Starbucks Sucks.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

After two years of nothing less than loyal service, this is the thanks I get. After my coworker's have put in equal time, or MORE, this is what they get.

We got a note telling us the store was going to close some time ago. That was fine and dandy (well, not really. It sucked, but we knew something like that was going to be coming. We didn't make enough money to pay everything off, like we needed). We were promised a 30 day notice, and real attempts at relocation. If they couldn't relocate us, we were to get a severance package.

So, my district manager comes in today - not unusual, seeing as our manager just up and quit without telling anyone. She does some of the manager duties while she interviews various shifts at the store for the job. She asks us for "a little pow-wow", which again, is not unusual. She'll do this if she's calling in for someone to come in, or if something needs to be fixed.

"I found out the date for the store to close." She said. All of us on the floor looked grim, but it was okay. Now was the time to start searching for another job, before our thirty days ran up. "It's Friday."


"This...THIS Friday?!"

"Yes. I'm sorry; I told you guys that I'd tell you the moment I found out."

...are you serious?

Quite a few of us at the store knew there'd be no room at other stores for her. We were waiting to hear from our thirty days notice until we started seriously buckling down for another job. No one wanted to get a job and have to quit before the store closed because we couldn't hire any more people on. Didn't want to leave the store short-handed, you know? Screw that.

They gave us a THREE day notice?!?!?! Three days to find a job? If we do relocate, you know that the store we go to isn't going to give us the hours we need - they already have enough people.

She asked me which stores I'd ever been at. I told her the next city over, one I visited on the way back from my honeymoon, and road full of them that I go to on the way to church. Why? She ignored me and ran around again.

If she attempts to place EVERYONE, then there's no severance pay for anyone. Everyone is already being placed, even at stores that are overcrowded to begin with. Totally not even worth going, because if they think they fight for hours now...wait until you get into a store that's ALREADY overcrowded!!

So, basically what it's come down to is I either drive for 30-45 minutes to get to work, where I'll be working for the gas to get there and back! Or I quit by Friday.

I'm quitting. I'm not working for Starbucks ever again. I can't believe they treated me, and the rest of my store, like this! We deserved better than that, and we sure as hell deserved that thirty days notice! We were told that we'd be placed within 10 miles of our store, and if that happened we wouldn't get severance pay, whether we took it or not.

I can't believe they would do that to us. I CAN'T drive that long! Neither can most of my coworkers. We can't drive THAT much for crappy hours at some already over-staffed store.

I'm am completely and utterly disappointed in the Starbuck's Corporation.
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    This kind of thing happened to a friend of mine. The Grocery store she worked for "changes companies" which is really just a different type of store owned by the same corporation and she had a choice as to either take the severance or be re-located. She opted for the severance and now she has a job that pays more and hours are a little more stable. She also now has $4000 in her retirement fund.

    I'm not sure what the job market is like where you are, but this may be an opportunity to move on to something better. If you can, put some of that severance into your retirement fund. This is the BEST time for people our age (30 and under) to start investing.

    The stock prices are low, so in the short term you wont make any money. But heck, you're not going to retire for another 20 or so years right? So buy the cheap stock now will turn into more expensive stock when all this "broo ha ha" has settled down. When you're 65 you'll be glad you did!!
    4321 days ago
    CC is right, things do happen for a reason. But I am so sorry to hear about what Starbucks did.

    It use to be cool having the last name Starbuck. But now it sucks because of things they have pulled. I actually had one person yell at me saying I should learn how to own/run a company. HA!

    So I guess I am saying if I really did own starbucks I would have done things differently. I posted a msg on the thread about Kelly Services, you should look into them. Hope it helps.
    4322 days ago
  • no profile photo CCRCCR
    Shell, I'm so sorry this happened to you -- after hearing about their profits being down 97% in the news this past week - I think others who work for SB will be in the same boat. Sometimes things happen for a reason (like Chance did!) -- so keep your head up & know that something better or better suited is heading your way!
    4322 days ago
    I'm so sorry to hear this! You will be in my thoughts and prayers. How's the job market where you are? In Michigan it is really bad. I hope that you can find another job soon!


    4322 days ago
    Wow. This scares me because I work for Starbucks.
    4322 days ago
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