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Sunday, November 30, 2008

My plate is full to OVERFLOWING ...

I had a MOST VICIOUS SERIOUS nightmare thanksgiving night and i'm still feeling the repercussions (and no, C., you didn't trigger it!)

my cable was out for a bit so now my SPARK email notifications are in the three digits (like 274 or so)

a good friend has a nasty virus on his computer and I have to spend (probably hours) today trying to get him healthy again

I need to do some serious research for another friend online

I need to do some "website enhancement" for a volunteer organization I belong to

I can't walk thru my house without tripping on something (read: i need to do some SERIOUS housecleaning!)

I have to cook a few meals for the upcoming week so i can "behave" as if i love myself

I have to remember to love myself

So, sorry if I'm on there on SPARK as much as i should be ... I be busy.
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