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Monday, November 10, 2008

Phoenix 10k on Sunday. Finished in about 71 minutes (still waiting on them to post exact results.) I ran between a 11:30 and an 11:45 pace by my calculations. That is 1 minute faster pace than I expected to run. It was a flat course that looped 2x around. It was a really good run for me. But I didn't think it would be that way BEFORE the run...

I was nervous. I had done a 6 mile really slow run saturday morning that felt hard I had to walk some of it which I never do even though the week before I did 8.4 miles no problem. I thought I maybe pushed myself too hard the last few weeks. The night before the race my stomach was in knots, I hadn't run this length in a race before. 6.2 miles seemed really long the closer I got to the race. I was wondering why I didn't just sign up for the 5k? l like that length I know I can do that one. BUT I need the longer races to get ready for the 1/2 marathon. AM I CRAZY? I'm nervous at a 10k how am I supposed to more than double that?

Morning of the race I am still nervous, it's cold outside, stomach is better though, we get to the race in plenty of time. My good friend went w/me and it was great moral support but at the same time it made me even more nervous b/c I HAD to finish and I knew he would be watching. When we got there I had to pee 2 times before the race due to nerves. I ran into one of the people that runs w/the same group I do on saturdays and talked to them before the race. He calmed me down a bit b/c I said I was nervous and he said "you do this every saturday, longer distances than this, it's nothing." He's right I know but still... sometimes you can't rationalize nerves...

The race: I'm lined up in the 10min mile pace b/c there is nothing slower. That has me nervous too b/c I know I don't run a 10 min pace, I feel like I'm in the wrong place but there are a LOT of people in the last group. The race starts we make our way to the start line I'm jogging, slow easy pace b/c the crowd of runners is thick and you can't go any faster than the person in front of you. It stays this way for about 1/2 mile then suddenly the street gets wider and I can move around. I stay to the center of the road which is easiest on my knees according to the guy from the the running shop. I'm passing people, my pace feels slow but comfortable. I hit mile 1 I check my watch under 12 minutes - uh-oh that's too fast I can't hold that for 6 miles...mile 2 under 24 minutes mile 3 36 minutes, I'm holding the pace and my heart rate is at 157. I can breath I can run...loop 1 I pass my friend...someone's watching me run! Mile 4 I get a little sluggish feel my feet falter but one of the bands playing on the side has a girl lead singer that breaks from her song and shouts "come on runners you CAN do this" it was the little push I needed. I start talking to myself "push push push" Took off my top layer... coming around the corner - I see my friend again...I push the pace a little and hand him my long sleeve shirt w/out missing a step. Mile 5 only 2.2 more left. It feels like a long mile someone shouts out the time I nod but don't really comprehend what that time is. As I pass the mile 5 marker an older woman is next to me, she says "almost there" we fall in stride together...then she pulls ahead, I push until I'm back next to her, I look at my watch...1 mile left 10 minutes to go. I start calling out how many minutes left to her as we run....8 minutes, 7 minutes, 6 minutes, I pull ahead of her around a turn I think "I can beat her". I hold the pace ahead of her until we hit the 6 mile mark when she's right back in stride w/me "ok maybe not". only .2 of a mile left WHY can't I see the finish line? I push harder she can't keep up, I loose her behind me "I can beat her!" I push harder I say it out loud "push push push" and I see the finish line...I lift my knees higher and pass 3 more people...and cross as the clock hits 71 minutes and 20 seconds...My lungs are tight, my legs are tired, but I felt wonderful...I catch my breath, I walk around, my friend is there at the finish...I'm not even close to being last to cross the finish. It takes me about 10 minutes but then I feel normal again. I know the time is a little better b/c it took a couple minutes to start the race so I'm now waiting for results to be posted.

I was worn out the rest of the day but I got up and went to my spin class the next morning (today). My muscles are tired but I feel good. I can do this, the 1/2 marathon is going to be a challenge but I have 2 more months to train. I'm not as worried as I was. It was a good race for me, I felt strong, I was controlled, I pushed myself harder than I thought I could. I'm not a great at running but the mind over body notion gets me's almost like I am a real runner....huh who would have thought I would ever think that?

UPDATED: RESULTS WERE POSTED my pace was actually an 11:14 pace I did it in 1 hour 9 minutes and 49 seconds!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    emoticon I am so glad I picked your blog to read today. As I was reading, it felt as if I was there. I could feel your joy and your feeling of accomplishment. Wow! I know you feel fantastic and overjoyed. Reading your blog was a huge motivator for me. Keep pushing....

    3454 days ago
  • MARLIE13
    If you ever make a commentagain where you say that you are "almost like a real runner" I'm gunna smack you upside your silly head. Do you hear me?! lol!

    What a great race report. You really are a machine. You've got the dedication and the motivation to train and your half is going to be superb! It's not about being the fastest it's about doing it and finishing. I'm so happy your friend was able to spend the whole race with you too. I know that was important. The picture is awesome! Shows what a running stud girl you are!! Keep it up cuz you're my inspiration!!
    3454 days ago
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