Eating Healthy doesn't mean you can't eat cheap

Monday, November 24, 2008

I am so tired of hearing people gripe and moan that the reason they can't eat healthy is because they can't afford it.

I CALL BS!!!!!!

I am single, work a full time job, rent a home, and pay all my bills by myself. I can eat healthy and not go over on my spending at the grocery stores. You can eat healthy without paying the price. You just have to use your brain! Make things at home, stop spending money on going out to eat. Here are a few general comparisons:

McDonald's burger and fry combo roughly $4-5

Lean Cuisine or Healthy Choice frozen meal at the store $2-3 (you catch major sales like 5 for $10 at Kroger stores)


Salad @ fast food place - $4-8

Homemade Salad - $3 tops!

For the homemade salad, buy a head of lettuce, sure you will have to cut it up yourself, but you will get twice the amount this way. If you use your dressing in servings you can get about 15 or more salads out of one bottle. So if you pay $3 for a bottle of salad dressing, you are only paying .20 cents for each salad. Buy fresh veggies and cut them up and place in zip lock baggies for other salads. Buy cheese in bulk so you get more for your money.


Subway 6 inch sub - $4-6
homemade turkey sandwhich - $2 tops!


Fresh Fruit and veggies are cheaper if purchased at a what I call a "roadside market" or farmer's market.


These are just to name a few, but I mean it is possible to eat healthy and not spend a ton of money. There are many more options other then the ones I listed, but just take a minute to think about it before you start complaining. Is there an alternative to what you are purchasing? Just say no to fast food. It will not only help your wallet, but it will significantly help your weight loss... Now ask yourself... What is better than that? LOL

1 & 5 pounds of fat!!!! YUCK!!!!

Fruit bowl... yum yum!

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