Are you serious?! (Bandit)

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Hi everyone. It's Bandit again.

My mommy brought in another dog. And this one is nothing but a grey/black and white little fur ball. He's chewing on everything! Even me, and Smokie...and Abby! Daddy thinks it's cute and says "Aw, he's teething!" but it's not cute!

Daddy likes him too much. I mean, mommy like every dog, but daddy...well, he keeps picking him up and playing with him. Daddy even named him! He called the fur ball "Chance". What a dumb name for a dumb dog. I mean, my name is Bandit. That's totally cool and almost ninja, right?

Oh, and did I mention that Chance doesn't even go outside for potty or poop? Yeah, totally disgusting. I mean, I barely even did that when I first got here! Although Smokie did it too...Can you say GROSS? I mean it's not like outside. If you poop outside, mommy or daddy cleans it up, and you have a whole yard and stuff. Besides, it's just the right thing to do.

So yeah, I thought Abby was bad? She was nothing compared to this little guy. And Chance keeps jumping up on me (finally, someone smaller than I am! But I know what happened to Smokie when she was smaller than me...she grew! And now she's bigger!!), and you know what he did this morning? I was laying down next to daddy, just all curled up and warm and sleeping. And then suddenly, he jumped in between me and daddy and started crawling around like he owned the bed! Seriously. What's with that? I was totally comfy!

So now, Abby and Smokie like him a lot. Hello? What about me? I'm still tiny and cute too! And mommy and daddy...well, don't get me started on them. They keep talking about him and holding him and running him around. Like, this morning, Chance started to poop on the floor and mommy picked him up MID POOP and ran him outside!

But, I did get some sweet revenge last night. You see, because he poops and potties in the house, mommy and daddy put him in my old kennel last night. HAHA take that Chance! How do YOU like being stuck in a little cage all night!?!? I had to EARN the right to sleep next to my mommy and daddy! So that was nice.

When she brought Chance inside, he was so dirty. And he's got this weird swollen belly. Mommy and Daddy are worried that he might have "worms". Those are sooo gross. They're very careful about picking up his poop, and spray it extra well. Whatever, as long as I don't get them. Ew. Imagine having another dogs worms?

Okay, so Chance DOES keep Smokie occupied. She seems thrilled that there's another really young dog to play with. She's not the youngest anymore now. She likes it. And Abby keeps pretending she's his mom. It's so cute that it's sick. And Chance is eating up all the attention. Though he does keep whining about nothing...mommy says it's probably because he's stressed in a new environment. I guess that could be true, but he sure eats a lot for being stressed! When I came home for the first time, I didn't eat at all I was so stressed! I didn't just lay there and whine for no reason.


Mommy says I'll warm up to him and be his best buddy. Like I was with Smokie.
We'll see.

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