A Musing At The End Of The Year

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

For business, in the beginning there was Microsoft.

And for business correspondance, Microsoft begat Word, and it was good. Seeing that it was good for business, Microsoft bundled Word and other programs, licensed them to computer builders, and thus business leaders all over the world learned to be reliant on Word.

There was another star in the sky, and it was Apple, and Apple begat Macintosh. Apple did graphics so well that the world was astonished. Artists, the photographic industry, graphic designers and all their many relations flocked to Apple.

In its imperial wisdom, Microsoft saw there was an emptiness in a simple spreadsheet. Though there were many spreadsheet computer products on the market, they did not interface well with Microsoft.

There upon, Microsoft begat Excel. While in the beginning, Excel did not work as well as the other spreadsheet programs, it had a giant advantage. It interfaced with Word in a remarkable way. Business men could transport information back and forth in the programs Microsoft had provided. Business saw this and said, "It is well".

Apple continued to do graphics better than anyone, but it had no word processing or spreadsheet programs that interfaced easily with its graphics, and many of the Mac users found themselves forced to have a computer that had a Microsoft platform to stay in business, thus, those who preferred Apple were able to purchase less of the Apple product because of the insidiously addictive products of Microsoft in business. Business saw this and said, "We can live with it", and so it was.

During these early days of the Internet, Microsoft had competition in the ways people could get on to the Internet, and that competition was called, "Netscape Navigator". Navigator was such a competitor that it raised the wrath of Microsoft, so Microsoft bundled its Internet Explorer with its other programs and offered it to customers for free! Business and the civilian society saw FREE and said it was good.

And the addiction started taking hold, stronger than ever.

The founder of Apple, Steve Jobs, cashed in almost all of his stock and retired. Apple stumbled, and this was not good.

And Microsoft started inching its way into the graphics market with its Microsoft Publisher.

In the beginning, Publisher was a laughably incompetent program when compared to Apple, but it completely integrated with Word and Excel.

Microsoft grew again, but its competitors finally realized that Microsoft was a Giant, intending to devour all its competition. And the competition complained that the Giant was intending to become a "Monopoly", and filed many suits in many countries against the Giant which was trying to become a Behemoth.

For years, Microsoft battled every contender and some of those contenders found that Microsoft had deep chests of Gold. With those deep chests of Gold, Microsoft bought many of its competitors, but Government had been alerted.

Governments of many countries stepped in and saw enough to say, "Verily, Microsoft is looking like a Giant Monopoly and should change its ways".

Microsoft was a Giant among companies, but Governments could print more money than Microsoft had in it's chests, and finally Microsoft made a few measly concessions (and maybe bought a few favors from those in government who would be ethically challenged), and all was declared "OK".

During this whole passage of time, Microsoft had been ingraining itself into nearly every aspect of business. It had combined its growing graphics program with business presentation templates and wrapped another tentacle around the business world. The business world saw the ease of conducting the presentations and said, "Hey, this is too cool, and it's cheaper, too!"

And, as the world ages, Microsoft has addicted many who are or who have been in business and made it nigh impossible for those who have become infected with the disease called Microsoft to even consider another computer, except one that runs on a Microsoft platform.

Even the biggest electronic stores have abandoned MacIntosh and Apple, and Apple is only available in locations that are around the corner, in areas that somehow seem "sleazy", since these stores are not "Big Box" stores, having fewer lights and glitz and discounting in only small amounts.

Although I have complaints aplenty, I am addicted to Microsoft and its platform. Yes, and I fear, somehow, that if I change, Microsoft will know and it will place a "cookie" in my computer and I will be forever thought of as a second class computer user. That is, until crying, I run back to Microsoft, pleading and asking for absolution. And Microsoft, in it's benevolance, will grant me absolution. Just as soon as I put my hard earned dollars on the counter to receive a new computer, running on the Microsoft platform.

(c) 2008, Bob Clarkson
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