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I DID IT!!! (This lifestyle is definitely for real!)

Monday, November 24, 2008

*The days before the race:*
* Other than a light 30 minute run on Friday, I did absolutely NO running and made sure any aerobic activity I did was low impact. I also upped my carbs slightly for maximum glycogen on race day. I know this was only a 5k, but over preparation is how I deal with my unknowns. :)

*Sat 11/23 PM:*
* High protein and good carbs for dinner
* Surprisingly even with pre-race jitters, I fall asleep easily.

***RACE DAY***

*5:45 am:*
* Thanks to my lovely CAT who does not come with a snooze alarm, I am up 15 minutes before the alarm.

*6 am:*
* Alarm sounds and I literally BOUNCE out of bed! DH snoozed the alarm for himself and I go about getting his coffee and making him breakfast. It was the perfect activity for me to calm my nerves before I imploded from anxiety. For once, I allow myself to comfort my emotions with food, even if it's a bowl of cereal.

*7 am:*
* We leave for the race, which is only about 5 minutes away.
* My tummy is in knots and I feel like throwing up!!!

*7:10 am:*
* We park and when you talk about Fight or Flight, I am in full Flight mode. I start BAWLING my eyes out. Thank goodness DH has skills when it comes to calming me down. I stop crying right when I realize that my eyes will be puffy in the pics. Vanity ALWAYS wins.

*7:20 am:*
* Beach at this time of morning = FREEZING and I literally climb and cling onto DH like a koala bear for warmth.
* I have never been around this many fit looking people in my life. I feel like a martian who's just touched down at her home planet.

Starting line

Finish Line

*7:30 am:*
* I brave the cold and take off my jacket for a pic. :):):) (Excuse the no-make up look)

With DH!

Me, braving the cold without my jacket (:O

*7:35 am:*
* OMG do I have to pee or am I just cold??? (I found out that I was cold and nervous. TMI?)

*7:40 am:*
* They call them Olympic stretches, but what they're really having us do are stupid Mickey Mouse type exercises. I feel even dopier when I start stepping all over myself. I am so uncoordinated!

*7:50 am:*
* Line up at the starting line!
* A couple of people were doing these sprint things at the starting line and the race director told them to stop. I feel intimidated by their fitness. And I am SO SHORT!!
* DH tries to get me in the front of the line for pics, but I am super shy and put myself in the 3rd-4th row.

*8:00 am:*
* There's the horn... MADNESS!
* It's a small race, but I still feel like a buffalo crossing a river with a herd.

*Mile 0-1:*
* "PAAAAAAAACE YOURSELF!!!" I say to myself but it's really hard.
* My right foot feels constricted from my tight laces but I decide to wait it out (thankfully it loosened itself later).
* I felt claustrophic behind these girls so I put my mind to my form and started pumping my arms really hard. I slid past them easy and settled down again.

*Mile 1-2:*
* Mile 1 split is 7:57 - WHAT!!!!!! I have *never* broken into the 7 MM area in my entire LIFE!
* I'm getting really nervous as I feel myself slowing down. I am SO cold.
* The sight of DH with the camera calms me down immensely
* To calm my nerves, I look to my right at the ocean. I echo DH's words to me: _"You have nothing to worry about, you've done this before."_
* I am using a girl in white as my pacer and my heart sank when she got further away from me. People are passing me now. Lesson: slow the H down next time
* I pass a guy laying on the ground on his back, clutching his left leg. I'm grateful that I am not the one on the ground.

I was right to pick out a pink outfit, right??? LOL

*Mile 2-3:*
* I am very relieved to see the mile 2 marker, though it seemed to take forever. My watched showed that I clocked in at 8 minute-ish. A quick calculation means I can finish this thing before 28 minutes!
* I can't find my gusto... WHERE IS MY GUSTO!!!
* Right before mile 3 my pacer went off track and stopped running. I use another pacer - a guy in black and push myself to keep up with him.

I'm a bit embarrassed by the expression on my face...

You can kinda see my glutes jump out of my leg. I've never had that kind of definition before!

*Mile 3-3.1:*
* There is a guy right in front of me...
* It wasn't until I saw DH at the finish line that I found my strength and sprinted towards the finish line, BLAZING past the guy in front of me! (I realize now how rude that was - oops) I come in hooting and hollering and went straight in for my hug from the #1 in my life who supported me every step of the way: DH

Sprinting... Blazing... Watch out dude! He ended up placing 1 second after me - oops on my part. (I kinda like the way my abs look in this pic heehee)

I'm done!!!

Is it over already???

*Race Notes:*
* They calculated my time at 25:08 and 8:07 pace. Not too far is my net time, which was at 25:05 with a pace of 8:05. This is the fastest I've ever run, but I have to account for the fact that I have a rancid amount of hills on my regular route and this was all flat terrain.
* I placed 3rd in my division and #51 out of 215!
* All the men in their 70s were faster than me... LMAO!
* The 2 top male finishers were in their 30s and the two top women were in their 40s - INSPIRING!
* I couldn't stop smiling. I felt very special when their photographer took lots of pics of me running. :):):)

*Other notes:*
* This race was a true MILESTONE. I now know that running is my sport and fitness takes a real part of my life.
* I'm debating whether or not to do another 5k in December...
* It was just FOUR months ago that I could barely walk for 30 minutes, let alone run anywhere!

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    WAY TO GO!!!! I'm so glad you had such a succesful race. I was totally cracking up with your comments about all the "fit people". I always psych myself out before a race by comparing myself with people who actually look like runners! LOL! Good job!!!
    3418 days ago
  • AWENTZ27
    Awesome! You are so cute in all your excitement. I can't wait to run my first 5k next spring. Good luck and keep it up! emoticon
    3427 days ago
  • WASATCH84032
    Woohoo! What a fantastic accomplishment - and in just four month's time! You are a real inspiration!

    3428 days ago
  • MUIN64
    Wow. I'm so impressed. And happy for you. And how cute is that pink outfit??

    3428 days ago
    How awesome.

    It is so exciting. I love running too.
    3429 days ago
    OMG. I am very proud!
    3430 days ago
    OMG this is fantastic! I am so proud of you and I want to be like you when I finally grow up emoticon emoticon
    3432 days ago
    (awesome race report. you look hot, girl! love the pink outfit.)
    3432 days ago
    Awesome blog, I am starting to train to run a 5k as well and never having been a runner I am wondering if it will really be worth it, but you have inspired me. Congrats!
    3433 days ago
  • KARBIE18
    Great blog! Thanks for sharing your day with us. You're kicking butt! I think it's funny that you said you felt like throwing up, because I'm sure that's exactly how I'd feel. But you did it! Way to go!

    Keep it up!
    3433 days ago
    Annie what an amazing race report!!! You should be sooooo proud of yourself!!! If you ever had a doubt about your being a runner, it should be a distant memory!!! You, my friend, did a FANTASTIC job and looked stunning doing it!!! Enjoy the day!!! Jackie!!!
    3434 days ago
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