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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Start date - 9/30
End date - 12/14

Beginning/Ending stats:
Age - 33
Height - 5'1"
Weight - 125.5 / 117 - beat goal of 118
Body fat - 21.3% / 15.5% - beat goal of 18%
Chest - 36" / 34" - met goal of 34"
Waist - 30" / 28" - beat goal of 29"
Hips - 38" / 36" - met goal of 36"
Thigh - 19.5" / 18" - met goal of 18"
Calf - 12.75" / 12" - met goal of 12"
Arm (unflexed) - 10" / 9.75"
Arm (flexed) - 10" / 10.5" - met goal of 10.5"

Other goals for the contest:
Running - 5K in under 28 minutes (PB is 33 minutes) - I abandoned this goal because training for it was difficult while maintaining my TT program. I decided to focus on HIIT for cardio and work on this in the spring when I can run outside again.

Strength - at least 30 consecutive pushups (PB is 15 pushups) - I met this goal about three weeks ago!

I have to start my story at the very beginning. My weight loss journey started before I found TT, back in June of this year. I was looking through pictures we took at the beach, and found a picture of my son. My legs were showing in the background, and they looked fat and awful! It was at that moment that I decided to do something about it!

Three months later, I was down 10 pounds, and looking much better (for a mom of two kids). I kept working out, but was having trouble getting any more results. I figured it just wasn’t possible for me to look the way I did before I had kids. I somehow never attributed my stalled progress to a lack of significant weight training, or my propensity for Coke Slushees and a weekly treat of a cheesesteak and French fries. Then a fitness blogger I followed kept talking about Turbulence Training. I started to look into it, and thought it might be worth trying, so I signed up. After looking around the message boards, I found out about the contest going on. Unfortunately, I was too late. It had already started over a week earlier.

Then I read a post from Craig that said you could enter late, but just wouldn’t have the full 84 days to complete the program. I decided it was never too late to get started, and although I thought I’d likely not have a shot of winning, participating in the contest would be fun and help motivate me. I made my first post in the contest section of the forum and got started with my workouts! I also began using ESE to create my weekly calorie deficit and help speed my fat loss.

Since then, I have been shocked by the rapid and total transformation of my body through my TT workouts, my clean eating, and the support and advice and support from my fellow TTers. Just nine days into my transformation, I had lost enough fat from my upper body that I was able to button a suit jacket that I had not been able to button just a week

Now that I’ve reached the end of my 75 day transformation, I cannot believe how far I’ve come. My nutrition is leaps and bounds better than it was. I’ve come to terms with my cravings (cured them, perhaps?), and coke slushees are no longer on the approved list of post-workout reward snacks. I've been able to use ESE not just to create a calorie deficit, but also to help me recognize my tendency to snack without thinking. And, I blew past nearly all my goals along the way. My weight is 117 lbs., lower than the 118 lbs. goal I set when I started, and my total body measurements are coming eerily close to the measurements I had as a freshman in college!

I’ve lost over 8” from my body, dropped two pants sizes, and look fantastic! I am literally in shock over the decrease in my body fat percentage. Somehow, I managed to gain two pounds of lean body mass while losing eight pounds of fat during the past 10.5 weeks! I’ve also increased my strength considerably. I now can see biceps and shoulder definition in the mirror (I have NEVER had shoulder definition in my life!), and I managed to do 30 push-ups consecutively, which was also one of my goals. I went on vacation and found the right balance between enjoying myself and sticking to my plans. I came back lighter than I was when I left! TT has helped me not just achieve a total body transformation, but a total LIFE transformation.

I leave this contest much smarter and happier than I was when I entered it. I'm proud of what I can do, and looking forward to the next chapter in my fitness journey. I am happy to say I no longer just look good for a mom of two kids. Now I look GOOD! No qualifiers necessary.
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