Day 2 and Im scared, but determined

Friday, December 19, 2008

Well I am trying to get in the habit of blogging. But I dont want to put all my nagging out there. But I guess if im gonna nag, what better place?? First of all, Im 42 and Im still trying to lose tis weight!! And then to marry a man who has no compassion for BIG people, is the pits!!! All I wanna do is EAT EAT EAT. Eat when im bored, sad, mad, you name it...Especially when Im around others who are not weight conscious. My biggest problem is eating when Im alone!! I watch TV and I have to have something to munch on. I go to my mom's just after eating dinner and I still have to eat to her house too. What is wrong with me? I have no will power!! I no that some things are not good for me now until I drop some weight, but I just cant help it...Either way Im gonna record it and start refraining myself...but its not gonna happen in one day.....
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    i think you already have the key to change in your hand - you just have to use it. you KNOW what is making you eat, that way you're better off than some people who don't question their impulses.
    you have to find ways for yourself to replace food as a remedy for boredom, anger or frustration. if you're bored, get busy. don't just turn on the tv, find a project. if you're mad, sit down and write it all out, you may even consider mailing the letter to the one you're mad at. if you're sad, talk to a friend, read a positive book or pamper yourself with a manicure. IF you watch tv, keep your hands busy, clean out a junk drawer or fold the laundry. anything to step out of that vicious circle.
    i can imagine it must be hard with a partner who is discriminating and unsupportive. but you can prove to YOURSELF (don't make yourself believe you're doing this for HIM!) that you can take action and change things.
    i am sure you can do this!
    4524 days ago
    Good advice here.
    Hang in there, Rome was not built in a day right?
    4528 days ago
  • SADIE1208
    My *aha* moment came not long ago... it's when I realized that *I* was the only one in charge of me... and *I* was the only one who could or should determine what and when and how I live my life... and *I* was the only one who could lie to myself about what I did. Once I took control of how I felt and looked at my life square in the face (staring reality in the face you might say), I felt strong enough to take control. If *I* don't let the empty calories and poor nutrition into my life, I win. If *I* am in charge of what I eat and how I exercise, I win. They are small steps each minute and each day. And it's one day at a time, one moment at a time. But I look upon each day staying as close to my new "style" as possible as a step in the right direction. I'm not perfect and each day is not perfect, but when *I* am in charge of *my* life, I feel more powerful. You know the old saying? when you always do what you always did, you always get what you always got. I got tired of always getting what I always got... emoticon
    4529 days ago
    You are right, it probably wont happen in one day but it is good that you have acknowleged it. Now what I would suggest is when you THINK you are hungry 1 - stop and ask yourself if you are hungry, bored, mad sad etc.. and go from there 2 - try chewing a piece of gum 3 - drink some water or exercise or do something that is going to occupy your mind so that you are not thinking about eating :)

    You can do it!
    4529 days ago
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