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Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Who diets during the holidays?? Ok, maybe I'm a total idiot, but I'm trying realllllly hard NOT to ever see 300 on the scale. It's bad enough that I'm at my all time personal high. Enough is enough and I'm tired of...
... taking daily meds to control problems I didn't used to have like acid reflux and pain meds to keep my feet from hurting nonstop.
... getting winded taking the 5 steps up to the mailbox in my building.
... clothes that fit perfectly as recently as this summer no longer fitting as well as they once did.

Every time I've made a plan to get back in the boat, I've built that plan with a failure option. So, I'm gonna start South Beach. BUT when the cravings get bad and I realllly just want something sweet like ice cream, or fruit, I have the WW Core program to fall back on. After all, the last leader said it's essentially SB Phase II, just with the Points bank to fall back on when I want something not on the Core plan. UGH!! What kind of plan is that, moron?? You want to do something about this, and you want to get healthy, but you build your plan for success with an option for failure??!

So... my week in review thus far...

Sunday 11/30: Made a special stop at the market on the way home Sunday night to prepare. Staples include fun things like eggs, string cheese, reduced fat cheese, frozen pepper stir fry mix... one last indulgence... shrimp egg foo young, egg rolls, ice cream.... the whole carb overload. Peppers roast in the oven while I eat dinner so I can have a sort of western omelet for Monday. Before I go to bed, breakfast, lunch, and small snacks are ready to go. Now... remembering them in the morning could be a whole different story.

Monday 12/1: Day 1 of South Beach Phase I. Again I ask... who diets during the holidays?? I have a plan today, so it's pretty easy. And I have a renewed determination... I think. LOL. I put a little bit of (gasp) real sugar in my tea. And stick to eating what I brought with me today. This is surprising. But as 4pm nears, I'm nervous about what happens when I get home and I'm by myself for 4 hours with nothing to do. I'm not feeling well, so I take a nap and sleep straight through till 9pm. Dinner is roasted chicken and zucchini. I'm proud of myself.... even after dinner, when I wanted something sweet, I resisted and just went back to sleep.

Tuesday 12/2: Off to another rocky start. Who brought Panera Bagels??! Ok... I'll survive this. I started yesterday by entering my new and increased measurements into my tracker. These numbers dance through my head as I brave the kitchen to microwave my eggs. I stick my tongue out at the bagels every time I pass them... getting breakfast, getting lunch, refilling my water glass.... and I resist them too. Day 2 gets harder later in the evening. I'm hungry but I'm feeling lazy and don't really want to go to the trouble to cook. Oh, and sugar cravings are kicking in. I open the oreo closet, flip the bag over and read the "nutrition facts" (cookies... nutrition... two words that don't belong sharing a sentence). I put the bag back, grab some dinner stuff from the freezer and throw it in the microwave. An hour later... ground turkey taco salad... sort of. All good, all plan food, and my tummy is happy. Tonight, when the dessert craving hits again, I make myself a homemade decaf latte with skim milk, equal, and some cinnamon. Sugar cravings be gone! It actually worked!

Day 3 (today): I'm doing OK! There's a box of donuts in the blasted kitchen. They receive the same treatment as the bagels did Monday. I'm making sure to cook more than I need at dinner so I can bring leftovers for lunch. I forgot breakfast this morning and didn't want eggs anyway, so I ate a little bit of the ground turkey from last night and some radishes with a little reduced fat feta cheese. Sounds odd, but it made a lovely plate, and filled the tummy well.

This morning's scale says I'm down almost a full pound already. As one who needs instant gratification, this is perfect for my mindset and motivation. I'm eating something every few hours... 2 or 3 depending on my mood. This is keeping me out of the M&M jar that is staring at me all day... that's for sure.

Onward and upward.... or should that be downward..???
You know what I mean :)
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