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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Went to the doctor yesterday. I've had a pilonidial cyst for about 5 years now, and I am having it removed on November 4. I am very nervous about the surgery. I've had a cesarean birth for my son in 2006, but this will be the first time in my whole life that I will be "put to sleep" for surgery. I'm also worried about the recovery. My husband Adam will be home for a week or so and I think my mother-in-law will come help, but the doc says this type surgery takes a long time to heal. I have to either lie down or stand up, but sit and walk very little. I'm very self-reliant and don't like the idea of not being able to do much for 4 weeks.

I'm also concerned about gaining weight while I'm recovering. I'm thinking that if I cut my calories back to around 1100 a day, I can offset the fact that I'm not exercising. Has anyone reading this ever had this kind of surgery? Does anyone have any tips for me to help me not to gain weight from limited mobility after surgery? emoticon
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    Bless your heart! I can imagine that you are freaked out! It is a huge fear of mine too, that I might have to have something done like that and be "down" for a few weeks. I couldn't stand it after each of my c-sections and worried myself sick before each one. But you know what?? EVERYTHING ALWAYS WORKED OUT OK. The kids, Bradley, the house, and even me...we all survived and made it through relatively unscathed!! So, Miss Superwoman, CHILL OUT! It's gonna be allllright! The surgery will go off without a hitch and Adam and da kids will do fine! And even if they don't, well at least maybe you can get some meds that will keep you resting enough that it doesn't matter!! LOL! Please keep me posted! My memory has turned to crap as of late so 2 weeks from now if I were to run into you and you were to mention the surgery I might be like "What surgery??" and you'd be like "DUH! The one I talked about on my blog to which you responded!!" and I'll be like "OHHHH! GEEZ!! That's right! You WERE having surgery weren't you??" and you will reply "Man, what kinda mush-headed loser are YOU??" to which I will reply "I JUST HAVE TOOO MUCH ON MY BRAIN AND THERE'S OBVIOUSLY NO MORE ROOM or else I have gone stupid!!" and so on and so forth. LOL! The point is...I may forget to ask you how you are doing so just let me know!! And I'll have you in my prayers!!
    4298 days ago
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    I'm so sorry to here that. :(

    I think you have the right idea regarding your weight loss, though. Just eat healthy, multiple small meals, and keep an eye on everything you nosh.

    I was in 2 pretty serious car accidents when I was 19, and I wound up with a slew of injuries (2 slipped disks in my spine, 1/2 paralyzed foot, nerve damage in my calf, dislocated tailbone, and bruised pelvis). That's why I'm here today... I spent 2-3 years not being able to work out and do all the tings I used to love bec/ I was handicapped by my slow recovery.

    It led to emotional binge eating and over the next 3 years I put on about 30 lbs. Ten lbs a year creeps up on you.... but shame on me, because I wasn't being responsible with my health and watching what I ate.

    The point of all this?

    I ate every awful thing you could imagine during those few years... and on a regular basis too (pretty much fast food once a day... sometime 2 meals!) and MIRACULOUSLY only gained an average of a tick under a lb a month. You'll done fine for 4 weeks! If you watch what you eat during your 4 weeks of down time, you're bound to make it out just fine. Frankly, who cares if you don't lose or even gain a little back while you're recovering?! The important thing is to recover and heal.

    I'll be thinking about ya, and gimme a shout if you need any encouragement during your recovery. You're going to do great!

    PS- As for the anesthesia: don't sweat it. I work at an animal emergency hospital (not your typical vet... we deal with critical care only.... hit-by-cars, gunshot wounds, strokes, seizures, toxicity, overdoses, stuff like that) and we put animals under anesthesia all the time in the worst of conditions when they're barely stable and hanging on, and we've never had one wind up with any complications on the O.R. table bec/ of the sleepy gas. And you know there are obviously much higher standards in the human medicine world, so you have nothing to sweat. It's a big deal for you, I know... but those guys know what they're doing... they do it time and time again, every single day. You'll do FINE! They'll do FINE! Everything will be FINE! *encouraging grin*
    4305 days ago
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