Historic presidential election—how do you feel?

Friday, November 07, 2008

One of my teams has this thread running. I put this there, but worked on my response for a while. I thought I would put it in my blog. Apologies to those who read it there.

I had written a long post the day this thread was first put up, hit the wrong button and it was gone. I was so upset I just put it on the back burner with the idea that I would come back.
I still agree with what I said, but with the ensuing days I am glad I have a little more information.
I wasn't thrilled with either candidate; I was concerned about McCain's age and Obama's inexperience. I liked some of McCain’s ideas, and some of Obama's. I hated some of McCain's ideas and some of Obama's. I wished I could just mesh the two together until I got what I thought would be the best mix.
I voted for McCain...but knew in my heart Obama would win. I was okay with that.
While this is truly a sign that America as a whole is not looking at African Americans as unequal or inferior, I worry that extremists will try to harm him. This would be very bad...for one, just because I believe he is a good and decent man, but for two it would be terrible for our country. I pray for his safety each day, and hope others will too.
I am very impressed with Senator Obama's work ethic of getting right down to business. He has a lot to learn and get together for January and he seems to be taking this seriously. He seems to be focused on the job now. His demeanor has changed...he seems more Presidential. He is inspiring hope and trust in me...I am surprised and pleased.
I was also very impressed with both men and their speeches after the results. I was especially touched when Senator McCain called President-elect Obama, "My President." Whether we voted for him or not, he is OUR President (elect), and we need to support him if we are going to get out of these crises.

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    That's exactly what I meant. Just because the election is over and it went my way.. My work is not done. I think I am going to have to pay attention to politics local state and national to ensure that we do feed the poor, insure the uninsured. Just because Obama wants those things and he President-elect doesn't make them happen automatically, it takes political will. So letters to the editor with copies to my congress man and the New Pres. I want them to know who I am and what I think. My work is not yet done... I'm talking about me. I mean this is my job. Anyone else who wants to take it on, I'd appreciate the support!

    3474 days ago
    I'm happy about the election but I cannot rest. There is so much else to do. Feed the poor, insure the uninsured my work is not yet done. I have to do my part!

    3475 days ago
  • BONNIE627
    Well I am happy with the election results. I voted for Obama mainly because of his health care program. I agree that we should all pull together.. I did not like Bush but I did not cry and carryon like some are doing... I agree that this mans safety is very important. People have already tried to kill him and it was discovered before they got the chance. I do not know why people cannot live and let live. We are a nation with some of the greatest opportunities and people want to complain about it. you have a great day.. hugs, Bonnie
    3480 days ago
    From what I see in person and on tv, its the eastern Europeans that are causing problems (Turks, Romainians, Bulgarians etc) that the western Europeans are not happy about. NOW that isnt color, thats ethnicity. However we live on a British post with 16-other nations and we, the US, are highly sensitive to the PC and EEO thing. We listen to the Brits say certain things and we're like, 'wow that is so against the law in our country' and probably is with them, but we've learned how not to say it.

    I just wonder, if people saw the military commercials I see and the military life I've led (as an active duty member, now reserves) that the military is colorful in all ways.

    I think because we're America built on a very different platform of values and morals (that other country's do not espouse) that we are held to a very high level of standards that our electing a black President is now the open door for other nations. We have been expected to do this for a LONG time. Now we will be expected to choose a female leader which, as we know has been superceded by many countries already. I think the hindrance with electing a female is the fact that we're a very macho country. We have very strong foundations of war and strength that it would be hard for many to see a woman take those reigns. Britain was/somewhat is a military powerhouse and they've had a female PM but their culture is different too.

    Lengthy sorry.
    3481 days ago
    I voted for McCain to but Obama is someone I will serve for, willingly. It's interesting how many (if not all) countries were looking to us to vote in the first black President when so many European countries are so phobic about other cultures/ethnicities that it will be a long time before we see it in the EU. They think we had/have problems??

    At this point, 2 days later, all of us who are grumpy about our candidate not being elected need to move on. I am. We just have to see what happens and if it pans out, better for us. If it doesnt, we didnt vote for it :)

    I liked you blog. I hit the 'I like this blog' button too.
    3481 days ago
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