Getting Worried about actually loosing weight

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

I am still just hanging in there waiting for a miracle to happen.
I know I need to do this and there is so much help out there - I feel like I am so close but yet don't have this get up and go energy as I would think my excitment to loose would be there. I pray everyday God will help me see I can do this and will guide me through the has to happen....
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    I know what you mean.I have been waiting for a miracle to happen to and I am 57 and it has not happened yet.But I am determined to make it happen and many times i falter and I just have to get back on track and I know we can do it.It is funny reading your story and saying wow someone who has the same thoughts as I do. I just joined spark in jan. so I am a little behind on all of this and reading blogs and I don't know quite how to use everything but I am learning and enjoying reading all theses blogs and sometimes it is so emotional because it hits so close to home and struggles. emoticon
    3379 days ago
  • CAROL_
    Have you tried the My Nutrition pages yet?

    When feeling overwhelmed, ask yourself what ONE THING would provide the most benefit in losing weight, if you did it today. Then do that one thing. Sleep 8 hours? Drink 8 glasses water? Go for a walk? Log what you eat in My Nutrition? Just pick ONE, and start the ball rolling from there. You can do it! Once you get the ball rolling it will gather steam and start to snowball.
    emoticon emoticon
    3476 days ago
    I hear ya, I feel the same way a lot....but just keep taking it one day at a time. You CAN do it, consistency is the key. Use the motto that Nike uses "Just do It" and you'll thank yourself later.

    3478 days ago
  • EBOSTON421
    I know you can do it because you are doing it! I'll be thinking of you.
    3482 days ago

    emoticon CHUNK emoticon
    3484 days ago
  • TRAVIS07
    HI to you.Here is a little motivational note to you .You can do it.I will say a prayer for you and me too!whoo whoo! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3485 days ago
    HI..Sammymandi!!! Gee Gal...there is not one thing I can add to the great help you have been given today...there are not miracles that show up without a little in yourself and in the plan...listen to what these lovely caring Goonies have told in a month you won't believe how well you have done...please make sure you tell us all! Hugs
    3485 days ago
  • MOB8/2009
    Welcome, new Goonie girl!!! Sorry I missed you on the front end, but I'm here now and ready to start hugging!

    First of all, DON'T GET FRUSTRATED! Weight loss isn't the most important indicator. How do your clothes feel? That's the gauge I use, although I do weekly weigh-ins and measures. And start slowly. You don't have to do all the exercises, all the nutritional changes, all the water-drinking from day one. Your body will go into revolt! So why not design a program that's do-able, but allows you to ease into this new lifestyle you have chosen? I'll be happy to give you the "beginner's" training manual that my personal trainer gave me, if you want to e-mail me.

    As to age.....HA! I'm 58 and although my knees sometimes crack, and I can't run 5 miles anymore, I've still got a lot of steam in my engine and for the first time in a VERY long time, I'm enjoying my "later years". (Don't you just hate that term????) The kids are grown and (almost) married, the grandkids live 2.5 hrs away and it's just hubby and I. We spent last Saturday just walking a gentle trail in a local park. It was exercise, although my photography kept stopping us so it was far from aerobic, but it was wonderful. Or I often meet a friend after work and we go to the gym together.

    So take this a bit slower and don't get impatient. The weight will come off with just a good start and a steady program.

    I'm sending lots of hugs your way......

    Linda emoticon
    3485 days ago
    There has been times when I want to give up. But you can not do that. I have been here since june my first month I lost lke 5 pounds and did not lose anymore until this month.
    Commit your self and hang in there you can do it
    3485 days ago
    Small things like drinking 8 glasses of water a day or committing yourself to ten minutes of exercise a day can make a big difference. emoticon JJ
    3485 days ago
    Hang in there. Don't give up... if you continue even in just a small amount before long you will be celebrating a victory. Don't focus on where you were instead focus and where you are going. It will all work out. I became very serious about my weigh loss plan in the first of July 2008. In two (2) months I have released into the wild 9 pounds and 10.5 inches. What ever you do just don't stop. I challenge you to buy a pedometer and to walk 10,000 steps a day. Let me know how you do. emoticon emoticon emoticon

    3485 days ago

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    One day at a step at a time........please have patience, this will work and we are all here to help you do it emoticon emoticon
    3486 days ago
    Hang in there hun! You will get there!! Keep on posting and we will all try and help you along your way! emoticon
    3486 days ago
    Happy 25th. First progress is you're here. Great. Keeping going. I betting you succeed.
    3486 days ago
    You have found the miracle at Spark People. You have found lots of people that care for you and want to help you all that we can. So tomorrow is another day so just make the best of it! You are worth it!
    3486 days ago
    Hi Sugar, :) I noticed you aren't logging in your food. How come? I know it can be really hard working on logging in food. I hated it at first. Now it's like second nature. Perhaps planning meals the day before you have to actually deal with daily pressures would help. I even plan what I'll snack on later in the days ahead, days before. It's mentally challenging and keeps me on my toes. Make some carrot salad, apple salad..... create some new type of recipes which will taste good and be low fat low calorie.

    Your best weapon is a well stocked food pantry and refrigerator. Take a peek at the food menus. It might inspire you and show you which way to go. I can't use them but, sometimes I look just to see if they mention a food item I'm not eating routinely and could be. We all get bored with food selections from time to time.

    No quick fixes here.. My oh My.. I wish there was. I'd be the first in line.
    It's a moment by moment decision to change and eating right.

    If you need help working on a menu just holler and I'll see if I can give you a few tips to get you going.

    Goonie Hug

    3486 days ago
    I think there are miracles in each of that are waiting to bloom. Your first huge step in the right direction, you joined Spark ~ your support system.

    Start out with small goals that are easy to obtain ~ like post daily on your teams, drink 64 ounces of water daily, exercise 15 minutes daily. When you have mastered these goals, add another one..... These are all baby steps that will lead you up to the larger goals.

    Measure your body ~ often you will find that you loose inches without loosing pounds. Some of the changes I noticed never came from the scale they came from within ~ sleeping better, fit easier behind steering wheel, easier to rise from a chair, more energy, easier to exercise.

    You CAN do this ~ because we are ALL so worth this healthy journey!

    3486 days ago
    .•*´¨ ) ¸.•*¨) -:¦:-
    (¸.•´(¸ ;.•.•*¨)♥ .

    Doubt sees the obstacles,
    Faith sees the way;
    Doubt sees the darkest night,
    Faith sees the day;
    Doubt dreads to take a step,
    Faith soars on high;
    Doubt questions "Who believes",
    Faith answers "I"

    .•*´¨ ) ¸.•*¨) -:¦:- -:¦:- ♥ ♥-:¦:-


    3486 days ago

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    You can do this but you have to believe. And you have to be willing to change your lifestyle.

    Is it possible God sent you to Spark People to start your miracle? If you try using the Nutrition Tracker (not the meal plans, just the calorie counter part of it) you will see that you can actually eat quite a bit of food and start losing weight. You have to eat the amount of calories recommended for you for this to work.

    But God isn't holding our fork and God cannot control what we put into our mouths.

    God can give us relief from our food urges if we pray for them. I speak from experience on this one.

    Don't worry so much about losing weight; try to get moving some and give yourself a chance. I know you can do this. I will be 57 next month and you are not a lot older than me. I cannot do a lot of the exercises but I can walk and I try to increase my distance every day. Some days I do better, some I don't. Life is like that. But if we get moving it gets our metabolism going again.

    Here for you,
    3486 days ago
    Did you know that most people go through a 4-phase swing many times in their commitments?

    The First Phase: EXCITEMENT... You have caught the vision of where you can go and what you can do for yourself and your family though our SPARK opportunity! You don't know or understand just how it will all come about, but you just know it will!

    The Second Phase: FRUSTRATION... Things aren't going as fast as you would like them to. We all have been there. We get impatient with ourselves when that scale isn't changing as fast as we would like. We get upset when we don't get in our exercise because "life" gets in the way.

    The Third Phase: CRISIS POINT... Do you give in and quit logging on to SPARK, or do you get your head straight and work it through?

    The Fourth Phase: RECOMMITMENT... YOU'VE MADE IT! You have recovered from the situation and are stronger for it. You have recaptured your dream, you are excited again and ready for the next obstacle! One thing for certain... your trip back to Phase One (EXCITEMENT) gets quicker and quicker because you know the way.

    Is it worth it? YOU BET IT IS! We must never sell ourselves short. Give yourself time to grow in your healthier lifestyle and above all, never lose sight of your goals. When you lose sight, then you have time to see obstacles.

    We believe in you.... and sometimes you need to lock into that belief we have in you - until you can find that for yourself!!!
    Keep going!!!!!
    3486 days ago
    Hello my Spark Friend! You have come to the right place because most (if not ALL) of us have been right where you are more than once! There are 2 primary choices in life: to accept conditions the way they are or to accept the responsibility for changing them! Come on with us-you CAN do this!

    Is there any physical reason for this? Being treated (or need to be treated) for depression, high blood pressure, diabetes? All of these things can affect how you feel about everything!

    I believe in miracles too, but somehow I don't think that one is just going to happen without some effort on your part. emoticon Don't give up on God, he will NEVER give up on you! He wants you to be all that you can be, be happy, healthy, prosperous. He wants all good things for His children, but we have to help ourselves.

    You are in a great group here-you will have all of the support you need! Good luck Sister! emoticon God Bless You-Leslie
    3486 days ago
    We're all in this together and no matter how long it takes, we'll all eventually reach our goals. Hang in there and take baby steps. Don't beat yourself up when you backslide (we all do it from time to time.) Ask for support or motivation when you need it.

    Take care and good luck with your goals.

    3486 days ago
    well gal what can one say. i dont know how much you started with or how much you lost.
    but on the up beat is this thought.if you want me to walk beside you and get you on a journy of your life. than lets do it. i wieghed 240 and lost but started to collect again so i have been there done that. i wish i had knowen about sparks than. the goonies are a awsome loving fun group you are likly to come across.and we will help in any way we can
    talk to you later. start a journal and write in it every day how you feel. exsersise you did. that will start you today to set it up
    hang in there let me know if you need help
    3486 days ago
  • PAYES97
    YOU CAN DO THIS! I BELIEVE IN YOU! Don't get discouraged. We didn't put the weight on overnight, so it won't be coming off overnight either. emoticon
    Like others have said small steps. Maybe set small goals for yourself. They don't have to be about weight loss either. It can be meeting your exercise goal for the week etc. When you meet your goal remember to reward yourself and celebrate. emoticon



    3486 days ago
    You can do it! Don't wait for a boost of energy or an epiphany, just do it little by little, day by day. It isn't about changing everything all at onece, it is about changing little things bit by bit. Start wih one mor healthy thing a day, then next week three, etc. You can do it and the Goonies are here to support you! emoticon
    3486 days ago
    First off Welcome to the Goonies...This is such a wonderful supportive group that I am proud to be a part of...I know exactly what you mean...I have been there and was just recently there a few months back. Since then I have had a dramatic lifestyle change and I need to do this for my son and myself. I want and need to be healthy so I can enjoy and live life to the fullest...YOU CAN TOO!!!!! Just take it one day at a time and set yourself a small goal to start off with and take it from there. One step and one day at a time...each day set a small goal to achieve that day (like I will drink 8 glasses of water today, then the next day drink the water plus another small goal) We did not gain this weight over night (although it feels like we did) so we will not take it off overnight (I wish we could). It is a mindset that you have to get into...this is not a diet it is a lifestyle change and it will make you feel better and be healthy and happy...Keep your head up...YOU CAN DO THIS!!!!! We are all here for you anytime you need anything...

    ~luvs and hugs

    Support our Troops!!!
    God Bless!!!

    3486 days ago
    Maybe focusing on taking care of yourself in a loving way will take the pressure off the weight loss part. Take good care, eat within your calorie range and do exercise because it is taking care of your body. The weight will take care of itself.

    It doesn't need to be a big exciting beginning - it can be just a different way to live.

    Let us know how you are doing fellow Goonie!

    3486 days ago
    Naomi is right...trying to do it all at once with an all-or-nothing attitude often seems like the only way it will work, but that's not how real people lose weight! Change one or two things at a time, later on add one more change. This will make it a lot less intimidating!

    You can do this, and we're here to cheer you on and to help!!! emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3486 days ago
    Just always remember that things that succeed start with baby steps. Change one thing at a time. Don't rush it... and don't expect to see changes overnight. You have to think more that you are doing this to be healthy... not to lose weight. The weight will come. AND... always remember to celebrate your non scale victories. This can be anything from having a day with good will power to losing a few inches or having your clothes feel better. It's not always about the number on the scale.
    3486 days ago
    There's no need to rush. It will start happening but slowly like anything else! When you start 1st grade you're not worrying about graduating high school are you? It can be very slow, over years! I won't get to my goal weight until Spring 2010! Use the site, don't feel pressured by it or all the other wonderful people (like me :-) trying to help but who aren't you and don't know what you are wanting to do. Consult yourself first.
    3489 days ago

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    Good Morning and Welcome to the Goonie Team!

    I'd like to invite you to join the Weight Loss Challenge. It's more of a private commitment to DO IT! Stop talking about it... thinking about it.. and finally GET MOVING ON IT :) But, along the way you have about 200 other Goonies doing the same thing! We all encourage each other.
    Here's the link if you are interested...

    If you don't lose No Worries! Sometimes we don't lose each week and that's alright. You don't have to post your weight, just what you lost .... And if that is "0" then just cheer on someone else that day. It still feels good to do that. You'll find out that folks will cheer for you too :)


    3490 days ago
  • DFISHER72953
    I've been there and my husband is there now. So we understand. Now, 1-2-3-, up we go and around the block. Okay? Did we get it 'er done? If not, let's try it again and again until we do. YOU CAN do it!!! emoticon
    3490 days ago
  • MARTY19
    I've been there too. I literally had to force myself to exercise. But once I started, I began to see results. Don't get discouraged. Take matters in your hands and get out there. You can do it.
    3490 days ago
    And I'll be right there too! If you want to really participate and be a part of a bit of a smaller team where it would more one on one I also have a team of my own Right now we are 38 members on Doin' it right gettin'er done. And we that are there are more between the ages of 35-55 with a couple of acceptions. I'd be more than pleased to have you! emoticon
    3490 days ago
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