See ya 250, don't want to be ya... anymore!!!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Okay, so i'm only 6oz under 250... but its the first time in a long time that my scales has gone this 'low'! Sparks is saving my life... and giving me more energy! If someone would have told me that i could shed weight without having to eat a weird diet (like only grapefruit or all purple foods or, well you get the idea) or pop a pill (which just made my bank account skinny) i would have thought they were 'smoking' or selling something. But here it is a month and a half later and i am actually lighter and *gasp* liking exercise and myself! While i'm still trying to avoid mirrors and photographs (boy do i sound like a vampire); i am so much happier with the way i'm feeling and my clothes are fitting.

Before i started Sparks i purchased some styling scrubs that had been really reduced. Because they were my size i excitedly purchased them... when i got home and tried them on, i realized why they were so discounted they were so tight in the hips that my thighs resembled sausage stuffed into their casings. This weekend curiosity and a lack of clean uniforms brought me back to those pants and this time they fit well!!!

Sparks has my undying gratitude, their program is fail proof and the point system and challenges like NFC vs. AFC (Women who love football - and woo hoo the NFC won this week), Biggest Loser #6 (30 somethings with a 100+ pounds to lose - Go Gold Gladiators) and the Halloween Challenge(Hotties in Training) keep me pushing to go the extra mile to get that extra ounce off. Thank you everyone for the new me, you've changed my life!

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