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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

...........Ways to burn more Fat. That is, LOL.

Simply increasing the speed of your Cardio workouts, Whatever your choice of Cardio, can significantly boost your calorie burning.
If you have a Heart Rate Monitor, up your intensity to at least 80% of your MHR.
To do this, you may need to reduce the length of your 'normal' workout initially.
fear not. You will find out that soon, you will be able to run/walk/ row/cycle etc at your previous durations, at the new higher intensity.
This is QUALITY aerobic training, and is the Zone favoured by top endurance athletes.
It will therefore have the added benefit of significantly elevating your Cardio Vascular fitness.

Unless you are new to working out, forgo the so called 'Fat Burning' Zone,(70%MHR or less) in favour of higher intensity workouts.
Although you may burn more fat calories proportionally, in the lower intensity zone, at higher intensities you will burn a far greater pool of ALL calories.
Losing weight and burning fat is all about tipping the calorie scales into a 'negative balance' with calories out, being slightly greater than calories in.
Up the Intensity, Burn more calories, and and watch the pounds drop off.

Dividing your cardio efforts into chunks of faster paced effort, will burn more calories. Not just during the workout itself, but it will also significantly up your post workout calorie burn too.
For Medium length intervals, (5-10 minutes) of exercise between 80-85% MHR will be sufficient.
Although all workouts increase the body's post exercise calorie burn, workout at a higher intensity does so, at a significantly higher rate.
Long after you have finished exercising, when all the physiological processes that has kicked in to provide energy for your workout switch off gradually, and the repair and replenish mechanisms begin to kick in, (replenish mechanism involves glycogen re-stocking)
Glycogen can only be stored in the muscle in very limited amounts (375g), and needs to be replenished.
Consuming about 500g of a carbohydrate, as soon as you can, post-workout is crucial to this refuelling, and will keep your metabolic rate elevated.

Non-workout calorie burning, can be increased 20% through regular interval training.
That is an extra 1400 calories a week, for someone requiring 2000 daily calories.
That's the equivalent of two very good quality workouts and 0.4kg of weights.

Anaerobic training, encompasses weight training, and short duration cardio activities.
There are 2 Anaerobic Systems- The immediate and the short term.
The 'Immediate', provides energy for activities lasting no more than 10 seconds,
The 'Short term' Provides energy for activities lasting up to 90 seconds.
Both systems, require high intensity effort. Training in short term is particularly tough, and is therefore not recommended for those who are new to exercise.

Steady paced slow intensity cardio, can be easy and equally body and mind numbing LOL.
You will easily plod along and burn calories at a trickle. However, revving up your efforts, by putting in some short and more sustained bursts, will turn up your calorie burning.
Its very similar to the interval training effect, but less structured.
basically when you feel like it, you up the ante, if you are cycling you can do this by dropping down the gears to simulate a hill climb. If running or walking, imagine you are overtaking other people out there. You could easily burn 20% more calories doing this, compared to a steady, easy paced, effort.

Develop calorie burning Muscles.
Like in cardio, ditch the easy to do, 'going-through-the-motions' style of lifting weights.
Up the intensity, if you want to increase your fitness and burn more calories.
Select a weight you can lift 8-10 times, before fatigue sets in, and form starts to suffer.
Select large muscle group exercises, such as squat, bench press, lunge and leg press and perform them as fast as possible---But with adherence to as a good technique, as you can.
Take 90seconds recovery between sets, and perform 2-4 sets, depending on your strength and fitness level.
These high power workouts will stimulate your anabolic hormones (growth hormone and testosterone) more than most other types of weight's workouts.
These hormones, will create the best conditions for generating greater lean (and powerful) Muscles. They will also have significant effect on post workout calorie consumption, in a similar way, to the higher intensity Cardio sessions.

This could be a 5k walk, or run, a half marathon, Giving yourself a goal, will immediately spark life into your training, and boost your calorie burning.
There is no better goal, than that, which will motivate you, to consistently workout and achieve a level of motivation, and discipline, that will make it seem effortless to get to your desired weight.
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