Good Luck to you.
    3455 days ago
    Yes, I have to agree that bra shopping, next to shirt shopping is the absolute worst! I hate it soo much. It's so hard to find something that fits just right. And so anyone else with a bigger chest notice that the wire will tend to poke you in the armpit alot faster than a smaller bra would? So annoying, and painful. And bras are so expensive, it's really bad when you think you like one and go home with it and you don't like it at all! I live too far away from la senza to be able to run and change it. then i have a wasted bra. oh and those push up ones where theres no room in the cup for what you have? ugh. hate those of complaints on
    3455 days ago
  • SHERRY3995
    I used to think having bigger boobs was sexy, but sometimes I wish I had little ones for those next to nothing tank tops and other no bra type tops. However at 40 DD I am not on track. I will have to loose some weigth and hopefully loose a little up top. LOL emoticon
    3455 days ago
    I know! I *hate* bra shopping with a passion. My main issue is that it doesn't matter what style I get, the straps never stay up. Also, Lane Bryant used to sell pretty bras in larger sizes, but now they're all black, beige or white - hey! I want to be sexy, too!

    @BodyMa2, was it the Butterfly Bra you heard about?

    3455 days ago

    Comment edited on: 1/3/2009 7:44:06 PM
    You're too funny! I no what you mean about the bras. i always wear a minimizer bra. Even when I am pretty slim, I am a 34D an the last thing I want to do is make them more prominent or prone to falling out more!
    3455 days ago
    Shopping for bras is a pain the butt! I'm sorry for laughing, but you tell your story in such a funny way. =)

    I tried to find the site one of the other members wrote about -- an episode on a reality show where the woman designed her own bra -- and had no luck. Tim Gunn's Guide to Style does have an online store where all of the things worn on the show are listed.

    To find fuller figured, supportive, pretty bras I found:




    Also -- to help with figuring out what size you are:



    I'm sure one of each of these options would have been fine, but I like being able to compare information. You can't ever be sure with just one website.

    Anyways...good luck! And Happy New Year! Hopefully this year brings you peace of mind, happiness, and a good bra! =)

    3455 days ago

    Comment edited on: 1/3/2009 5:18:20 PM
    Too funny! I too have experienced this. What's really sad is when I go into Victoria's Secret and DO get measured they still can't find me a bra that truly fits. I'm anywhere from a 36DD to 38D but the problem is I fall out the sides of most of them. The sales gal says that's the best they can do? I do wear a sports bra most of the much more comfortable and keeps them in place and from flopping around.
    3455 days ago
    So around 2-4 months ago I was watching What Not to Wear, or maybe Tim Gunn's makeover show and they featured this larger lady that had patented her own bra. It was beautiful, black and lacy. It had thicker straps over the shoulders and 2 separate clasping bands in the back for comfort and to eliminate bulge. Does anyone know what I'm talking about? I have searched the internet for 2 weeks now looking to order some, and I would love just love it if someone could point me in the right direction.
    3455 days ago
  • SYZYGY922
    Ha ha! Oh, I feel your pain. I've had the same sliding-down-the-shoulder problem with bras, and I'm pretty sure it's the bra and not you. I've been wearing the wrong bra size for years. My weight seems to be always fluctuating, and I shop for bras so infrequently that I'm generally left with the wrong size. I measured myself recently and apparently I'm a 40G (40DDDD). Yikes. At my heaviest (several years ago) I was a 44H or something. I didn't even know that size existed. I am 5'1", so my boobs take up a lot of real estate. When I was in my teens, I promised myself that I would get a breast reduction for my 30th birthday. Well, I just turned 30, and there's no way it could have happened. Oh, it's something I dream of, though. All of my bras are DDD and it's awful to squeeze into them.
    3455 days ago
    That was awesome. Sooo true......
    3455 days ago
    The gals and I talk about this all the time... mostly when we are picking out a bra for the day "Eenie meenie, the girls aren't teeny... pick a bra, by the cup, if it fits, keep em UP! Lol. I have a plethora of bras in various shapes, sizes and attitudes 38C to 40D... depending on weight, toM, activity! I don't mind losing my hooters with the weight loss, I just hate having to roll what's left of them up like a couple of fruit roll ups. They look like deflated sausages. All hail the properly fitting bra! Hopefully, I'll pick the right one today.... Good Luck in your search!

    3455 days ago

    Comment edited on: 1/3/2009 3:26:15 PM
    I know it sucks but you NEED to be measured. They not only will tell you what size you are but also find the perfect bra for your shape. But I know how you feel, I've always had pretty huge boobs for being a small gir,At 5'2" 140lbs with 34DDD's they are a force to reckoned with. I am SO afraid to lose them.
    3455 days ago

    Comment edited on: 1/3/2009 3:09:59 PM
    LOVED reading this blog! You have a great sense of humor. I laughed so hard! Write more .... you are quite inspirational!
    3456 days ago
  • BETRME100
    I'm sorry. I'm not laughing at you, I'm just laughing with everyone else who has read this (oh and thanks, Debbieanne, for the idea of clicking on "I liked this blog"...cos i just did it too!!).

    But, as I'm laughing, I'm thinking "yeah, me too". I started at a 42D and have yet to buy more than one bra at a smaller size and it's a 40D and, of course, too big now. I guess I didn't have your, shall we say...attachment to large breasts. Always thought of them as more of a nuisance than anything else. BUT I don't like 'em hanging (alright, sagging) like they are now. Short of surgery, I'm not sure what to do about that other than buy padded, push up bras. If guys only knew what we have to go through...ahh, who am i kidding, they'd still like 'em big and perky (now there's an oxymoron for you!)

    Well, maybe on your next shopping trip, you'll have to break down and be fitted...stop yelling at me...yours aren't the first they've seen!!

    3456 days ago


    3456 days ago
  • SUNNY89
    I too would recommend "Lane Bryant" I am a 48 DDD. I also grew them early and have always hated them. The girls at Lane Bryant are friendly and nice. They will fit you in something that feels ok. I have spend upwards of $90 on a single bra only to have it hurt. The ones at Lane Bryant are often on sale. Best of luck to you. I have felt your pain.
    3456 days ago
    Dang, I know your pain. Even at 150 pounds. I wear a 40DD. I grew mine very early in life too. So I've always hated them. I wanted to be flat like all the other ballet dancers I was in class with 6 days a week.

    And no they aren't sexy, just annoying. (Swimmingsuits, jogging, dance and constant attention from all the wrong guys). Go to "lane bryant" the girls in there are very helpful.

    Buy the bras that the straps cross in the back. My straps are always falling down.(that really irritates me and makes me want to punch people in the face)

    Also buy the padded ones. This helps so the "head lights" don't show when they are on. Just make sure you take the little blow up balloons out of them. THey are usually slipped in the the side of the cup. We don't need any stinking balloons in there.

    Good luck. A good fitting bra is a must. barb
    3456 days ago

    Comment edited on: 1/2/2009 12:04:34 PM
    I wonder if Spark Guy reads the ones where people click "I liked this blog"? cuz I jsut clicked that. LOL

    Wow! what ane xperience.

    Last year about thsi time I headed to Fashion Bug near me. they were having a sale buy 2 bras for $20.00 get 2 free. I didnt' know my size and my old ones were too loose on me so they measured me and brought in 3 different sizes and i tried them on and they helped with selections. It was cool. I don't care for the bras with wires or the wonder bras. Push up bras, etc. They bruis me and cut me and...

    Now, what about your panties???
    3456 days ago
    I HATE getting new bras!
    3456 days ago
    A person gets so used to her bras . . . . but you'll get used to these, too . . . .
    3456 days ago
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