My Advent Calendar Countdown to Christmas of Healthy Habits

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Would you like to finish out 2008 the healthiest and most upbeat way in a long time? Want to wake up every day,
full of energy, ready to meet the day? Want to be fitter than you've ever been, achieve your ideal health or weight?

Here are my tips for making it happen for you in 2009, one per day until Christmas, to work on putting into your life.

Then when 2009 arrives, go back over them with REAL ZEAL!!! Add one every other week, focusing on each principle for two weeks until it is time to add the next one... by the end of 2009 you will have built them ALL into your life!!!

Praise God Our Father and Take Care of Your Borrowed Temple as WELL as YOU CAN! SHALOM!

1.Develop a Sense of Urgency. Whenever a thought comes to your mind about something you think you want to do, or an idea you want to develop, don't let it stay there. Write it down, and decide immediately to do something about it.
2.Eat a cleansing diet at least once a week. Mark your calendar now. Decide to go through a detox diet one full day each week, as a ritual. You may, for example, consume only green smoothies that day, or just fruit. If you already do that, make one of them an all-fruit fast three days at least once a month. At the very least, strive for one green smoothie per day!
3.Be Clear About What You Want. Spend some time now to be very clear about what you want to accomplish in 2009. Write it down-- at least 50 goals. Make them easy or hard. Break them into 3-month short-term, 6-month mid-term, and one year. Narrow them down to--minimum-- the three most important to you, and gear something towards them EVERY DAY that puts you one step closer.
4.Decide what the next action is to achieve some thing you want to achieve. Just do it.
5.Always Think "What's the Next Action?" -- Don't just write things down. Decide what's the next action, and act on it, now. Read the book "Getting Things Done ". And here is a link
to hear the author David Allen speak on GTD and the two keys to sustaining a healthy life & work style.--- GRRReat Stufffff!
6.Create a Plan for Getting Fit in 2009. We won't succeed without a plan. Be absolutely clear about what your fitness routine is going to be. Start slowly, but build up. If necessary, hire a coach. Think about where you want to be in a year. Start now!
7.Spend More Time In Person With People You Love. The quality of our relationships really depends on the *amount* of time we spend in person with them. Just e-mail, phone or even "quality" time is not enough. Think "quantity" time.
8.. Track All Your Expenses but Pay Yourself First. Track every single expense religiously and Save at least 10% of what you earn this year. Read "Your Money or Your Life".
9..Work Actively to Build Your Circle of Influence. Surround yourself with positive and healthy people. It doesn't happen automatically. Make it a priority.
10.Practice daily distancing yourself from any negative influences as soon as you identify them.
11.Drink 2 liters of water every single day. Start today.
12.Feared Things First. Every day, ask yourself "What am I avoiding today?" "What do I fear most"? Start with that. Do what's hard. Do it first. Read "Eat That Frog" by Brian Tracy.
13.Journal. Keeping a personal journal helps you reflect on your life and gain perspective from it. Write down 3 challenges for the day, three things you're grateful for, three successes and three things you would do differently.
14.Make a List of as many books as you can remember You've Always Wanted to Read. ---Narrow it down your top three books and go get them right now. Come home and start reading one of them.
15.Spend Less Time on E-mail. Remove yourself from mailing lists that bring you nothing. Check e-mails only once or twice a day.
16.Simplify your life. Go through everything you own. Eliminate anything that no longer serves you. Give it away to people who may need it, and be grateful for what you have and what you are able to share.
17.Give More. Find a way to contribute your resources, time, energy and talents to a noble cause.
18.Be Flexible. If things don't turn out the way you wanted, just readjust your approach.
19.Watch Less TV and Rent Less DVDs. Consider getting rid of your TV entirely, but try going on a TV fast at least one day per week.
20.Take a 60 minute walk every morning. Don't Go Anywhere By Car You Could Walk or Ride a Bicycle
21.Make a List of All the Things You Want to Do Every Year But Never Get to Do. Narrow it down to one or two items. Take immediate action steps, book something, block your calendar, or otherwise make it happen.
22.Inventory Everything That's on Your Computer. Ebooks, files, audio, etc. Delete anything unnecessary, and decide to do something about the rest.
23.Don't Just Keep Your Knowledge For Yourself. Help at least 5 people benefit from the information you have learned about health. Don't be shy. They deserve it as much as you do.
24.Above all, take care of yourself. You deserve it! Share this with the ones YOU care for!
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    I liked this too...its on one of my blogs also so I can loose it...awsome advice!
    3498 days ago
    Awesome blog post! Did you come up with this yourself?

    I hope you don't mind, I added a link in my blog.
    3515 days ago
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