Here's to Feeling Fine in 2009!

Thursday, January 01, 2009

emoticonHappy New Year!

Say goodbye to 2008, say adios to any regrets, and start anew here and now!

You did what was feasible and doable during 2008. Now I need to set some goals and objectives for the new year. I find that if I take the time to identify my goals and objectives . . . remind me of these on a constant basis . . . then I will have a greater likelihood of achieving them. At least I tend to achieve my work goals this way, so I just need to take the time to apply these tactics to my personal life.

Okay, so what do I want to achieve this next year . . . be realistic with these goals and objectives. No pie in the sky type goal setting. Be honest with myself. Some of these were goals in 2008 . . . so it is time to reflect and plan for further success in 2009.


Goal 1- Overcome my workaholic behaviors and put my health first! (I do see improvement but I could do better. The key is to prioritize and do the important tasks first. )

Objectives to achieve Goal 1:

A. Return to the use of a daily planner so that I can keep my notes and schedule in one location. Utilize meeting planner pages and project plans to track progress on all the major projects that I am working on this year. Schedule and follow the schedule for my fitness time. Without your health you can not be of any assistance to those that depend on you for work, home, or on SP.

B. Establish an office hour schedule and do not waiver! Stick to the schedule. Block time for lunch and eat it in peace and quiet. No meetings over lunch. Use the timer to ensure that you get up from your desk to go for a 5 minute walk once an hour and drink a full glass of water each hour. Yes, it sounds like I am being very structured but I need to do this for at least a month so it becomes routine. No more sitting at my desk, working via the computer or meeting with students for 8 hours straight.

C. Delegate tasks to the 2 teaching assistants assigned to my classes . . . be specific with their responsibilities, provide deadlines, and empower them to fulfill your expectations to the best of their ability. Meet with them briefly each week via Wimba to ensure that they are on track to fulfill their assigned tasks.

D. Delegate tasks to the graduate research assistants that I fund . . . you pay them to work for you so take full advantage of this valuable resource. Again provide them with assigned tasks, provide deadlines, and then empower them to get the job done. Set up a electronic conference room where we can meet once a week to review progress updates.

E. Say NO to any new requests for classes or work related tasks. Yes, we have had budget cuts and there is an increasing need for extra sections of my popular classes but I am already doing more than other faculty in my department. I must be realistic and learn to say NO NO NO!!!

F. Budget my time on Spark People . . . allow 30 minutes in the morning to Huddle, post messages, and enter my food for breakfast. Set the timer and allow 15 minutes at lunchtime to update with my mid-morning snack and lunch, and 30 minutes after I workout in the evening. Do not sacrifice my own fitness time to manage the SLC Sparkers. Be a great role model as to how one can support others on SP without becoming overwhelmed with the social aspect of SP. Remember SP is a tool to be used to support my journey towards a healthy lifestyle.


Goal 2- Lose sufficient weight to be healthy and avoid organ damage caused by diabetes. (Slowly 1 pound at a time . . . but I am making progress with 30 pounds lost.)

Objectives to achieve Goal 2:

A. Log my food daily - I have become a bit lazy in recording everything I eat. So I need to return to the basics of tracking everything . . . and I mean everything!

B. Drink 10 glasses of water daily. When I fail to drink sufficient water and rely on Diet Coke, I tend to retain fluids and thus gain a pound or two until I return to drinking my quota of water. I need to remember that water flushes the toxins from my body . . . so drink up the elixar of life . . . pure water!

C. Eat 5 Fruits/Veg'ts a Day - This has become easier to accomplish but with the winter weather and our cold climate, it is hard to get fresh fruits and vegetables locally. I so wish I had a greenhouse for fresh vegetables all year long. I need to learn to eat a fruit or vegetable for a snack in the mid-morning and mid-afternoon. Skip the processed 100 calorie packs and rely on Mother Nature in a fruit or vegetable.

D. Sign up and repeat my Biometrics in April to measure the improvement in my health. This will include a visit with the nutritionist to evaluate my diet.


Goal 3-Manage my blood glucose levels within the healthy range on a consistent basis. (I have really improved my readings and have only awakened one day with high glucose levels.)

Objectives to achieve Goal 3:

A. Eat every 4 hours to even out my blood glucose levels. This means that I need to plan 3 meals and 3 snacks each day . . . healthy snacks. This requires that I prepare my food to take to work as there are no healthy alternatives located in our office cafe.

B. Measure and track my blood glucose levels on a regular basis. When I detect an abnormally high level, evaluate my eating habits for the past 24 hours to determine why this occurred.

C. Set alarms on my Body Bugg to alert me to take time to eat. Unfortunately, it has become a long standing habit to skip meals as I work . . . I have ignored my body signals for hunger that I don't even recognize them any more. I just work until I am exhausted. I only tend to notice after I have developed a headache or I am pushed to the edge of screaming then I realize that I have abused my body and it is letting me know. I need to set a time schedule and then do a mental check of my body so I will know what is an early signal of hunger.

D. I need to focus on my eating and taking care to learn to recognize when I am satisfied nutritionally. I have taken my nutrition and my body signals for granted . . . I just need to take a moment before eating to identify how I feel, then again after eating, and to distinquish when I am satisfied versus overly full. Return to the basics of eating for nutrition and good health.

E. Sign up and repeat my Biometrics in April to measure the improvement in my health. This will include a blood glucose and cholesterol test.


Goal 4- Lower my Blood Pressure within a healthy range on a consistent basis.

Objectives to achieve Goal 4:

A. Eliminate stressors in my life . . . manage those I cannot eliminate. I love teaching but I hate the "stuff" that comes with academic life. I need to put these in perspective . . . and focus on the positive! If something stresses me out I need to take time to consider why. Is it really something that I can do anything about? If yes, just take steps to manage it. If no, then just ignore it. Make a mental note of it as an "IMP" issue! IMP stands for It's not My Problem! If I cannot change it then it does not deserve my time or energy. Put it in the IMP file!

B. Clutter is an ongoing problem and stressor in my life. I need to continue to wage a battle with clutter in my life. This will be a forever battle with the paper tiger. I no longer accept paper assignments or assessments in my class and this has gone a long way in eliminating paper. I have eliminated excessive catalogs in the mail. But I need to spend 15 minutes a day to just manage the paper that comes my way. Scan it, file it, and recycle the paper. If I would only take 15 minutes everyday to eliminate paper, it would never pile up around my desk and work area.

C. Eat foods that contribute to a healthy heart and coronary system.

D. Measure my blood pressure once a week to monitor my progress in reducing my blood pressure and managing my stress.

E. Sign up and repeat my Biometrics in April to measure the improvement in my health. This will include measuring my blood pressure and repeating my stress level questionnaire and determine the improvements achieved.


Goal 5- Improve my fitness so I can enjoy an active life.

Objectives to achieve Goal 5:

A. Start each day with 30 minutes on the Wii Fit or Wii Coach.

B. Walk every day to achieve the goal of 10,000 steps a day. If I have not achieved the goal by the time I return home then it is time to get on the treadmill and reach my target. Remember you can walk on the treadmill while you watch television at night!

C. Add in a bit of variety so that you do not get bored! Try a SP video or one of the many fitness DVDs and Videos that I own. Hey, you can even workout with Jillian Michaels Fitness on the Wii. You have invested a fortune in getting fit, now dust them off and use them!


Goal 6-Ability to walk up the mountain from lower campus to my office without becoming out of breath!

Objectives to achieving Goal 6:

A. During the winter, start increasing the incline on the treadmill to challenge your walking on the treadmill similar to climbing the hill from the Marriott Library to HPER North complex. Begin in January with 1 to 2% incline increasing to a 6% incline by March 1st. Start by working at a 50% Target Heart Rate (for me at my age that would be 83 to 95 beats a minute). Then proceed to a heart rate of 140 or an 85% Target Heart Rate.

B. As soon as the snow and ice has disappeared from campus (around March 1st) try walking down to the library and back up the hill at least once a week. Wear my heart rate monitor to measure how challenged I am when I walk it with my young graduate assistants. I need to try and talk as I do it and not stop to catch my breath! If I can do this and stay within my 50 to 85% Target Heart Rate Zone then I have achieved success!

C. By May 1st, I want to be able to walk down and back up the mountain without increasing my heart rate above 124.

D. Sign up and repeat my Biometrics in April to measure the improvement in my health. Include an exercise stress test to determine the health of my heart and measure my risk for coronary arterly disease.


This is my plan for feeling fine in 2009!
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    Wonderful goals..other then the work from home and the mountain walk...could have been written by me. Maybe i should copy this page and look at it often, as a reminder to get myself on track....thank you again for your post they are always wonderful reminders to me that i am able to do what needs to be done if i put my mind to it.
    4113 days ago
  • no profile photo CD2357972
    Great plan, Linda!!! I wish I were as organized as you!

    Have a wonderful New Year!

    Hugs! Beverly
    4114 days ago
  • no profile photo CD1898454
    Here's to you accomplishing your goals in 2009! God bless!
    4114 days ago
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