Polish me until I shine!!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

My Visual Motivation!!
I decided today that I needed something visual. I got the idea from LITTLEDUCKY and her pebble rock display! I took some pennies, one for each pound I want to get rid of. I counted them out and put them in a glass. Beside the glass I put a pretty crystal vase. For each pound I get rid of, I am going to take a penny out of the glass, polish it up until it is bright and shiny, and put it in the vase. I polished the pennies today for the pounds I have already gotten rid of. It was pretty fun and encouraging. The opening to the vase is narrow and long. I can't just reach in and take a penny back out if I gain a pound back. I will have to pick it up and pour them all out. I think this will help me see how easily I could slip back into my old ways and un-do all my progress. However the glass with the pounds to lose pennies is short, and wide so I can easily reach in and take a penny or two out!! So now I get to look at a whole glass of tarnished pennies (pounds!) just waiting to be polished till they shine!!
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