Sunday, November 09, 2008

I have been stuck on munch mode lately and I can't seem to get myself to want to stop! I thought I'd start spilling my thoughts out here to see if I can figure out why.

First, I felt like since I had been munching out and gone out to eat that I should have a fair amount of water weight gain and I should drop some. When I weighed myself on Monday I hadn't lost an ounce. This set myself up for the spiral.

Second, I've had an allergy attack topped with a viral infection which has left me exhausted and feeling quite badly. My head has been terribly full and hard to focus. One thing that makes it feel better is eating (or do I just think it does). So this started the week of eating off.

Thirdly, Last weekend I was busy and didn't get anything done to the house. Company was scheduled on Thursday. UGH! By the time I got home in the evenings I was feeling really badly and really didn't want to do anything toward the house upkeep. Stress mounds!

Fourth, My new job was started on a "trial basis" and now I've decided to go "official". Is this the right thing to do? Should I be taking such a demanding job right now? Does this mean that my life is going to continue spiraling out of control? More stress! ARGHHHHH!!!

Fifth, add the fact that my hubby is on vacation this week and there is junk food all over the place! Pretty ugly picture, huh!?!

I cancelled the dinner company because I wasn't feeling well but by Thursday evening I was so depressed I just wanted to cry. I just felt like giving up and eating myself into a coma (which is very hard to do; I've tried several times in the past).

Now I've begun to realize that I've been sick and need to see the doctor; he tells me it's viral and I'm gonna have to wait it out -- Oh, Joy! But at least I realize there was a reason I've been feeling so badly.

Friday I got some time to rest. Saturday I was able to wade through part of my downstairs to clean up and restore order. Clouds are lifting! For some reason when I weighed myself this morning I had lost a pound?! Go figure.

One thing for sure is that I'm getting tired of feeling like this. I don't like the sluggish feeling I get from overeating! I don't like feeling my tummy getting puffy! I need to get my life back on track!

After church today I'm going to the grocery store to get some healthy food in here! I'm going to hide away all of the junk I've been picking at! Maybe I'll make a goal poster or put some reminders back up for way I eat healthy. I need to make sure I make time to log into Spark People for support!

Thanks! I feel better! I can do this!!
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    Sandy, when you are sick, everything gets out of whack. And the new job has changed your routine as well as your self image. Life is different now. Just like you did when you first started dieting, you need to start over. See how all of your dieting activities fit with your new life.

    I wrote my Reasons for Losing Weight over again, and it has helped me.

    The things you learned by going through Beck in the first place are still with you. Just dust them off. And remember how good you feel when you are "in control" and how bad you have felt lately. That should help you make good choices.

    And this might take some time, so do not beat yourself up along the way. You have given support and advice to so many people. Gently give yourself some advice and support. You will be fine! I know it!
    3787 days ago
    Girl you are not alone in this. I too am guilty, but have to crush that thing under our feet. Sunday are better for me. Friday and Saturday for get it!! I would join the weekend challenge team but I have too many teams already. So I am here and I am going to keep going!!
    3788 days ago

    Comment edited on: 11/9/2008 1:51:12 PM
    Hi Sandy,

    I hear you! You are not alone. I have gotten back on track so many times that I sometimes feel foolish. However, giving up is not an option. I have the desire to lose weight and am working hard to motivate myself to the commitment part.

    Hang in, and for NOW get back on track as often as necessary... without shame.

    3788 days ago
    You are not alone!! We have all struggled from time to time.
    My hardest struggle is the junk food the kids and hubby consume. I finally got hubby on the alternate day diet with me, so that should help some. But the kids are only 17 & 19 so this diet doesn't work from them. I have made a rule no snacking in the house!!! They can have three meals and eat till content then. I just quit buying the snacks, took some crap from them; but asked them what was more important my health or their snacks???? That brought them around. You might try that, just be honest and let them know what the junk being around makes it hard for you. Tell them you need their support, I always thought my family just knew but until I started saying "watching you eat that when I am hungry is really hard for me". It helps, they still eat some junk but try and do it away from me.

    Good luck!!! Hang in there!!! I know you can get back on track. It is hard when you feel like sh** and food makes ya feel better - but try drinking some low fat juice instead.

    And remember you are not alone!! We all are supporting you and BELIEVE in you!!!
    3788 days ago
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