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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Well, I have had an eventful December! First, I resigned as billing manager at my job, but they decided to keep me on as a billing representative, so thank G-d I still have a job. I *hated* being manager -- I made 20% more income, but worked literally TWICE as many hours, often even more! The 70, 80, and sometimes even 90 hour work weeks that I have been doing for the past 3 years were completely destroying my soul, my body, and my family. I learned that even though my kids are all independent teenagers, they still need a mother around!!!

Anyway, so starting in December, I work 40 hours a week (well, I do have a second job too, but lately it's only been about 3-5 hours a week). The most I've EVER worked at the second job was 20 hours in a week, so now the MOST time I could expect to spend at work, and it will be very rare, is 60 hours per week. Usually it will be about 50 hours between the two jobs. That may sound like a lot to some people, but after these last three horrible years I've had, it sounds like a VACATION to me!!!

I spent the first two weeks of December going home at about 6:30, and falling asleep by 7 PM -- my body was just SO exhausted and run down. But after a couple weeks of that, I started feeling fact, I noticed that I'm feeling better than I have in a long, long time.

So, now with all my "extra" time, I've been reconnecting with my husband and kids. My eldest daughter is also my official exercise buddy, so she and I have been mall-walking (going to the mall in the mornings before it's open, or in the evenings, and walking around the edges as fast as we can without running over anybody! The mall's website says once around the ground floor is approximately one mile, and it takes us about 15 minutes). This week we also started Jorge Cruise's "10 Minutes in the Morning" program -- although, I do have to admit that sometimes we cheat and do our exercises in the evening. We also went to a couple of thrift stores and bought DVD's of Pilates, Yoga, Tae-Bo, and my friend lent us a Qi-Gong DVD. We haven't even watched the DVD's yet, much less started doing any of the exercises, but it's on our agenda.

I've also been nurturing myself. I come home from work and put on my fuzzy green bathrobe (the one that makes me look like a bright green muppet, or maybe a piece of mouldy bread). That was another of my lucky thrift store's the softest thing I've ever felt, and it only cost me something like a buck and a half. Anyway, once I'm all comfy, I flop down onto the couch and read. It's AMAZING how enjoyable such a simple activity can be!

I've also used my newfound time and energy to set several mini-goals for myself. I calculated how much weight I want to lose, divided by 2 (lbs per week), and that gave me a target date of 9/9/09. Then I divided that into monthly increments, and so now I have mini-goals for the 9th of each month. My first "mile marker" is coming up on 1/9, and it looks like I'm going to meet or even exceed it!!! I weighed myself today, and in the past 2 1/2 weeks, I've lost 10 lbs!

So...I'm still living with a fair amount of stress, and the decrease in income definitely isn't helping at all. Our water, electricity, AND cell phone are all scheduled to be disconnected on 1/8/08 unless we make payments -- yikes! And I have no idea where the money's going to come from. The credit card companies are calling me every night, or at least it feels like that. But even with things like that hanging over my head, and no clue yet how I'm going to fix them, I'm STILL happy. I know I made the right decision. Now I enjoy coming to work, I'm doing better at my job, my kids are happier (well, as happy as moody, hormone-induced-mood-swing-rid
den teenagers *can* be, anyway), my house is a little bit cleaner...OK, not much, but a *little!*...and I'm just so happy and full of hope and joy. It's amazing.

So...if anyone ever tells you that "it's not worth your health and relationships to pursue your career or chase after money" (even if it's not luxuries we're talking about, even if we're talking about pursuing money for the basics), then listen to them. They're RIGHT. I'm a walking testimonial to that!
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    I feel so happy you are going to meet or beat your 1/9 goal. Kudos to you... I am inspired by the time commitments you are making to your daughters; and your new self-loving limits to hours worked each week.

    Smiles and good wishes, H

    Ps. Loved the triquetra and other Celtic design image in your image gallery. emoticon
    4314 days ago

    Comment edited on: 1/3/2009 8:45:29 PM
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