South Beach Diet Phase 1

Monday, December 29, 2008

Okay here is the deal. I am not a big fan of these type of diets because I find that they are hard to maintain. I have never once made it through Phase 1 of this diet. But Alas- I am going to try it again and win this time. I need to cleanse my body of all this processed food and sugar cravings. I will be blogging each day about my progress. I always do well in the beginning but around day 5-7 I usually give it up. Add to that I am a vegetarian and sometimes the food options get a bit dull. I feel it will be different this time because I belong to a community of support. So I am going to be making myself transparent in this blog and hope for the encouragement of my fellow sparkers. Well, here it goes.

Day 1: Today was not bad at all. I had no cravings or anything like that. My energy levels are still high. I always start off well though. I am finding it difficult to meet my daily caloric suggestions via the Food Tracker though. It is hard to stay within the fat and carb limits.

Day 2: Again today is not difficult as far as the eating. I did buy a bag of sugar free York-Peppermint Patties. I only ate one though. The mint staves off the cravings for me. I also tried celery with peanut butter. I didn't think that it would be as satisfying as it was. This is definitely a snack that I will be adding to the menu whether or not I am South-Beaching it. As far as exercise I did have to fight my inner demons to go to the gym. But I went and my energy level was fine. I walked the treadmill for an hour incinerating 700 calories and then attended my hour long Yoga class. Namaste. Well that's all for today.

Day 3: Today, surprisingly I wasn't that bothered by the diet. However, during class I got a little light-headed. I am not entirely sure that this is from the dieting though. It was a Burn and Sculpt class, there was no cardio and I ate breakfast before class. Oh well, I got through it. I am a bit worried about tomorrow though (being New Year's and all).

Day 4: Well here is the big day. I started the day off with my usual food choices. I made it through lunch and made sure that I ate a huge salad before I went to the party. I am actually proud of myself though even though I cheated. I was prepared I made the South Beach Egg Nog with Rum (so what I drank all six servings!) It actually kept me away from the Red Velvet Cake. And I also made a veggie lasagna with Dreamfield Low Carb Noodles. I just put mushrooms, spinach, and Light Alfredo sauce together and topped it with Part-Skim Mozzarella Chesse and I only had two servings. Go Me!
I am definitely noticing the differenced between the old me and the new me.
The old me would have taken the entire day off and pigged out all day. The new me allowed myself one meal to kind of cheat came prepared with healthy cheat foods.
The old me would have still be binging because she knew she had messed up and just started back up on Sunday. She was so all or nothing!
The new me is back on track because she refuses to undo all of the progress she has made and she realizes when those old self sabotaging habits are trying to sneak back up. The new me has already won the battle with her self-sabotaging habits simply by preparing.
I have a feeling this is definitely going to be a good New Year!

Day5: Yesterday was a challenge for me. I got up very late (like 1:00) I am so ashamed! So I had brunch instead. I kept letting myself get too hungry before I ate. I ended up eating very late. Like 10:00 p.m. It was just an off day for me. Luckily with the help of my boyfriend I redeemed myself for eating so late with some late night exercising. That's probably TMI. Sorry.

Day 6: I can't believe I'm on Day 6. I know I'm doing good. I feel good and I've got Stacie Self-Saboteur on lock. That b*tch wants me to cheat. She wants me to eat some Ranch Doritos. I don't even want the Doritos but she's like eat 'em, eat the whole dang bag. She is such a hater. P.S. No I'm not crazy, I'm a Gemini.
And to add insult to injury my two-year old son keeps asking me for more Doritos. So I have to keep touching and smelling my temptations. I don't even freakin like Doritos. I'm not even hungry. What's wrong with me?

Day 7: Today was kind of blah for me. I did not have any cravings or feel one way or the other about the diet. I exercised earlier and tried to get in more calories. The scale is a not moving now. I got some great info from Kirae and I will start incorporating it tomorrow. One week down.

Day 8: This is bitterweet so far on the one hand. I have NEVER made it this long on the SB diet. I guess that is what determination will do for you! But I find myself asking ANOTHER 6 days can I make it? I miss my Fiberone cereal, I miss my Oatmeal, I miss my Multi-grain Tortilla Wraps. I know that I can have them next week though and it will all be worth it.
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  • MONIQUE0417
    Good luck, Soror. I have started south beach phase 1 as well. I am only on my 3rd day, but so far so good.
    2505 days ago
    Really do not focus on aiming for low carb. South Beach isn't focused on numbers. Being vegetarian, your numbers will be higher. Heck my carb numbers can sit in the 150s fyi. Worse case scenario: you do a week of phase 1 to knock of cravings and do a modified phase 2 to get some variety. This is not an inflexible way of eating - it is suppose to be a lifestyle which means sometimes we have to modify. emoticon
    3433 days ago
    Good luck! I've totally done the South Beach Diet! You're right - it's very hard to maintain, but it does make the weight come off and you feel so much healthier. I lost 15 pounds in phase 1. I can always make it through phase 1, but as soon as I start adding carbs and fruit back is when I get into trouble. I'm still a big fan of the diet, but I just can't maintain it for a long time - it gets really expensive too. The food choice does get dull after awhile! I had a friend do it with me, who is a vegetarian, and she actually ended up needing to add free-range chicken back to her diet because she was feeling really weak. I hope it works for you, though!!!

    3434 days ago
  • TMA1913
    Good luck with your diet! I am just going to go back to counting calories. In the past, that worked best for me.

    3434 days ago
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