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Friday, November 21, 2008

I've been a baaaad girl. I'm sure I don't have to describe it. First off, I'd like to say that I was released from the hospital about 2 wks ago. I had to have emergency surgery, and they took out my gall bladder because I had gall stones. I asked the doctor what I did to get them and he said "nothing, it's luck of the draw", but there is apparently a 4 F's rule to gall stones: female, fertile, forty, and fat. Now, I am not even 30, but I'm fat, and so...there you go. So I DID in fact do something to get gall stones. I wasn't eating correctly. I am finally starting to notice how things that seem to not affect you at all (probably thanks to being younger) can become deterimental to your health as you age. I mean, look at my grandma: she has diabetes and cancer. My grandfather has diabetes and cancer and is blind now. This...can't keep going on. I keep telling myself that, but when I'm pressed for time or haven't eaten all day I eat almost anything.

So, I'm recognizing that my weakeness is not the desire to eat the junk stuff, but rather that I have not planned well enough for meals and snacks. I have been much more concious of what my sons eat, but I have ignored my own needs, and even my husband's, who I am now having to 'finger wag' for eating..well lets just say I thought I was bad!

So we're going to try this out. For 3 weeks, I have not been able to cook, but InshaAllah, this weekend I will clean out the fridge and the cabinets. I will sit down and plan out meals for the rest of the week. I will stick to them.
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    I know what you mean. For me the health scare happened to my DH, and I realised I was so unfit to do a lot of things by myself. I knew then that if I were to fall sick, I couldn't take care of my family.

    You are right, it is when we plan that we are more likely to eat healthily. But I also try to make sure I have healthy quick fixes should I need them. 100% fruit juice, fruits, ready to eat salads (hold the dressing!). We have reduced sugar and salt to the point that when we eat out, we often find food/drinks too salty/sweet. You have to retrain your palatte to love the taste of healthy foods.

    Good luck!
    4207 days ago
    Asslaamu alaykum sister, You are doing well so far by having the intention masha Allah. Do it for Allah sake and you get double bonus. May Allah Make it easy for you ameen.

    4208 days ago
    I've been on and off the wagon a few times myself. Please drop by my page and read my last few blogs.

    I lost over 20 pounds on SP about 2 years ago. Then I had to have surgery, and had a long bedridden recovery... and gained 20 pounds back. It took a while, but a little over a month ago I started back. Guess what??? I've already lost 8 pounds so I'm almost half-way there.

    Just get back on the program and you already know the key... PLAN, PLAN, PLAN. That is the key for me. If I have a tangerine, I can pass on a cookie, if I have a healthy snack, I can pass on an unhealthy one. If I've got dinner laid out, I can happily come home and cook a nutritious meal and pass by the fast food places without a glance.

    What I realized was that it's easier to get back on the wagon than it was to get on the wagon in the first place. You KNOW where the wagon can take you... you KNOW that this is going to work.

    Do some more reading, too, about the benefits of good nutrition and exercise and healthy weight for the purposes of prevention of both diabetes and cancer. You DO have some degree of control here. And, as I found out, if you do have to have some kind of medical challenge, if you are fit and in shape and your body is strong, you are far more likely to weather the storm than if you are overweight and out of shape.

    So... dear one, you know what to do, wag your finger in the mirror and go do it!!!

    4209 days ago

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