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Thursday, October 02, 2008

I think a lot of things in vaccines had a horrible effect on Ty. And I think he was predisposed from enviromental factors that may have started with me, his grandmother.

Here's my therory;

I was born in 1953. No polution controls back then. I grew up near an oil refinery, black smoke spewing all the time. Polutants dumped into the river there.

I am RH negative. Had first son in 1973, second in 1975, and daughter (Ty's mother) in 1979. After each child I had the Rhogam shot to protect the next child from rejecting their own blood. RhoGAM contained thimerosal from 1968 and April of 2001.

My generation was the first to injest massive amounts of chemicals, toxins, preservatives, and artifical this and that. You always hear these things in small amounts are "acceptable levels". What is an acceptable level when a child's life is effected?

My childrens generation was second level for these toxins. They recieved 10 childhood immunizations, I recieved 3.

See where I'm going with this?
We pass so much down to our children It's my belief we also passed some amount of toxins to our children and they to their children. We have been slowly killing ourselves in the name of progress. I believe this has predisposed the current generation of children to all kinds of neurological problems along with numerous others. They are the sickest generation by far.

Ty had recieved 22 immunizations in 14 months! The recommended total is 36! His last series threw him over the toxic edge into severe autism.

His last series of shots had a flu, with thimerosal (this was his fourth flu shot), MMR, with thimerosal, chickenpox and pneumonia.

I wish we knew then what we know now. Ty, and so many more, did NOT have to have autism.
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