An entire year of progress

Monday, December 29, 2008

This picture is the visual progress chart I started the 1st week of Jan.

My goal on the 1st of this year was to change my behavior once and for all. I wanted to get off the rollarcoaster ride of gaining-losing-gaining-losing that I have been doing my entire life.

I cut all the squares out and wanted it to look like a pyramid. Each week represented a week of doing my workouts and eating smart. I hit a speed bump about the 4th and 5th week. I had been eating 2 low of calories and my body was wanting more food so I had some issues with binging. After that I found the calorie cycling team and I increased my calories and after that it became all about making smarter choices every week.

I started doing body for life challenges in Feb because I realized I was already living that lifestyle. After 8 blocks accross the bottom I knew I could do 8 more.

The progress was slow at times. But I kept after it. It was all about getting one more block on the board. I had goals and time lines. All of which came and went by, but I tried to remember that it wasn't about that, it is about changing our life style.

The worst thing I have ever been told actually turned out to be the best. In 2006 I had been losing weight and I had gone from 210 down to 187. At the time I had gone to see a plastic surgeon to see about getting lypo in my lower stomach area.

I had mentioned that I was going to continue losing weight and he totally would not do the Lypo. He said that the lifestyle I was living is what made me fat and lypo was not going to change that lifestyle. He also said i would end up fat again just in another area. Basically in a nut shell I felt like he was telling me I was too fat to even get lypo. I went into a spiral of bad eating after that and sure enough gained all that weight back and then 20 more in 07. But last Dec I wanted to look like my lifestyle and knew I had to change. I have never forgotten what that Dr told me.
When I reach goal I will not need Lypo but I would love to go thank him for what he said to me.

The best advice I could give a person is to take care of themselves day in and day out. Do not look at foods as good or bad. There are smart food choices and not so smart. We all know which ones will help us achieve our goals. Strive to reach fitness goals every time you workout. Try to push just a wee bit harder every time. Every day becomes a week. and so on. Do Not put the pressure of time lines on yourself. They are good to a certain point but if you are giving it 110% then our bodies can only do what they can do.

I will reach goal in 2009. I have always dreamed about reaching goal. Today I noticed my workout pants that I just bought a couple months ago are getting baggy. Thats good and bad. Good because I am getting smaller and bad because they are not cheap. I realized I will eventually be at a goal size and never have to keep buying different size pants. I also realized that I have never lived my dream.

In 2009 I will LIVE MY DREAM!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    OMG!! I went back and read your blogs from the beginning; what a powerful motivation to me! I followed the links, too; lots of info there, too. Thanks so much.
    I, too, am totally stealing the pyramid idea. What a powerful motivator!!
    Keep Moving Forward! Victory is THINE in 2009!!
    3420 days ago
    This is an awesome blog Debi! I soooo love your pyramid. I bought some post-it notes to fill out and post right on my computer desk- i'm just going to cut them in half so they are more rectangular. You've been such an inspiration! I also have found my burning desire out of something maybe not so good but its driving me thats all I can say.
    I haven't though much of realizing my dream. It feels much closer now:) YOU are doing it and going to reach your goal and I've kind of watched it happen from the time you were 199.8! I'm in awe!!! ((((hugs)))~Lisa
    3428 days ago
    That is fantastic! I've been trying to figure out a visual for my progress and this is awesome!

    Excellent job and you are quite an inspiration!
    3432 days ago
    I vow that today I will start my pyramid. I have the stuff to make one.
    Im going to cut out 12 of them and get them ready.
    U rock girl! totally!!
    SO honored to know ya!
    Kick ass on your dream too! how cool IS that!
    3432 days ago
    My stars. what a fabulous idea that is.. you really give hope to us all,, I too would have loved to have some lypo done, never went to ask about it.. but then I realized that I am the one that has to change the eating and excercise part of my life,, just hope I can do as well as you have,
    God Bless and Have a Happy and successfull New Year.
    3432 days ago
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