Gastric surgery.....It's been 7 Weeks....

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Since I was discharged from the hospital after having Gastric Bypass surgery. I did not come to the decision lightly. I thought about it a few months before embarking on the journey which took 6 months before a surgery date was set. Things went well, though I was kept in the hospital 1 extra day. Weight flew off the first 4 weeks, but things significantly slowed after that. I am trying to keep the loss to about 4lbs a week. I also bumped my cardio up to 45mins a day.

At this point all I can do is what I am told to do to make the weight move.

To all those on this weight loss journey, no matter what the means, stay encouraged and don't lose hope!

Anything worth having is worth working for...Tootlz
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  • KAREN2771
    HI Divoya,
    THIS IS KAREN ( OUR SUPPOSED TEAM LEADER) I've been negligent in my duties, because my computer went kerput. I just got a new one, but, I've discovered this time of the year is hectic for me, so, I was wondering, would you like to be a co-leader with me?
    I work at the Post office, and with Christmas on it's way, between exercise, family, and work, I haven't any time left!
    I just read your blog, and I LOVE your attitude! I didn't come by my decision lightly either! I tried everything to lose weight, and this was my last resort.
    If you are still stuck on a plateau, try having a little bit of fat in yoour diet, maybe a bit of regular dressing on you salad. ( just dip each bite into the dressing instead of pouring it on; you use a lot less). I seem to notice, if i get stuck, I do this, and or/ change up my exercise routine.
    It also helps when walking, to walk a quarter mile, then run as fast as you can for just 30seconds, then slow it down, walk a quarter mile, then run as fast as you can for 30 seconds again. For some odd reason, this speeds up your metabolism. do this either on a treadmill, or while walking, I guarantee you'll get off of that plateau! AND, don't forget, water, water, water!!!
    I know my doc's told me to only look at the scale once a week, but, I check EVERY day, that way, I can see if I need to cut back, or switch up things, some.
    I'm at a little over 8 months, and have lost 99 pounds as of today! YEAH!!!! I'm in a size 6 jeans. I hold them up, and am amazed that my butt fits into those itty bitty things!
    The thing that kind of irritates me, is, I go onto some sites for weight loss, put in my height, 5'3" my weight, 146, and they tell me I'm still way overweight! I'm 50 years old, and need to weigh around 130! I figure I can lose 10 pounds in each thigh! BUT, That's about the only place.
    The other thing that bugs me, is my skin; I refuse to have ANY more surgery, so, I'm trying to tighten all this stuff with exersize, and after 50, it's rough! That's probably a good reason to lose slowly. That way, you don't have 'elephant' knees like me! LOL! emoticon
    Anyway, I'll let you go, keep up the positive attitude! and let me know if you'd like to co-lead with me.
    HUGS to YOU!!!
    4271 days ago
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