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Words hurt, too ...

Sunday, November 16, 2008

We may not realize the power of each word, each utterance that so easily comes out of our mouths. In an effort to communicate with one another, we causally throw out a collection of words like a verbal ball lobbed on a tennis court... Maybe, just maybe, we have forgotten that it is in a mere instant we can choose words that will either lift a soul or pierce a heart it like a dagger ...

Which one of us can say that we never hurt another with a flurry of words, spoken without thinking, mind racing, said simply with the intent to hurt?? ... said only to bring someone to their knees ... to make them feel less than; make them feel powerless and small; to negate who they are as a human being... Yes, we are this powerful. Words hurt, too...

This is especially prevalent with the advent of the 24 hour news cycle and talk radio where recklessly and carelessly, words are unleashed, littering the airwaves and the very oxygen that we breathe with words of anger and hate... Where rhetoric, derision and condescension are encouraged ... Where faux outrage is the norm and hyperbole and division is de rigueur... Me against you, you against me, us against them, black vs. white, red vs. blue, gay vs. straight, left vs. right ... All said to create a permanent divide; in an attempt to take someone's power away ... All said in a lame attempt to be right and win.

But, I ask you, at what price victory???

My Dear Spark friends: Here is my challenge to you: the next time someone recklessly hurls painful words at you, regardless of who is it that is standing before you -- your spouse, your family, a friend -- choose to walk away. Remember when you choose to walk away, you are giving up the need to be right and you are giving up the need to win. You will also receive something even greater than winning and being right -- because you will finally, and quietly, take a stand for YOU and take your power back!!! It will be at that moment that you will know with all of your heart and with all of your being, that something greater just happened for you: perhaps the realization that you deserve more than all of that ... that you are worth more than painful, verbal spars that leave deep, chasms and hurtful scars in our hearts forever ...

So please, choose to walk away ... For me ... Better yet, for Precious YOU.


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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    "All said to create a permanent divide; in an attempt to take someone's power away ... All said in a lame attempt to be right and win." SO TRUE! you are so thoughtful and insightful, I will be sure to check you blogs regularly for words of wisdom on "this carousel called life"
    You're so beautiful...inside and out! Congrats on your accomplishments :-) emoticon
    3842 days ago
    Hi Joanne: I enjoyed the blogs of yours that I have read. You are very wise.
    3864 days ago
    great blog it is always inspiring to me to read a great blog that means something so emoticon
    3867 days ago
    "you are worth more than painful, verbal spars that leave deep, chasms and hurtful scars in our hearts forever ..."

    Why have I left so many people in my life hurt me so much with their words? You are so right, next time I'll just walk away!

    Love, Luna

    3879 days ago
    "...when you choose to walk away, you are giving up the need to be right...[and you will be standing for YOU and] take your power back!!!"

    Do I think "being right" or ATTEMPTING to make anything or anyone else "right" gives me any power? - or adds anything at all to my life or well-being - or to anyone elses???

    Why do I hate "giving up" and "walking away?" Maybe because others have walked away from me and I've been abandoned and the thought of being responsible for hurting others in that same way is too painful for me? Maybe my belief in how responsible I am - or need to be - is too big?....hmmm...Something to think about...

    Jen emoticon
    3897 days ago
    ....lawed, I wish I had read this before my mother and I had our **conversation** earlier today.
    FA LA LA!
    3900 days ago
  • no profile photo SIZE-0-4EVER
    What if someone threatens to hurt you when you try to walk away?? emoticon
    3911 days ago
    Hello love: You have a way with words that I just can't explain. WOW. How true is this. We have all been touched by this in our lives and I find when I let myself become apart of the negative it sabatoges my soul. I will use this. I did do this tonight. We were watching the music awards and I turned the channel b/c the man hosting it just cut everyone down and it was supposed to be funny. I told my husband that is just not cool and we actually turned off the tv and played with the kids which was a much better choice. I think we are surrounded by so much negativity we have to be aware of everything around us...because if we don't think soon we are acting the same which in my book in unacceptable. Just wanted to say hello. Love ya darling. emoticon
    3925 days ago
    i always love this method..walking away or keeping my mouth shut from answering always work the best..cause after a few minutes trigger..everything will be fine but words spoken will stays longer in mind...

    negative out + positive in = peaceful life
    Thanx mam for a wonderful and eye opening blog post.. emoticon
    3926 days ago
  • LOLITA18
    What an enlightened approach to dealing with this all too often occurance. I will use this method ............ starting today .................... with my sister!!!!!!! Family can hurt you the most!!!!!!!!!!!!
    3930 days ago
    Beautiful blog Dollface and so well written as usual! Thank you so much for reminding us all that we have the choice.

    3930 days ago
    This was a wonderful blog. Thanks emoticon
    3931 days ago
  • ACACIA21
    I love you
    3931 days ago
  • BETSY815
    My boyfriend and I made a pact after the primaries that we will not watch anything pertaining to the election, because that is just begging us to fight about it since we are on opposite sides of the political spectrum. I've found that just avoiding certain subjects is better than discussing them in the first place.
    3931 days ago
    I am learning the walk away method. Its more energy to engage and not healthy. Doing this is also finding more of you compassion within yourself.
    3932 days ago
    This is so true. Words have more power than what people think.
    3932 days ago
  • MIZM20
    Wow, Thank you for your Words, they are powerful aren't they. So sometimes the wisest words are none. Thanks for putting your words on a page; it will give me fuel for the Day.
    3932 days ago
    I "tuned" out a long time ago. Can't stand to listen to it. As far as I'm concerned, it accomplishes nothing.
    3932 days ago
    Wow Joanne: Great job on the blog as always and sage advice. I know that what you discuss in this blog has been very helpful to I tend to let my lips run faster than my mind (as you know.) Keep up the good work and please blog a bit more often. Thanks for all you do and for your inspiration, insight and hard work. Thank you.

    emoticon emoticon
    3932 days ago
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